Do Nike Slides Run Small? (Complete Guide)

Do Nike Slides Run Small? (Complete Guide)

If you are like me, you would be the kind of person to freak out if you recently bought Nike slides that do not fit properly as you expected them. Even yours truly cannot get a break as I have had to return certain Nike Slides and other Nike shoes and had to get them exchanged.

This brings me to this article’s topic because I do not want any of you users out there facing the issues I had to face when getting my own Nike Slides – how should Nike Slides fit? Are Nike Slides true to size?

Do Nike Slides Run Small or Big?

On average, some users say the Nike Slides run small, and others say the Nike Slides run big, while another portion of users claim to find the Nike Slides true to size. It all depends from user to user.

Nike Slides are mostly narrow. This makes the case of Nike Slides sizing entirely different for users with wide feet. It is almost always necessary for such users to go up half a size or even a full size to get that comfortable feeling of wearing their slides without dealing with issues like snug feeling and feet aching and such.

A minority of the users have expressed in online reviews that the Nike Slides have been narrow for their feet despite having narrow feet themselves,

Do Nike Slides Run Small? (Complete Guide)

so you can imagine how it could end up for anyone with wide feet. I hope that answers your question – Do Nike Slides run small or big?

Are Nike Slides True to Size?

As mentioned above, Nike Slides can be true to size only for a few users and not all. If you want to know whether to go down or up or genuine to size with your preferred Nike Slides, try checking a nearby local store and see the size that fits you.

There is no way to find out through online shopping or reviews if a specific Nike Slide pair of shoes will fit you true to size without going to a shop yourself.

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What Size Nike Slides Should I Get?

The size of Nike Slides that you should get fully depends on your size wearing normal shoes. For example, if you wear 12 for normal shoes, then going for 11 or 12 is good enough, depending on whether you like a snug fit.

On top of this, Nike Slides do not come in half sizes. If you want to or typically wear a half size for other shoes, it can be troublesome. Hence, you are better off buying a full size up. Suppose you wear 12.5, then for buying Nike Slides, you can easily wear them by getting 13 sizes. However, some users opt to go for 11. That is for those who want a snug fit and does not apply to everyone.

It can be tempting to buy a bigger size for some people as the Nike Slides could offer more room for your toes and heels, considering you decided to get a bigger size.

How Do Nike Benassi Slides Fit?

One of Nike’s famous and praised slides, the Nike Benassi, is not to be taken lightly when compared with other slides from other companies. But how do they fit? Here is the answer.

The Nike Benassi slides fit true to size, as claimed by almost every user online, and even from my experience, I can say that slides are great for those who worry about sizing when buying shoes.

How Do Nike Benassi Slides Fit?

Some of my friends who have wide feet did have to go up a full size since slides do not come in half sizes, so they were not left with many options in this case.

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Nike Slides Sizing

There are no half sizes for Nike slides. While there is no reasoning for this given by Nike themselves officially, what I can do is help you know what sizes their slides are available in.

Some sizes can be out of stock or not available, so keep this in mind.

For starters, the Nike Jordan LS slides that cost $80 come between 7 to 14. It covers pretty much the decently sized to the wide-sized feet easily. But not suitable for those users who have freakishly small or big feet.

Then there is the Nike Air Max 90 slides which offer a better range of 6 to 15, somewhat touching range of freakishly small and big feet.

Wait! How can I forget the Nike Benassi? It has a great range but awkwardly misses out in-between. The slides are sizes 4, 6 to 15, and 18. The other missing sizes are either out of stock or were never available to begin with, making it challenging for users with those specific missing sizes to buy these slides and instead opt for other options out there.

Do Nike Slides Run Small? (Complete Guide)

Last but not least, the Nike Vista slides. The range of sizes is from 6 to 18. But there is a reason why the entire range is in stock – the Nike Vista is relatively new to the Nike store compared to other slides that have been in the Nike market for a long time.

Out in Nike’s market, there are many slides to choose from. But I chose these three because they are well known, one is new, and the other (Nike Benassi) is owned by me, making it easier to give you an idea of how the slides are.

I hope your question about the sizing of different Nike Slides and “Do Nike Slides run big or small?” is answered now.

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As you have reached the end of the article, I hope you have enough information to decide whether to get Nike slides and what size to get them when you choose to buy a pair, be it for yourself, your family member, or your friends.

So, do Nike Slides run small?

Nike Slides usually have a narrow fit. Nike slides, in general, are great for those who want to wear something outside casually and feel free and comfortable at the same time due to their open nature. To avoid the snug fit, getting a bigger size is not a problem as long as they are not too loose on your feet.

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