5 Ways to Break in Nike Blazers for Maximum Comfort!

How to Break in Nike Blazers

So you want to know how to break in Nike blazers, right? Just go through this article. Here, I will tell you five easy ways to break in your Nike blazers. Pick up anyone that suits you and use it.

Nike blazer is a renowned classical sneaker brand. In the beginning, it was mainly designed and used for basketball players. However, the usage of blazers has reached many levels over time. These shoes are made up of leather and synthetic on the upper portion. Let’s jump to the main subject matter of the article i.e breaking in Nike Blazers.

How to Break in Nike Blazers? 5 Easy Ways

Sometimes we have shoes which don’t fit on our feet. We might have bought the wrong size or got gifts from someone with the wrong size.

What can be done with these shoes in these cases?

Here we are presenting 5 ways to break in Nike Blazers.

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  1. Using Shoe Stretchers

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    This is one the most effective methods to stretch your smaller shoes. Shoe stretcher is a foot-shaped device. It is used to stretch the upper part of the shoe. The stretcher is used placing it inside the shoe. This method is applicable if you have 1 or half size smaller Nike than the genuine size.

    >Firstly collect a shoe stretcher from the market. There are many types and sizes of stretchers. But plastic stretchers will do the best because they do not crack like wooden stretchers. Collect the size that suits your shoe size.

    >Place the stretcher inside the shoe.

    >Using the backward handle of the stretcher, fix the position properly. Be careful to stretch the stretcher. Otherwise, it can damage the shoe material if you stretch more than necessary.

    >Keep this combination for 48 hours.

    >You can use the stretched Nike Blazer after removing the stretcher. However, if the stretching is not up to the mark then you can keep the stretcher inside for a few more days.

    I hope now you know how to stretch Nike Blazers.

    So this is the first method to break in Nike Blazers. Let’s explore the next method.

  2. Changing the Insoles:

    This is another effective process to break in your Nike Blazers. If you have a slightly larger pair of Nike blazers then you can apply this method. Firstly, buy insoles according to your shoe size. Then place it inside the shoe before using. Furthermore, you can make customized insoles and use them too.

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  3. Wearing Thick Socks:

    5 Ways to Break in Nike Blazers for Maximum Comfort!

    Although this is a trivial solution, you can apply this.  If your shoes are larger in size then you can apply this. Wear a thick pair of socks to cover up the size. In summer you can wear multiple socks also.

  4. Using Shoe Filler:

    5 Ways to Break in Nike Blazers for Maximum Comfort!

    Shoe filler is a material that is placed inside the shoe. While wearing the shoe it fills the gap between the feet and the shoe toe. You can collect a shoe filler and place it inside your Nike blazers. This process can be a convenient option to fit larger shoes.

  5. Using a Heel Liner:

    5 Ways to Break in Nike Blazers for Maximum Comfort!

    Heel liner is like the shoe filler. But it is placed at the back of the shoe. The purpose is to fill the gap. Collect it from the market and place it inside your Nike blazers behind your heel.

    These are the ways to break in your Nike blazers shoe. You can choose anyone you like.

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Why Are Nike Blazers so Hard to Put On?

Nike blazers are hard to put on because of their design structure and building materials.

Primarily, Nike blazers were mainly designed for Basketball players. Hence, the design had to be narrow to keep the shoe fixed with the feet while playing.  This narrow design structure keeps the shoe fixed with the leg but makes it hard to put on.

In addition, the building material of the upper part of the Nike Blazers is synthetic and leather. Both of these materials are slightly hard to stretch. Thus, when people wear Nike blazers the shoe stretches less and becomes hard to put on.

But with time it becomes easy to put on. You can wear it several hours a day to make the shoe comfortable with your feet.

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How to wear Nike Blazers?

Although the Nike blazers are slightly hard to put on, a step by step process to wear the shoes will make the process easy and comfortable. In order to easily wear Nike blazers, you can do the following.

Firstly, loosen the shoelaces. Then take the tongue to the upper side. After that, hold the back of your shoe and insert your foot. Finally, take the tongue inside and tighten the shoelaces.

How to Break in Nike Blazers? (Summary)

I hope now you have clear ideas regarding the ways to break in Nike Blazers. If You have any further queries on breaking in Nike Blazers, please let us know in the comments.

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