How Long Do Doc Martens Last? | Not What You’d Think!


The introduction of the unique construction of Doc Martens brought much excitement to the fashion industry. Right from the moment these shoes came, they shook the footwear industry because of their defining characteristics and durability. Factory workers and government workers truly fell in love with these boots because of the standards it had set in the market and the introduction of the air-cushioned soles.

How Long Do Dr Martens Last? Do They Last Forever?

The simple answer is no, and they are not immortal.

However, some accounts claimed that Doc Martens can last longer, up to 20 years and more, because they are made from full-grain leather, making them the most durable. Their leather is often said to be vegan equivalent, and they are tested to ensure that their strength is to the maximum.

The inner soles of the shoes are stiff and tend not to lose the stretchiness and suppleness, which makes these shoes last longer. How long will the doc marten shoes last will also depend on how you use them. If you are a person with occupations that let your shoes undergo challenging situations, then the shoe’s durability will decrease. Do not worry because if you change your routine, you can make them durable no matter what occupation you are from.

However, there are so many talks about the manufacture, and people sometimes question the authenticity of the Doc martens that are made in China. Some users really think that Doc martens are no more durable and do not talk as promised. The users accused the company of making the leathers too thin and that the construction of the shoes is no more the same. The company that has been run for years says that all these user talks are far from the truth, and maybe that is why Doc martens is still at the top of the market world. But you can easily use your Doc Martens for 5 to 6 years.

How to Make the Doc Martens Last Longer?

There are so many controversial talks about the durability of shoes. After much research, researchers learned that all these talks are inaccurate, but the boots can last many years even after regular wear if they are taken good care of. Let’s find out how to treat your Doc Martens correctly.

Use of materials

Shoe professionals use a wide range of materials to take care of them. Materials such as waxes and other things are used to keep the shine intake. Below are some materials discussed you can use to take good care of your docs.

Mint Oil:

How Long Do Doc Martens Last? | Not What You'd Think!

Dr. martens shoes are made up of pure grain leather. The leather can become dry, and it sometimes also starts cracking if it’s not well conditioned with the right products. So, preparing your boots should be a habit. Mink oil extracted from mink acts as an excellent conditioner for your grain leather boots. The oil helps to keep the leather soft and supple. Moreover, it helps prevent cracking and gives a healthy look to the shoes.

Wonder Balsam Wax:

How Long Do Doc Martens Last? | Not What You'd Think!

This wax is mainly designed for the boots to make them last longer. Furthermore, it helps in the rejuvenation and restoration of the shoes with no requirements of polish and shine. The wax helps nourish the grain leather of the doc martens, which helps maintain the suppleness and softness of the boot. Resins such as wonder Balsam Wax can also act as waterproofing, allowing the shoe to prevent water damage. Start using Wonder Balsam Wax if you want that oil or grease finish in your boots. 

Shoe Polish: Using shoe polish in the boots’ full-grain leather can help disguise the scuffs and scrapes. Shoe polish also helps to rejuvenate your Doc Martens and make this normal wear last longer.

How Long Do Doc Martens Last? | Not What You'd Think!

Saddle soap: Saddle soap is often referred to as the conditioner for your leather boots.  However, the soap contains lye that sometimes leads to drying and cracking, so be aware of that.

How Long Do Doc Martens Last? | Not What You'd Think!

Rotation of the schedule

The lasting of your Doc marten shoes depends on how often you wear them and how often you wear them. It is suggested that you improve your routine so that it lasts longer. Get yourself some extra pairs of Doc martens and wear them in a cycle so that each pair of shoes get enough time to recover. 

See a professional

Sometimes your boots require a professional to fix their problems. The inner soles and the heels would wear through over many uses, and that is when you need a cobbler to repair them. This will prolong the life of your everyday wear. Moreover, going to a cobbler to extend the shoe lifetime is cheaper than replacing the shoes. Shoe repairs can also help deep clean and condition your boots to rejuvenate the shoes’ condition. All these would allow you to last your Doc martens shoes longer.

Frequently asked Questions

Q. Do Doc martens have a lifetime warranty?

Ans: Nothing lasts forever, and no Doc Martens are not immortal. It is one of the most durable shoes, and its durability can be increased if it is taken care of properly. The high-quality grain leather and waterproof quality make Doc martens among the most durable shoes.


Doc Martens made sure that its products lasted longer. It is often said durability is in Doc Marten’s DNA. All these years, Doc Martens has proven its qualities without any arguments, which makes doc Martens the best. Even though the boots will not last a lifetime, but prolonged durability can be achieved if they are taken good care of, and in this article, we talked about all the essential things that need to care for your doc marten shoes. We hope this article brings you a lot of help. 

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