3 Easy Ways to Shrink Air Force 1 (Complete Guide)

3 Easy Ways to Shrink Air Force 1 (Complete Guide)

Air Force 1 shoes have a debatable fitting. However, people mostly complain about them being too tight and stiff. Air Force Ones being bigger is also an issue for many.

I got my Air Force Ones a size bigger, thinking they have a narrow fit and need to break in. I did not want to go through all that trouble, but my new AF1s ended up being too big!

I have done my research and finally came up with a bunch of creative ways to shrink the Air Force 1 shoes or at least make them have a decent fit according to my feet.

Keep reading to learn all those easy methods to help yourself out with your Nike Air Force Ones.

How to Shrink Air Force 1?

Shrinking oversized Air Force 1s is not that easy. The material is sensitive, and the structure is too bulky and rigid. Rubber shoes are easier to shrink since the material is flexible and easy to shape.

However, you can use a few safe shrinking or sizing down methods on your oversized Air Force Ones to make them fit better. Here are a few tricks:

1. Placing Them Under the Sun

The heat from the sun can shrink your leather shoes quite effortlessly. Just use it in the right way for the best results.

Step 1: Spray water all over your shoes to dampen the material.

Step 2: Place them under the sun when it is bright outside so that you get enough heat.

Step 3: Keep your shoes that way all day to give them enough time to shrink.

Step 4: Check the fit at the end of the day. Repeat the process until you get your desired fit.

2. Using a Blow-Dryer

You can use a blow dryer to provide good enough heat and make the shrinking process faster. Just make sure not to use the blow-dryer over the same spot for too long, as you can damage the material.

Step 1: Use a blow dryer with medium to high heat over the places you want your shoes to shrink.

Step 2: Keep going for 10 to 15 minutes, so the material vets loosen up enough.

Step 3: The shoes will shrink a little as they cool down, so allow them to cool and do not wear them when they are still warm.

Step 4: Check the fit and repeat the process to shrink further.

3. Put Extra Insoles

It is not a shrinking method. But putting extra insoles under the original insoles of the shoes will size the Air Force Ones down significantly, giving you a better and more comfortable fit. You can add wearing thick socks to this trick for better results.

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Does Air Force 1 Size Down?

Air Force Ones usually run true to size, but you can go half a size down if you find the fit too relaxed. You can also try out the shrinking and sizing down methods to better fit your favorite style of Air Force 1s.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do Air Force 1 weigh?

The Nike Air Force One shoes are quite bulkier than regular shoes. It can be a bit uncomfortable for a lot of users who are used to wearing lightweight sneakers. The users have wondered a lot of times about how much do Air Force 1 weigh.

A pair of Nike Air Force Ones weigh slightly above 10 pounds, roughly around 4.6 kg. It is pretty heavy for a couple of sneakers!

2. Why do My Air Forces look so big?

Air Force Ones are chunky pairs of shoes that are not only heavy but also quite big in size. They tried to go for that bulky look when designing the shoes and were successful for sure.

If you think the AF1s look too big on your feet, try wearing baggy pants. It will blend in the bulk of the shoes perfectly with your look. Avoid wearing skinny pants with your Air Force 1s, as it will only make them look even bigger!

3. Do Air Forces shrink in the dryer?

Dryers can shrink your Air Force Ones, but they can also damage the shoes. Since Air Force Ones have synthetic leather, the dryer can ruin the shape of the shoes because the material is sensitive.

If you have washed your AF1s, try letting them air dry instead of putting them in the dryer. You can also put the shoes under the sun a while before sunset, and the heat will not be too intense.

How to Shrink Air Force 1 (Summary)

Shrinking Air Force Ones can be tricky, but now you know the easiest tricks to size them down according to your fit! Just follow the steps above carefully and see it working like magic.

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