How to Shrink Crocs? | Five Simple Steps!

How to Shrink Crocs?

Did your Crocs stretch over time? This problem is a legitimate one as Crocs are made of very flexible material that can be stretched over time if you wear your Crocs regularly. Loose Crocs are not only uncomfortable but can also be harmful as they can make you trip.

My black classic clogs were a bit loose for me. It was so uncomfortable to walk around wearing loose Crocs. They ruined my stride and made me wonder how to shrink Crocs.

Thankfully, I came across a few easy and simple tricks to shrink my Crocs that did not ruin my Crocs at all. These methods are entirely safe to use on rubber Crocs. Just read the techniques carefully and follow them step by step. Your Crocs will shrink about a size down without ruining the material at all! After all, Crocs is all about comfort. And we should not compromise it because of the wrong size.

Is It Possible To Shrink Crocs?

Yes, Crocs are very easy to shrink. Their material allows them to be flexible enough to shrink a few sizes down. You can easily shrink your Crocs if you follow the guide below. Don’t worry. You don’t need any professional equipment to do so. You can shrink you Crocs just by using stuff you will find at your home! How cool is that?

But, you have to be very careful while shrinking your Crocs at home. If you are overdoing any step, you can either ruin the material or shrink your Crocs way too much. Once you go overboard, it can become irreversible.

How To Shrink Crocs? 5 Simple Steps To Shrink Your Crocs

You can shrink your Crocs easily if you have a dryer. Just put your big Crocs in the dryer, but make sure to add a few wet towels. The heat from the dryer works perfectly to shrink the material of the Crocs. The wet towels are there to add balance so that your Crocs shrink from everywhere in the proper proportion.

This was a summary of the shrinking process. But, know you need a more detailed step-by-step guide. Dig in the guide below to learn about shrinking your Crocs at home using just 5 simple steps!

What you will need:

  • Wet towels
  • Dryer

Step 1: Set the timer on the dryer.

This is one of the most crucial steps. If you mess up on this one, don’t blame my guide if your Crocs come out looking like deformed rubbers. You will have to set a suitable timer with the proper heating so that your Crocs shrink just about right.

How to Shrink Crocs? | Five Simple Steps!

Set a timer of 10 minutes and make sure the heat is from a lower setting to medium. Setting the heat higher will not make the process faster. It will only ruin your beautiful Crocs.

Step 2: Put your Crocs in the dryer.

After the settings are fixed, it is time to put your Crocs in the dryer. Don’t forget to put the wet towels along with the Crocs. It will make sure that the heat is distributed evenly all over your Crocs to shrink them equally from all the sides.

Step 3: Start the cycle of the dryer and keep an eye.

You have to start the cycle now, but don’t go away for a cup of coffee meanwhile. It would help if you kept observing the process for the entire time. It will let you stay informed about the condition of your Crocs, and if you see some disturbance in the process, you can stop the cycle immediately.

With medium to low heat, your Crocs are supposed to shrink within the given time gradually.

Step 4: Check your Crocs.

After the cycle is completed, you have to take your Crocs out when they are cold enough. You can take them out midway if you notice that your Crocs have shrunk too much. The key is to always check your Crocs.

Step 5: Check the fitting of your Crocs.

After you take your Crocs out of the cycle, wear them to check the fitting. Don’t forget to let them cool. You don’t want to burn your feet.

Wear your Crocs and walk around for a few minutes to let them mold around your feet. It might feel a little uncomfortable at first but don’t worry. After a while, you will feel comfortable in Crocs.

How to Shrink Crocs? | Five Simple Steps!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you shrink Crocs in hot water?

Hot water does not shrink Crocs. If anything, hot water stretches your Crocs. If you put your Crocs in hot water or wash your Crocs in hot water, it will loosen up the material and stretch them.

How to unshrink Crocs straps?

The straps of your rubber Crocs are often removable. Just press the buttons on the sides a little and pull the straps out of them. You can use a hairdryer over your Crocs straps to shrink them. Measure the length of the straps before for reference.

How to un-shrink the Crocs that have shrunk too much?

No matter how carefully we carry on with the steps of shrinking Crocs, mistakes happen. Sometimes you can shrink your Crocs way too much but don’t worry. There is a simple solution to unshrink your Crocs.

Just put your Crocs in hot water for about a minute and take them out. Wear them when they are still warm, but the heat is tolerable. Don’t forget to wear socks before wearing them. Walk around in your warm Crocs for a few minutes, and your Crocs should stretch just according to the size and shape of your feet.


That was everything you needed to know about shrinking your Crocs. If you follow the steps correctly, your Crocs should shrink without causing any type of damage to the material. All you have to do is make sure you are not overdoing any steps, and you are good to go!

You can always look for professional help to alter the size of your Crocs and straps. But, what is the harm in giving it a try with stuff that you use at your home daily? It is entirely safe if you are not clumsy in following the steps!

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