Are Fuzzy Crocs Worth It? | The Comprehensive Review!

Are Fuzzy Crocs Worth It?

The holiday season is here, and that means it’s more snow time. As much as I love wearing Crocs, it gets a bit cold wearing classic line cross. There’s always an option to wear boots and shoes, but Crocs have a special place in my heart. I’ve seen Crocs lovers like me wear socks with Crocs. There is nothing wrong with wearing that but Crocs has a separate faux fur line for winter.

Yes, fuzzy crocs are made for winter. But are fuzzy crocs worth it? I tested out Crocs Classic Lined Clog & Classic Fur Sure Crocs from the fur line for half a month and made some detailed analysis below. 

What Are Fuzzy Crocs?

I admit that when I first heard about Fuzzy Crocs, I thought it would be a new type of cross for kids. Apparently, it is a faux fur-coated crocs line from the company. It is the same classic clog style rubber-made crocs.

But the design is a combination of crocs style and flip flops. The outside has the classic 13 holes and the relatively comfortable heel. Inside the crocs, there’s a fleece lining meaning a lining of faux fur to keep your feet warm. But unlike classic crocs, the holes or crocs clogs are blocked by the fur lining to keep you warm. Lastly, the term “Fuzzy” came from netizens and Tik Tok as an alternative to calling it the Fur line. 

Why do Fuzzy Crocs stand out?

Whenever I travel towards Alaska, I always wear my best Uggs or combat boots. But this year, I chose to wear fluffy crocs. Well, to my surprise, the Classic Fur Sure Crocs did a fantastic job keeping my feet warm, and let me point out some plus points below: 


Fur-lined crocs come in 23 different colors and with the same amount of patterns. Among them, I chose the Classic Line & Fur Sure Crocs line. There’s a double layer of cushion footbed inside that has Crocs patented Crostile foam soles. Also, the foam is closed cell pattern resin, and when I wore the crocs, the foam adapted to my feet proportion. Moreover, it provides medical benefits for the feet. Unlike regular crocs, the fuzzy ones are integrated. Even the back strap of both of the crocs I tested was integrated with foam. The holes are covered with the foams, but still, I could put my favorite jibbitz charm into it


By default, fuzz crocs will not perform as strongly as a snow boot, but from my test, it did a great job keeping me warm in Alaskan cold weather. I’ve tried many winter shoes that have inside soles that get loose or too tight. But both classic line clog & faux fur additional fleece lining foam held a grip on my feet. Also, the rubber exterior blocks any kind of breeze to come inside and function appropriately like a regular slipper. 

For me, it created a semi-insulated slip on shoes vibe because of the pivot strip. Because it was clung to my feet, I didn’t feel any breeze or even snow while i8 was walking. The alignment of the Crostile interior and rubber exterior and, of course, jibbitz makes fuzzy crocs perfect comfort wear


Crocs are easy and straightforward to clean and maintain. For example, the rubber exterior becomes new after washing, even after staying in mud. I would highly recommend not to put these shoes in any washing machine. Hand wash or spot wash is the best option for cleaning these fuzz shoes. Crocs advise not to expose fuzzy crocs in extreme heat as it might shrink or wrap the rubber. Also, walking in hill areas might damage the crocs as it is made for comfort and streetwear. If your fur-lined crocs are damaged within 90 days of purchasing, you can get new pairs from the company. 


If you are a Crocs user you already know that Crocs are famous for being durable and comfortable. Even after daily use, crocs stay in shape. Also, proper maintenance can extend the shelf life of your fur-lined crocs. Also, it is the most lightweight branded shoe in the market. Crocs Blitzen line includes a removable fur line and classic clog and pure fur line don’t. So removing the fur and washing it extended the Blitzen line’s durability. While I was analyzing my classic fur ones, I noticed that the fur here is neatly sewn, ad pretty sturdy. 

No odor

Different winter boots and warm shoes can cause a bad smell inside your feet after wearing them for 4 to 5 hours. Because the feet stay insulated and clogged from all sides, there’s no scope for the feet to breathe. In case if you walk or do any heavy-duty work, regular boots & your socks tend to get smelly. But even after wearing my Fuzzy Crocs for a solid 5.5 hours, my feet stayed odorless. Also, fur-lined crocs are hyperhidrosis friendly. Because of the open back with pivot strap, feet get enough room to breathe, causing no smell. 

Fuzzy Crocs and Pain Issues

The inner coating of fuzzy crocs is made from Croslite foam. As I explained above, it is a lightweight yet warm foam that adjusts to feet shape. Moreover, it has medical benefits that help with feet pain or even ankle pain. In different youtube reviews, users reported that fuzzy crocs helped with their feet and also back pain. That also makes it an excellent choice of shoe after any foot surgery. 

The design is a pull-on-off strap and very comfortable, which makes it a perfect fit. I think it can also be a psychological perspective associated with the soft lining. But it is hard to deny that the soft sole doesn’t cause any foot cramp after wearing it for hours. 

Can children wear Fuzzy Crocs?

Fuzzy crocs are unisex, and any gender can wear them. For kids, Crocs has a separate fur-lined croc that they named Kids’ Classic Fuzz-Lined Clog. The dual Croslite and heel strap make it a perfect winter shoe for kids. These crocs are for ages 4 to 13 years old. From 13+, there are the Juniors line’s fur-lined clogs. Also, they come in different colors and patterns. 

Can I style Fuzzy Crocs in public?

Even though fuzzy crocs are generalized as house shoes, you can wear this outside if you want. If you are comfortable and confident, then I don’t see any reason not to rock them. Celebrities like Justin Bieber to Kendall Jenner wear fuzzy crocs from streets to red carpets. But I would discourage you from wearing fur-lined crocs or regular crocs in the office or any formal place. 

Are there any drawbacks to Fuzz lined Crocs?

I loved my fuzzy crocs except for one thing. Any faux fur and foam product tends to get flat after constant use. The first time you buy a faux fur coat, and after one year you try it, the quality will not be the same. By default, the fur line gets thin by constant use. 


Are Fuzzy crocs worth it? Yes, 100% they are! Many people find them ugly or very old school. But users who love comfort fuzzy crocs are a gold staple. Moreover, these don’t break your wallet and are durable. If you live in L.A or Long Beach then fuzzy crocs are perfect for this time of the year.

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