Cariuma vs Vans | Which One Stands Out?

Cariuma vs Vans | Which One Stands Out?

A few months back, I wanted to buy a pair of converse, so I started to find one for myself. I heard a lot of conversations about Cariuma and Vans. I couldn’t decide the one for me, so I bought both!

Both brands have a strong following, and they offer high-quality shoes. But as expected, they have differences too. Today, I will show you the differences between these two shoe brands in various aspects and help you make an informed choice.

Comparison Table on Cariuma vs Vans

MaterialsEco-friendly materials like bamboo, recycled rubber, etcTraditional materials like canvas, leather, and suede
OriginBrazilCalifornia, USA
StyleUnique designs with a focus on sustainabilityClassic and trendy designs inspired by skateboarding
ComfortComfortable with cushioned footbedsComfortable with padded collars and signature waffle sole
Price Range$79 – $159$50 – $200+
Target AudienceYounger generation interested in eco-friendly fashionFans of skateboarding and casual streetwear  
Famous ModelOCA LowSk8-Hi

Difference Between Cariuma and Vans

Cariuma and Vans both are pretty well known for making outstanding sneakers. To be honest, I got confused, and that’s why I bought each of them. But then decided to write a comparison after my first-hand experience with them.


The core difference between these two shoe brands is in their material. Cariuma is mainly made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials. Cariuma has practiced more ethical and eco-friendly production practices. They use bamboo, recycled rubber, and even plastics to make their sneakers.

On the other hand, Vans shoes are made from regular traditional materials. But the good thing is they have taken steps towards sustainability and using recycled materials in their latest shoe models. In general, they use traditional materials such as canvas, leather, and suede to make their shoes and sneakers.

They have some differences in their construction as well. Cariuma has cushioned footbeds and offers more comfort under your feet. On the other hand, you can feel the lack of cushioning when you wear Vans sneakers.

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The origin of a shoe or the place where it is manufactured is an important thing when deciding which one to buy. Location plays a significant role as the materials and craftsmanship differ from region to region.

Vans is an American shoe brand that started in Anaheim, California. On the other hand, Cariuma is a South American Brand that originated in Brazil.

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Cariuma is a comparatively new brand. They know what is the demand of this generation and what they want to wear. Cariuma has designed its shoes in that way. They have unique designs that are pretty different than the traditional sneakers available in the market.

Vans didn’t let go of their classic style and craftsmanship. That doesn’t mean they are outdated. They have combined trendy designs in their classic signature sneakers. Their designs are inspired mainly by skateboarding.

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Comfort is such a big issue when choosing a shoe. I must say, Cariuma has got the upper hand in this aspect as that is more comfortable than vans with a cushioned footbed. It feels soft, and the feet relax on the soft inner.

Vans shoes are also comfortable but a little less than Cariuma. It has soft padded collars and flexible waffle soles that make your feet feel comfortable while walking.


Well, till now both the shoes seem durable to me. I have seen a lot of customer feedback for them and all of them say positive about their durability. But I think Cariuma will have the last say as they are made from sustainable materials which are built to last.

Price Range

Vans has cheaper and more expensive shoes as well. Their price range is between 50$ – 200$. But, it looks like the lower range shoes of Cariuma are more expensive than Vans. Vans shoe’s price range is between 79$ – 159$.

Target Audience

Cariuma has focused on the likings and interests of the younger generation who like eco-friendly shoes. They have combined the latest features and designs in their sneakers.

Though Vans is an older brand, but they have a vast and selected customer base. People who love skateboarding will love to wear van shoes. Their sneakers have the perks of skateboarding shoes. People who love simple casual streetwear are also their target audience.

Brand Overview of Cariuma

Cariuma is a Brazilian sneaker brand that started its journey in 2018. Their vision is to create sustainable and stylish shoes especially for young people. Their core materials are environment-friendly and durable. Cariuma shoes are trendy and have unique designs with a lot of color variations.

• Construction quality is pretty good.
• Affordable price
• Raw materials are responsibly sourced
• It could have been more comfortable.

Brand Overview of Vans

Vans is a pretty well-established brand that started its journey in 1966 in California. This brand is known for its classic slip-on sneakers and skateboard-inspired designs. Vans offers a wide range of shoe styles, such as sneakers, sandals, boots, and many more.


• Available in so many colors
• Durable
• Affordable pricing
• A little tight for wider feet
• Less arch support

Cariuma vs Vans: Which One Stands Out?

Cariuma and Vans both are classic sneakers. Both brands are versatile and have a lot of styles and designs. These brands have their own target customers and designs to choose from.

If you ask me, I have found Cariuma worth it as they offer unique style and more comfort than Vans sneakers. But as usual, the final call is yours as both brands are outstanding.

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