How to Put Jibbitz on Crocs?

How to put jibbitz on crocs?

Crocs come in different shapes and sizes, and adding Jibbitz to them makes them stand out more than any regular shoes. Currently, different brands beyond the Crocs company offer additional accessories to add to your crocs. But as a croc stan, I prefer Jibbitz more than any other shoe accessories. 

Most users always stay confused on the question of how to put jibbitz on crocs? Just like brochures, you can quickly hook up jibbitz on your crocs. But there is a selective way to put them inside the croc’s holes. Check out my detailed explanation below to understand the process: 

What are Jibbitz charms?

In 2006, Crocs, a shoe brand, acquired Jibbitz, and currently, Jibbitz is under the Crocs company. If you are a hardcore Crocs fan, you already know this history. But for the new users, here is a little insight. 

The story of Jibbitz started from the Schmelzer family when they started making charms for popular Crocs shoes back in the 2000s. The family’s basement business mainly sold mini faux buttons, flowers, and accessories. In simple words, Jibbitz is a specialized accessory to put on Crocs. Pop culture references, images, animals, cartoons, doodles, and letters are popular for Jibbitz design. I usually style 10 to 11 Jibbitzi on Crocs classics, but you can go up to max 26. 

Types of Jibbitz

Jibbitz usually doesn’t have any difference, but I divided them according to the design and references. For example, the character jibbitz is the most popular worldwide. Characters like marvel heroes or cartoons are popular among crocs users. I’ve seen people sport political jibbitz & nfl logos on their crocs in N.Y streets. That is certainly something unique. 

In the case of kids crocs, you can add fruits, animal or disney characters jibbitz in the holes. Use wise Crocs have regular Jibbitz charms and Jibbitz charms with new backers. Jibbitz charms fitness only to crocs and even other sandals. On the contrary, Jibbitz charms with new backers work the same as brooches, and you can put them on your clothes. 

Do Jibbitz fit all crocs?

Jibbitz fits all crocs sizes starting from toddler jibbitz to adults. It fits a size eight, and it fits a size 16. The only difference is you might have to press the jibbitz harder to fit into a small pair of crocs. However, Crocs has also introduced size jibbitz for better styling. For females, it comes in F size, and for males in M size. In the case of kids, it has different sizing. But traditional jibbitz charms fit all types of crocs and sizes. If you want to buy jibbitz charms from Walmart, keep in mind the size and tags because Jibbitz outside of Crocs company isn’t universal size. 

How to Install Jibbitz Charms on Crocs?

Putting Jibbitz into a Crocs is not a challenging task. But I recommend following some ground processes. Jibbitz costs a couple of bucks, and not installing them in your crocs in a proper manner can lead to faulty Jibbitz charms. These croc charms are meant to be used time and time again but putting them like regular stickers can risk losing these charms while you’re walking. 

Step 1: Select the Jibbitz set.

Firstly, open up the jibbitz set you are willing to install on your crocs. My crocs classic pair has 26 holes combined, which means you can go max to 26 Jibbitz at a time. I prefer a little space between my Jibbitz to let the airflow.  After opening up, you’ll notice the jibbitz pin back comes in a round pin shape. New jibbitz stays tight to hold the shape, and a slight twist will loosen it up. On different forums, I notice people complaining about breaking Jibbitz charms while opening. The reason is that popping it requires little pressure. I highly recommend not to go overboard.

Step 2: Put it inside the holes

Next, place your crocs on a ground surface and push the black bottom of the cross. This creates an accessible space to install the charms inside your crocs. Now tightly hold your crocs with your left hand. Again line up your classics and place the jibbitz on the center of the hole. I prefer putting my hand inside the crocs to create resistance while the jibbitz goes inside the hole. Take 45 angle degrees and now push the block round black part into your crocs holes slowly. I do it using a twist motion and stop when I feel it’s tight enough. 

Step 3: Fix the position

Finally, it’s wise to fix the Jibbitz charms position as there’s a high probability of it falling from your crops. Flex your crocs a bit to the right and put your hand inside the jibbitz bottom pot. TIghtly pull it downward and test out your crocs. You’ll feel a pop, and that is when you will be sure it will not fall. In case if it doesn’t work for the first time, try again by pushing from upfront and putting resistance from below crocs holes. Then again, provide a 45-degree twist and secure the pop below in that position. And you are done.     

Can I put Jibbitz with new backers on Crocs holes?

Clip backers are better for Crocs LiteRides rather than Crocs classics. But yes, you can also use new backers in your shoes. Crocs and jibbitz have made the new backers so flexible that you can wear that into your clothes as brochures. Try to adjust the pins through holes like a brooch pin. But it’s better to use jibbitz regularly rather than new backers. Moreover, proper installation of classic ones can ensure no fall from your cross. However, I use my jibbitz new backers in my jacket and clothes for that different look. 

How else can I decorate my Crocs?

The most fashionable way to decorate a cross beside Jibbitz is by adding other shoe stickers, painting, or ordering unique crocs from the company. Besides jibbitz there are plenty of shoe stickers in the market. I’m no artist, so the paint part is a NO for me. However, if you’re an artist, you can always paint your crocs to add uniqueness. The last option will cost you extra bucks that are making custom decorated crocs from the company. 

How to remove Jibbitz charm from Crocs?

Put your crocs on a solid surface again and create resistance from inside the crocs. Then push the pin in a reversed 45-degree manner. Gently twist it until the Jibbitz loosens up, and by rotating another 45 degrees, push it upwards. Your charm will loosen up and go upwards, making it removable. However, do not stretch or do not pull it without unpinning from the back. It might damage the cross and charm both. 

We have an article on how to put Jibbitz on fuzzy crocs. You can check it out too.


Crocs are great footwear comes with widespread of colors, styles and fittings. If you read till now, you should be clear about how to put jibbitz on crocs. The trick is to be gentle and twist in the right places. If you’re still not comfortable, then switch to new backers for ease. For cleaning up purposes, after separating the charms, clean them with shampoo and air dry them. Don’t forget to take cool jibbitz snaps afterwards.

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