How Long Do Vans Last? (Quick Facts)

Haven’t we all saved our favorite pair of shoes for occasional uses? And eventually, when we use it a few times, we tend to wear it regularly.

Maybe, at first, you only fall for the glamorous look, but the quality will ensure for how long you can use that gorgeous shoe. Hence, durability is essential, too.

Vans is an American fashion brand that brings in new pairs of quality shoes, like, every other day. If you’re also keeping your eyes on a Vans pair for long, then you need to know How long do Vans last.

Otherwise, things may go wrong, and you have to struggle with your tight budget in just a few days. So,

How Long Do Vans Last?

How Long Do Vans Last?

It depends on the purpose of your use. Whether you’re going to buy it for regular usage or occasional or sporting shoes that you buy for occasional use, it’ll last for a few years, no doubt about that. But what about regular and sporting purposes?

When you’re about to use the Vans more often, it should last you between eight to twelve months with the regular shoes. On the other hand, if you have a few shoe rotations, it can last two years. So, you have an excellent opportunity to make the best use of these shoes.

Vans have also made skating shoes since 1977. They are different from regular shoes because the skating shoes come in high-quality materials that make them more durable. As skateboarding shoes are damn sturdy and reliable, these can last one to two years, even if you use them in sports.

How to Make Vans Last Longer?

Maintenance is crucial. Why? Because it increases your shoe’s lifespan to make your life more manageable and beautiful, it’s enough to make your regular wear shoes long-lasting. And your skateboarding vans need more maintenance.

Glue the Stitches

How Long Do Vans Last? (Quick Facts)

Yes, gluing does help when you’re applying it in the right areas. If you’re someone who loves kickflips more than heelflips, glue the nose and toe area because that’s the part that tends to tear while performing kickflips.

On the other hand, the collar of your shoe is more likely to tear if you’re doing heelflips more. So, it would help if you glue this particular area.

Again, the beginner skateboard players only practice ollies, and then the side of your shoe is most in danger. Stick that part using hard adhesive.

Fix those Holes

As your vans start to age, holes may begin to appear. You can’t leave it untreated, or the spot will eventually get bigger and bigger and make the shoe a waste.

You’ll find adhesive suede to stick it on the spots. This saves some bucks as you can wait some more days before the next shoe purchase.

Again, if you’re looking for a cheaper option, then here’s a trick for you. Look for the old suede shoe that you don’t use anymore. Carefully cut a portion of suede from the shoe to fix the holes of your current skating shoe. Then, use shoe goo to attach that portion on the spot.

How Long Do Vans Last? (Quick Facts)

Protect the Shoe Laces

Shoelaces are prone to ripping, especially when skateboarding. Shoelaces can’t take the pressure created during such sports. That’s why you need to think about protecting them.

It’s pretty impossible to prevent the laces from tearing because of the nature of how skateboarding is. But some techniques may help at times. Let’s say using some glue to the whole rope. But, it won’t let you tighten or loosen the knot anymore.

Again, keep some affordable shoelaces in hand and replace them immediately. When you have a high budget, try spending on leather laces because they’re worth every bit.

Rubber cement is another hack you should give a try. Or what about stocking up some waxed hockey laces? You can also try lacing up the shoes in a few different ways to prevent them from coming in contact with the grip tape. Sounds compelling, and it is.

As we mentioned three tips to make your Vans last a little longer, let’s not hope it’ll keep your shoe in action for years. Let go of things when the right time comes.

How Long Do Vans Last? (Quick Facts)

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