Are Vans Shoes Bad For Your Feet? (Important Facts)

Are Vans Shoes Bad For Your Feet?

People hardly choose their shoes wisely except for some health-conscious people or sufferers of several foot problems. Since Vans shoes have been trendy, people of all ages and all foot types are grabbing them for nearly all occasions. Therefore it is natural that not everyone finds Vans suitable for their feet. So are Vans shoes bad for your feet? Or, do you need to choose the correct pairs of Vans wisely? This article is going to make these things clear.

Different Types Of Vans Shoes

Vans is a famous brand for skate shoes. Therefore they come with flat soles and minimal to no arch support for better control and grip over the board. But it does not mean that all Vans shoes are meant for just skateboarding. Instead, the brand offers a variety of shoe styles.

If you need a comfortable shoe for casual wear, the Vans skateboarding line will not suit your feet naturally. But there is no reason to think that all Vans shoes are bad for your feet.

So, before considering if Vans shoes are good/bad for your feet, you should first know the types of Vans shoes.

Vans Era

Vans Era

Vans Era is one of the most comfortable Vans sneakers. This durable low-top canvas sneaker has a padded collar that gives better ankle support. Like other Vans shoes, Vans Era is another versatile shoe that you can wear with any outfit on any occasion.

Vans Old Skool

vans old skool

Vans Old Skool is a simple but stylish and versatile canvas sneaker. Vans Old Skool shoes are popular among skateboarders, but you can also wear them for most purposes. They are comfortable and breathable for extended wear.

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Vans UltraRange EXO

Vans UltraRange

Vans Ultrarange EXO shoes are comfortable as well as durable. Their looks are similar to the Vans Old Skool. These lightweight shoes come with comfortable padded Ultracush cushioning that shields your feet from stress. The non-stich upper is solid, while the outsole is gripping enough for different surfaces.

Vans slip-ons

Do Vans Slip-On Stretch

A lightweight early skating shoe that you can also use for casual wear. This classic lace-less Vans is stylish and comfortable with its canvas upper and flexible rubber sole. However, it is not cushioned like Ultra range EXO but has a good shock absorption capacity.

Vans checkerboard slip-ons

Are Vans Shoes Bad For Your Feet? (Important Facts)

Like classic Vans slip-ons, these checkerboard slip-ons are very comfortable. These shoes are breathable; thus, you can wear them for an extended period.

Vans SK8 Hi

Vans SK8 Hi

Vans SK8-Hi is a spacious and comfortable skate shoe for people with wider feet that you can wear for a more extended period. Vans SK8-Hi features a Waffle sole that provides an excellent grip and board feel. For its high-top shape, it will ensure excellent ankle support and protection.

For a softer and comfortable feeling, you can opt for SK8-Hi Pro that comes with a detachable cushioned UltraCush™ HD footbed.

Vans Authentic

Vans Authentic

Vans Canvas Authentic is the latter version of the original Vans with durable canvas low-top and metal eyelets. This less cushioned shoe is lightweight and comfortable that you can grab both for walking around or going office or anywhere.

The Vans Authentic Pro Skate Shoe comes with a super cushioned sock liner and flexible Duracap underlay. If you want a more comfortable sneaker, you can choose the Pro version.

Vans MTE Shoes


For walking in wet or snowy city streets or trekking in rough and bumpy terrain, you can choose the most convenient one from Vans MTE shoes. These shoes are designed for walking in foul weather, rain, snow, or rough terrain to make your way smoother.

Vans Comfycush Shoes

Vans Comfycush

The ComfyCush line of Vans mimics the classic Vans with upgraded sole construction. It has come with a soft cushy EVA midsole and outsole for providing more comfort.

Are Vans Bad For Your Feet?

Vans shoes are not bad for your feet unless you have an unusual foot structure or significant foot problems and need a specialized shoe for that. Vans shoes are like the other popular shoes that people are grabbing for their comfort and stylish look.

A common problem of Vans is their lack of arch support. The popular Vans are flat shoes that are good for people with flat feet. But most Vans shoes can be wrong for regular wear because good arch support is one of the main concerns for many individuals. Shoes that have good arch support are also healthier for our feet.

However, Vans shoes are great for young people whose feet are still developing. Adults need more comfortable and supportive shoes. Luckily some popular Vans have brought their “Pro” versions with a more comfortable insole, durable construction, and added arch support.

Why Does Vans Hurt Feet?

If your feet are hurting from wearing Vans, the following can be the reasons.

1. Flat soles less arch support

Most of the Vans are flat. They come with flat soles and very little arch support. Flat shoes are not ergonomic and can cause foot pain, knee pain, back pain if you wear them for an extended period.

2. Wrong Size

Most of us are sincere about choosing the right kind of shoe but often do not care about choosing the shoe size carefully. If you have not chosen the right size of Vans, they can hurt your feet. Initially, you may feel discomfort, but soon you will develop more severe problems like foot pain, heel pain, or back pain.

