How to Fix Scuffed Doc Martens? | The Right Way!

How to fix scuffed Doc Martens?

Are you thinking about processes to fix the scuffs or scratches of Doc Martens shoes? This particular article will discuss the different ways to improve the scuffs or scratches of your favorite Doc Martens pairs. Moreover, a few doc martens shoe-related frequently asked questions are also answered. If you are a victim of scuff or scratch on your shoe, then read this write-up thoroughly. You will get practical and easy solutions to your problems. 

Do Doc Martens Scuff Easily?

It actually depends on the user. If it is used carefully, then scuffs will not come quickly. But a rough use will do the opposite. Traditionally, Doc Martens is a proven shoe brand in the market. People can use this shoe for a long time without any scratches.  

How to Fix Scuffed Doc Martens?

Even after careful use, some unwanted scratches or scuffs may come out. You can not remove them altogether, but some processes will help hide those. Following techniques can be used to fix scuffed Doc Martens.

Necessary Materials :

  1. Shoe Brush
  2. Cloth
  3. Water
  4. Shoe polish
  5. Wonder Balsam
  6. Sandpaper (optional)
  7. Wax (optional)
  8. Toothpaste (optional)
How to fix scuffed Doc Martens?

Use the following processes step by step to fix the scratches and scuffs.

Dirt Cleaning:

First, remove the shoelaces. If laces are torn, then definitely you have to change them. Else, just cleaning will work. After that, start cleaning the shoe with a shoe brush, especially the scuffed and scratched areas. Furthermore, remove all the dirt and mud from the toe, body, and outsole of the shoe. If necessary, use a cloth to remove the dirt. Give extra attention to the edges and stitching areas of the outsole because these are the places where dirt gets stuck.

Now comes the sensitive part of cleaning. This part is optional and should be used if the shoe condition is very poor. For example, scratches and scuffs are scattered all over the body.

How to Fix Scuffed Doc Martens? | The Right Way!

Take one piece of sandpaper. Using sandpaper, clean the whole body and remove the base polish of the shoe altogether. Although it will remove the scuffed areas, the base polish will be lost, fixed in later steps. Moreover, do not use this process frequently. If you use sandpaper several times, it will cause permanent damage to the shoe quality.

After cleaning correctly, place the shoe on a newspaper so that no extra dirt is added from the floor.

Preliminary Polishing:

Take some Doc Martens wonder balsam. You can use your finger and a brush to put the balsam on the whole body. After that, brush the shoe properly multiple times. Continue until the entire body, toe, and outsole are touched and added with the polish. Then take shoe polish in the brush and rub the scratches, scuffs, and peeled areas properly. In addition, you can use wax or toothpaste to fill those areas. Finally, keep the polished shoe on the newspaper till it dries a little bit and makes sure no extra dust is added to it.

Final Polishing:  

After the shoe has dried slightly, you will see a deep layer of shoe polish present on the whole body of the shoe. Scratches and scuffs should be disguised by this time, and a matte look should cover the entire shoe. Make sure you have added a perfect preliminary layer and slightly dried the shoe. Now, take the shoe brush and softly brush the whole body. You will see the matte look has started to vanish. Do this for a while till the shoe gets a bright look. You are almost done. Just a finishing touch on the toe. Take the shoe polishing cloth and gently rub the toe. It will give a shiny toe. Don’t press much. Instead, slide over the toe with the fabric.

Finally, add the shoelaces, and your shoes are out of scuffs and scratches with a new look.

How to Stop Scratching/ Scuffing on The Shoe?

There is no simple way to stop scratches/scuffs on shoes. You have to use the “prevention is better than cure” policy. Use the shoe with care. Polish and clean regularly. Several cleaning and polishing tools are present in the market.   

Why are my Doc martens peeling?

If the leather is covered with a thinner coating layer than the usual thick layer, there might be peeling. On the other hand, peeling may also come if proper base polish is not given while polishing.    

How to Stop Peeling Shoes?

Make sure you buy the original Doc Martens shoe. Along with this, spend much time on base polish while polishing the shoe. Make it tight, and then move towards shining the shoe. Moreover, you can regularly use Doc Martens ultra protector spray to make a protective layer.

How Do I Get Rid of Leather Cracks on Doc Martens?

Doc Martens has a unique shoe cracking protection material called “Dubbin”. This material provides a protective layer over the leather, which prevents the shoe from drying and cracking. Besides, the Dubbin also softens the shoe, makes the leather waterproof, and provides a matte finish. 

These are the processes and techniques you can use to prevent your Doc Martens shoes from getting scratches, scuffs, and peeling off. Therefore, if you have any of the above issues, apply the solutions practically and see excellent results. To know how to stop Doc Martens from creasing, check our website.

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