How to Put Jibbitz on Fuzzy Crocs?

How Put Jibbitz on Fuzzy Crocs ?

Crocs took over the footwear industry by storm, and fuzzy crocs are the latest edition of the crocs empire. These soft, faux-fur and fleece-lined crocs keep the feet warm without socks. It comes in different prints, patterns, and colors with the option of customization.  A vital part of the crocs trend is attaching Jibbitz charms to make them one of a kind, custom crocs. You will find people searching questions like how to put on croc charms in various forums of internet.

If the question how to put Jibbitz on Fuzzy Crocs brings you here, don’t worry, we have got you covered. Accessorizing crocs can be confusing with the inner lining of fuzzy crocs, as it seems the lining covers the holes. However, the inner lining leaves enough room to put Jibbitz charms on fuzzy crocs. So don’t worry if you have the query how to put on jibbitz in lined Crocs.

Can You Put Jibbitz on Fuzzy Crocs?

Fuzzy crocs are famous for being cozy and warm. These crocs have the same number of holes as the normal crocs. The holes of fuzzy crocs ensure proper ventilation and personalization options with Jibbitz charms. It is possible to put on Jibbitz in each of those holes of fuzzy crocs.

With the wide variety of Jibbitz charms ranging from NFL logos to Disney characters, crocs personalization has become an inseparable part for people of all ages. Adding Jibbitz on crocs is an easy process. Fuzzy crocs have a sturdy built to house the Jibbitz. Jibbitz charms can be put on fuzzy crocs by three methods: putting them directly on the holes, tying them, or clipping them.  It depends on the type of Jibbitz a person is using. We have a separate article on how to put Jibbitz on Crocs, you can also check out it. Link is given in later part of the article.

Time to discuss how to Put Jibbitz on Fuzzy Crocs. Let’s jump in!

How Do You Put Jibbitz on Fuzzy Crocs?

A set of well-put Jibbitz charms can make simple black base fuzzy crocs beautiful. But how to put on jibbitz? Putting on Jibbitz can be challenging, as some people just order custom fuzzy crocs from the crafters of Etsy. With proper installation, the chance of Jibbitz falling from fuzzy crocs is slim to zero.

Jibbitz charms come in three different types based on the insertion and installation process. Jibbitz charms with newly designed backers (clip and tie) are different from the original ones. Here goes the installation process which is simple as mentioned below:

Jibbitz Original:

Jibbitz original is the first version of the charms- also known as the Jibbitz snaps charm. To attach the original Jibbitz charm, put the fuzzy crocs down on a hard surface. Place your hand inside the fuzzy croc, and tilt the shoes. Use your other hand to pop the charm into the hole. Put some pressure from outside to check if it’s properly attached. Placing a hand inside will make sure the Jibbitz is stuck on the fuzzy crocs.

Jibbitz with tying function:

For the Jibbitz charms with tying function, place it on a hole of the fuzzy crocs and tilt it sideways. Then tie the charm’s ends and push the tying ends back inside the croc. It will stay over the fuzzy lining as the shoes have enough room inside.

 Jibbitz with Clipping Function:

You can put clip-type Jibbitz on fuzz-lined crocs with ease.  Press the clip and put the Jibbitz in the hole. Stop pressing once the Jibbitz is properly installed to the fuzzy crocs. You can place it on any other part of the fuzzy crocs too. The clip ensures that the Jibbitz can be stuck anywhere. I hope you are now clear about how to put on Jibbitz on Fuzzy Crocs.

How to Remove Jibbitz from Fuzzy Crocs?

Now that you have learned how to put on Croc charms, time to know how to remove it. Jibbitz charm found immense popularity through the easy-to-customize option. You can put the charm on your croc and pluck it off whenever you feel like doing so. Fuzzy crocs also have the same removal option as the normal crocs.

Fuzzy crocs have stretchy holes to accommodate Jibbitz charms. So, the charms can be removed without damaging the inner lining. The removal process is described in detail for better understanding:

Jibbitz Charm Original:

Place your fuzzy croc on a hard surface, and put your hand inside the shoe. You should put pressure on the Jibbitz from the inside to move the charm outside. Use your other hand to pull out the charm.

Jibbitz charm with tying function:

Gently rotate the tied Jibbitz charm placed on fuzzy crocs to bring out the knot outward. You will need precision to untie the small knot. Then pluck out the charm from the fuzzy crocs when you finish freeing the charm.

Jibbitz with Clipping Function:

Jibbitz with clipping function is the easiest one to remove. Press the Jibbitz charm. You should wiggle it if it feels stuck with the hole of fuzzy crocs. Pull out slowly to release the Jibbitz.

We also have an article on how to put Jibbitz on Crocs on our site which answers the queries of putting Jibbitz on Crocs in general. You can check it out.

How to Put Jibbitz on Fuzzy Crocs? (Frequently Asked Questions)

Let’s see some of the FAQs related to How to Put Jibbitz on Fuzzy Crocs.

Does Jibbitz fall off from fuzzy crocs?

If you know how to put on Croc charms properly, they will not fall off easily. The back of each Jibbitz charm is slightly bigger than the front part to secure it from getting lost. So, even if the fuzzy crocs stretch over time, Jibbitz will not fall off from the fuzzy crocs.

How do you put Jibbitz on fuzzy crocs for toddlers?

Fuzzy crocs for toddlers have smaller holes compared to the bigger sizes. It might be challenging at times to attach the Jibbitz charm. You should push the Jibbitz a bit harder to fit them- if necessary.

Can you put Jibbitz in lined Crocs?

The inner linings aren’t attached tightly with the fuzzy crocs. The lining fabric works like a built-in sock. They provide enough space to put Jibbitz on the holes. You can put Jibbitz on fuzzy crocs with inner lining.

Can you remove Jibbitz from fuzzy crocs?

There are three kinds of Jibbitz charms. You can easily remove all types of Jibbitz charm from the fuzzy crocs. It will not damage the inner lining.

Can I put Jibbitz on all 26 holes of fuzzy crocs?

Fuzz-lined crocs are robust enough to hold charms on all holes. You can put Jibbitz charms on all 26 holes of fuzzy crocs. It will not tear the fuzzy crocs apart.

Do I have to use glue to stick the Jibbitz on fuzzy crocs?

Jibbitz has three different ways to get stuck with the fuzzy crocs. If you install the Jibbitz charm correctly, it will not fall off during indoors and outdoors usage. You don’t need to use glue to put Jibbitz on fuzzy crocs.

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