Both too tight or too loose shoes will affect your feet in the long run!

3. Not choosing the right type of Vans

Many Vans lovers cannot resist buying a pair in which their eyes get stuck. As a result, soon, it hurts their feet. If you need a shoe for casual wear, why will you buy the skating shoes?

Training shoes are not for casual wear. Wearing training shoes as casual shoes can lead to foot and heel problems because they are designed differently. Therefore you cannot wear them all day long or have a long walk.

Vans As Training Shoes

Arch and ankle protection

Vans training shoes’ soles have zero or minimal drop. Therefore, the arch gets very little support, and it has to work more. And this is why you are doing training exercises, making your body parts work more. A no-drop sole is necessary for lifting as it also ensures better stability and natural foot placement.

Arch support

Similarly, Vans shoes provide very little ankle support. While playing or exercising, you will want to let your ankle work more. Therefore, your ankle can take more load and rotate at 360 degrees with the help of the lower leg.

Comfortable toe box

While working out in a thrashing machine or bailing, the toe box of your training shoes should withstand the opposing force. With a comfortable toe box and durable lateral seam, Vans training shoes allow you to push against it quickly and improve lateral speed and agility on various surfaces.

Slip resistance

A shoe with a flat and non-slip sole is necessary for lifting weights, thrashing, agility training, and acceleration-deacceleration training.

What Features Make Vans Non-Slip Shoe

Vans’ honeycomb no-slip sole is firm enough to quickly push you off the ground in exercises like deadlifts and squats. Vans are just for casual lifting, which does not require bending feet or toes. But, Vans’ soles are comfortable enough and provide suitable friction to get an excellent training response.

Why Are Vans Talk Of The Town?

Vans is currently the second most popular footwear brand among teens. Lately, Vans has successfully turned itself into a global brand from a South Californian local brand. Vans has become so popular mainly for a few reasons.

Firstly, people choose activewear for their workplace, university, shopping mall, park, everywhere. In response to this trend, Vans has brought several shoe lines for casual wear, which have been immensely popular among all ages of people, especially among teens.

Secondly, Vans’ 1960s vintage skate culture attracts many young people, and naturally their parents too!

Thirdly, Vans’ simple yet stylish collections at very reasonable price ranges. Most of the Vans shoes are between the price range of $50-$75, which is low-priced than its competitors like Adidas and Nike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are vans good to wear all day?

If you are in a profession where you have to be on your feet all day, a pair of Vans is not bad for your feet. But make sure that you choose the right pair of Vans.

Skate shoes have thin soles with flat bottoms that let you feel the board. While this is necessary for skateboarding, it makes the shoe uncomfortable for day-long wearing or walking a long distance.

In some shoe styles, Vans has used a “Cush” insole that gives your feet a softer and more comfortable feeling. The ComfyCush line of shoes has an excellent cushioned outsole and softer insole that are great for wearing all day long.

The “Rapidweld” line of Vans is another good choice if you want to wear them all day long. With their flexible upper, ultra cush midsole, improved outsole, they are lightweight and comfortable enough for day-long wear.

Are vans comfortable for walking?

If you ask if Vans are good walking shoes, I will not answer yes or no. Nowadays, people search for particular shoes with precise specifications. A good walking shoe should have a flexible upper, comfortable cushioned midsole and insole, flat construction, snug-fitting, and solid grip.

Vans shoes are a good choice for walking with a comfortable gripping rubber sole and flexible and breathable canvas upper. However, since these shoes are not durable, you cannot use them for long-distance walks.

Are Converse or Vans better for your feet?

Both Vans and Converse are popular for skating, athletics, and casual wear. Naturally, all Vans or Converse are unsuitable for everyone’s feet and every purpose.

The classic Vans sneakers come with thin insoles and very little arch support. But the ComfyCush shoe lines of Vans provide more comfort and better arch support.

On the other hand, some footwear of Converse are more comfortable with their Lunarlon insoles and come with better arch support than Vans sneakers.

Most Converse shoes are narrow and thin. Therefore they can be a bit congested and uncomfortable for the people with wider feet. On the other hand, Vans offers customized shoes for people with wider/longer feet.

The Converse Cons gives your feet more support while skating compared to vans. They are also more breathable than Vans shoes and great for sports like basketball. For short-term walking, running, or lifting, Vans Slip-Ons provide extra comfort to your feet.


Therefore it will not be wise to conclude about a whole brand by trying a specific shoe. People have different feet types and other requirements. So the same shoe can be good for your feet, but bad for mine. Whether Vans shoes are bad for your feet or not is a matter of your needs. If your feet have particular problems or your purpose requires a specific type of shoe, choose accordingly. Vans has a lot to offer!

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