Do Jordan 11 Crease? Get Creases out Of Jordan 11

Do Jordan 11 Crease? Get Creases out Of Jordan 11

Air Jordan 11 is the embodiment of a vintage design. It is considered one of the most beloved Jordan creations ever. If you have got a pair of the Jordan 11 or want one, you may want to know- Do Jordan 11 crease? 

In this article, I will discuss whether or not Jordan 11 creases and, if they do, what you can do to get creases out of Jordan 11. Make sure to stick around, so you don’t miss anything.

Do Jordan 11 Crease?

Unfortunately, yes. Air Jordan 11 gets creases. Let me explain why.

Jordan 11s have patented leather on the upper. The leather upper is quite prone to creases. Additionally, you can get wrinkles on the ankle region and the midsole. It can be frustrating to see those nasty creases spoiling the look of your precious shoe.

So, what can you do? You need to learn how to deal with those creases as you didn’t get the shoes only to stash them up on your shelf. Alright, let’s learn how you can decrease the Jordan 11.

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How to Get Creases out Of Jordan 11?

Jordan 11 can get creases on 3 parts of the shoe. 

  1. Creases on the ‘patented leather’ upper
  2. Creases on the midsole
  3. Creases on the ankle region

I will tell you what you can do to remove creases from each part. Let’s begin.

How to Remove Creases from The ‘patented Leather’ Upper?

The best method is to use an iron. You can take a damp cloth or a thick paper bag. Heat the iron and unplug it when it’s hot. Now, place the wet cloth or the paper bag over the wrinkled leather and press the iron gently.

Pro tip: Fold some newspapers or socks and put them inside the shoe to stretch out the creases. You will not get good results on a soft surface. 

Do Jordan 11 Crease? Get Creases out Of Jordan 11

Don’t press the iron for too long or you will have burnt leather. It’s worse than wrinkled leather. The wet cloth will prevent the leather from getting too hot. A paper bag can be an alternative.

This process should get those wrinkles out of the leather of the Jordan 11. Let the shoe cool down, and you are good to go.

How to Remove Creases from The Jordan 11’s Midsole?

Some creases might appear on the midsole as you start wearing your Nike Jordan 11. In this case, again, you can use steam to get rid of the wrinkles. I recommend a fabric steamer for getting creases out of the midsole. But if you don’t have it, you can also use an iron.

Get a piece of cloth and cover the leather. You only want to heat up the midsole region for this purpose. The midsole area is much smaller than the upper. It’s tricky to apply an iron over the midsole region without affecting the other parts of the shoe. That’s why a fabric steamer is a better choice.

Do Jordan 11 Crease? Get Creases out Of Jordan 11

Turn the steamer on and put it over the midsole for 8-10 seconds. That’s it. The creases should disappear. If you still see some creases, repeat the process.

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How to Remove Creases from The Ankle Region of Jordan 11?

You can use an iron for this as well. Nike’s Jordan 11 is a slightly high-top shoe. So, you get a bigger space to work with. You will need a damp cloth and some paper balls or some socks to complete the process.

First of all, stuff the socks or papers inside the shoe. Make sure they are pushed against the rear of the shoe. It will give you a solid surface to work against. Tie the laces to ensure the surface is as much tough as possible.

Now, like the previous methods, place the damp cloth over the ankle region and start applying some heat. Rinse and repeat the process until the creases disappear.

Do Jordan 11 Crease? Get Creases out Of Jordan 11

Pro tip: Use a towel that matches the shoe color. It will save you from the trouble of getting a discolored shoe. You need to keep this in mind whenever you are working with steam and a wet towel.

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How to Prevent Creases on Jordan 11?

I have shared temporary solutions so far. Why would you wait for creases to appear if there are ways to prevent creasing significantly? It’s better to take care of your shoe after each use so the wrinkles don’t appear anytime soon. Let’s take a look at some tips to prevent creasing on your wonderful Jordan 11.

  • Use Shoe Trees

Shoe trees are the best to prevent creases on Jordan 11. There are different types of shoe trees. I recommend using a wooden one. After each use, place the shoe tree inside of your shoe, so the shoe retains its shape.

You can also use socks or paper balls, but shoe trees are recommended if you want to get an even stretch throughout the shoe. 

Leave the shoe with the shoe tree for at least 12 hours. You can also put it there until the next usage. This will not damage the shoe. 

However, shoe trees can only prevent creases on the upper. You may need to decrease creases on the midsole when it appears. In order to avoid creases on the ankle region, stuff paper balls or old socks inside the shoe after each use. 

shoe tree
  • Use Crease Protectors

You can use crease protectors to prevent creases on your Jordan 11 while wearing. Crease protectors are plastic inserts designed to prevent sneakers from creasing when you wear them. The installation is simple. Put the crease protector inside the shoe and push it all the way up to the toe.


Creases don’t ruin a shoe. At least that’s what many people say. But I don’t like to see creases on my Jordan 11. That’s why I take good care of them. 

Eventually, my sneaker gets creases, and I use steam to get rid of them. I don’t have to decrease my sneakers that much because of the care I give them. So, take good care of your Jordan 11 if you don’t want to see those creases.

So Do Jordan 11 crease? Yes, they do. But now you know how to get creases out of Jordan 11.

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