What Color UGGs Should I Get? (Complete Guide)

What Color UGGs Should I Get? (Complete Guide)

UGGs are definitely our winter buddies when it comes to choosing a pair of proper warm shoes. The thick layers and durability of UGGs boots make them super convenient as a winter essential.

However, what color UGGs are you getting? So many popular colors and styles make it difficult to choose what exactly you need.

Don’t worry. Let’s go through a detailed guide to answer your question – what color UGGs should I get?

✒️What Color UGGs Are Most Popular?

People tend to fit into the trend and stay up to date regarding fashion and styling. When choosing the perfect color for your UGGs, you might ask yourself, what color UGGs should I get? What color UGGs are most popular?

Chestnut color is the most popular color of UGGs boots. People also call them tan UGGs boots. Chestnut color is also trendy for UGGs slippers.

Besides Chestnut UGGs, other neutral colors like black and grey are also very much preferred by the users because they fit in with almost any kind of look.

What Color UGGs Should I Get? (Complete Guide)
What Color UGGs Should I Get? (Complete Guide)
What Color UGGs Should I Get? (Complete Guide)

✒️What Is the Color of The Classic UGGs?

The classic UGGs boots are one of the most popular styles of UGGs. These shoes come in many beautiful colors that make it challenging for the users to choose. All the colors are exquisite, enhancing your look into a super chic one.

The UGG Classic Short II is their most popular release that comes in seven different colors:

  • Samba Red TNL
  • Mustard Seed
  • Black
  • Chestnut
  • Chocolate
  • Gray
  • Navy

✒️Which UGGs Should I Get?

Because of having so many options to choose from, it can be a bit difficult to decide. You already have the answer for – what color UGGs should I get? Let’s go through the 5 best UGGs boots and slippers that look good with almost any outfit!

5 best UGGs models

  • UGGs Classic Mini II Boot
  • UGGS Fluff Yeah
  • UGGs Coquette Slipper
  • UGGs Bailey Button II
  • UGGs Men’s Neumel Chukka Boots

UGGs Classic Mini II Boot

The Classic Mini II Boots are super popular among celebrities. Their sheepskin lining and post-applied treatment make them classic signature UGGs boots. Their price range is $104.99 – $150.00.

The UGGs Classic Mini II Boots come in 5 beautiful colors: chocolate, chestnut, grey, caribou, and black. These colors are simple yet elegant and easy to style with casual outfits.

What Color UGGs Should I Get? (Complete Guide)

UGGs Fluff Yeah

The UGGs Fluff Yeah slides are available for everyone! Babies, kids, toddlers, men, women, and all genders. This collection is super extensive, with many beautiful colors and patterns. Since they are available for a massive range of users, the price range starts from $40 and goes up to $150. They have to be one of the fluffiest styles of slippers that I know of.

With these UGGs slippers, you can choose neutral colors for a formal look but also try out various fun colors to experiment with your look. How cool is that?

What Color UGGs Should I Get? (Complete Guide)

UGGs Coquette Slipper

The UGGs Women’s Coquette Slippers are supremely posh and stylish. They come in classic neutral colors: chestnut, black, and grey and cost $120.

The sheepskin upper and insoles are classic UGGs features with a fluffy band on the opening and insides. These slippers are easy to wear and keep your feet warm if you pair them with socks. Even without socks, they are warm and comfy!

What Color UGGs Should I Get? (Complete Guide)

UGGs Bailey Button II

UGGs Bailey Button II comes in both regular and mini sizes. Both styles are available in black, grey, and chestnut. The regular boots cost $180, whereas the mini version costs about $150.

The main difference between Bailey Button II and Mini Bailey Button II is the length of the collar. Both have a fluffy collar, but the regular style has a longer one for extra warmth. On the other hand, the mini version has a fluffy collar only up to the ankles.

What Color UGGs Should I Get? (Complete Guide)

UGGs Men’s Neumel Chukka Boots

These Chukka boots are one of the most famous men’s UGGs that one can get. They are available in 13 different colors! You can get them in neutral colors like black, white, grey, chestnut, etc., and fun colors like red samba red, dive, clementine, etc. They cost $140 and are worth the price.

What Color UGGs Should I Get? (Complete Guide)

My green Chukka boots with a light nude outsole go perfectly with my camo jacket. The suede upper and fluffy insides are super comfy and keep my feet warm even during harsh cold weather.

What color UGGs should I get? Now you have the answer for both colors and styles.

✒️Are UGGs Boots Still In Style 2022?

UGGs made an official comeback in 2022. Everyone is obsessed with this fashionable item because UGGs are so durable and versatile that they can be paired with every look!

UGGs made a royal comeback in every fashion influencer’s wardrobe, and many celebrities have been spotted multiple times wearing different styles of UGGs recently. People are participating in this trend by getting themselves a pair of boots or slippers and walking in style.

✒️How Do You Match UGGs?

Matching UGGs with the perfect outfit can be a bit tricky sometimes. But I am here to help. Let’s go through a few best outfit ideas to style your UGGs.

10 Best Ways To Style Your UGGs

  • White or chestnut UGGs with a pair of black leggings.
  • Black UGGs with your all-black outfit.
  • Bailey Button II Chestnut UGGs with chestnut coat and a pair of blue jeans.
  • Tall furry UGGs boots with a cute turtleneck and a pair of jeans.
  • Fluffy UGGs slippers with a trench coat.
  • Mini Bailey Button II UGGs with a simple sweater and a beanie.
  • UGGs mini boots with a short skirt and a top.
  • Black or green UGGs with a camo printed outfit.
  • Tall, chestnut UGGs boots with your all denim look.
  • Classic UGGs slippers with a casual T-shirt and a pair of leggings.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What color UGGS go with everything?

Chestnut and Stormy Grey-colored UGGs go with everything. While Chestnut is the most popular colored UGGs, Stormy Grey is a unique one that goes with almost every outfit you are planning to wear.

2. Should I get tall or short UGGs?

The length of the UGGs can change your look entirely. It is important to choose wisely. This is why people often ask – what length UGGs should I get?

Mini/short UGGs can look weird on people with short legs, so it is better to stick to the classic tall UGGS. However, people with long legs can go for both.

3. Are UGGs out of style 2022?

UGGs are officially in style again in 2022. People out there are going all crazy about them because celebrities are often seen wearing them in casual and formal looks. Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, Kendall, and many other famous fashion icons brought UGGs back to life with their casual and airport looks.

4. Can You wear UGGs at Office?

You can read our article, are Uggs considered as business casual?

What Color UGGs Should I Get? (Summary)

Chestnut or grey UGGs are the safest choices if you are newly stepping into this trend. They are popular and go with everything. But, no one is stopping you from experimenting with different fun colors like red or orange to stand out to a crowd!

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