Do Jordan 4 Crease? Get Creases out Of Jordan 4

Do Jordan 4 Crease? Get Creases out Of Jordan 4

Creases in shoes are unavoidable and Air Jordan 4s are no exception. But there are ways to get rid of creases and even prevent them. In this article, we will discuss how to get creases out of Jordan 4.

Do Jordan 4 Crease?

Yes, Jordan 4 get crease over time. If you use the shoe very roughly then it will take less time to crease. Even if you use it carefully the shoe will get crease but will take a longer period of time.

How to Get Creases out Of Jordan 4?

There is a proverb, “where there is a will there is a way”. The same goes for crease removal of Jordan 4 shoes. Although there are not a number of methods to remove creases but the process which I am going to tell you will definitely work and remove your shoe crease. Let’s get into action. 

Necessary Materials :

The good news is that we don’t need a lot of things to remove creases from Air Jordan 4. The necessary materials are very much easy to collect and mostly you will find these in your home.

  1. Paper Towel / Hand Cloth
  2. Shoe Trees / Shoe filler
  3. Iron
  4. Water
  5. Samll Bucket / Mug
Do Jordan 4 Crease? Get Creases out Of Jordan 4

Crease Removal Process

Step 1: Firstly take a hand towel or paper towel and dip it in water. Remove the extra water from the towel.

Step 2: Take your shoe and insert the shoe tree or shoe filler into it. If you do not have shoe tree then you can use clothing. But you need to insert sufficient amount of cloth so that the shoe remains hard from the inside.

Step 3: Take the iron and heat it. Place the wet towel over your shoe. Gently rover the iron on the shoe. Specially in the crease areas.

Do Jordan 4 Crease? Get Creases out Of Jordan 4
how to fix shoe creases

Step 4: If the towel gets dry then bring the wet portion of the towel on the place of heating.

Do this 4 step process a number of times. Hopefully, your crease will get removed. Even if there remain faint creases it will also get removed after repeating the above steps several itmes.

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  1. Use the hand towel of the same color of the shoe.
  2. Do not make the towel wet very much. Remove the extra water after dipping it into the water.
  3. Heat the iron highly but press gently while rovering over the shoe.
  4. Do not press and hold the Iron in a particular place for long.
  5. Do not press the iron on the rubber areas of the shoe-like borders.

Last but not the least, another process of not getting crease in your shoe is not to use the shoe !!  Just kidding.

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How to prevent creases in Jordan 4?

There are a few ways that you can use to protect your Jordan from creasing. Few are discussed below.

  1. You should not wear your Jordan 4 too often. Try to use multiple pairs of shoes and reshuffle them regularly. Do not use your single pair of Jordan shoes every day. Because the more you wear your Jordan the more chances are there to get creases.
  2. While you are not using your Jordan 4,  place the paper that comes with the shoe or any other clothing inside of your shoe. Even if you do not use it the creases will be prevented.
  3. Use crease preventer or force fields in front of your Jordan 4. These are mainly a type of foam material that prevents your shoe from getting creased.
  1. Walk carefully while you wear your shoe. Sometimes we wear clothed shoes or suede shoes and walk carelessly. This creates more creases in the shoe. But we should use the Jordan safely for protection.

Which Jordan crease the least?

Many people have different opinions regarding this. But if we give a deeper look then we find most of the people have said, Jordan XII has got the least creasing tendency. Furthermore, people have also given their positive feedback on Jordan leaser 15 and Jordan fusion 20. However, it really depends on use how fast your shoe is going to crease. You need to use it carefully if you want longer usability. 

Do Jordan 4 Crease? How to Get Creases out Of Jordan 4? (Summary)

At some point of time, your Nike Jordan 4 will crease. But now you know the ways of getting creases out of Jordan 4.

We hope that you have liked our article on how to get creases out of Jordan 4. If you have any other queries, please let us know in the comments.

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