How to Shrink Converse Shoes? (3 Quick Methods)

How to Shrink Converse Shoes

Have you unknowingly bought your favorite pair of converse shoes a size bigger? Or, have you got a bit larger converse pair as a gift? You must be worrying and thinking if you can shrink Converse shoes. If so, how to shrink Converse that is bigger for your feet.

Don’t worry! By following some tricks, you can shrink your converse pair that will fit your feet perfectly! What are they? Just follow below! 

How to Shrink Converse in 3 Quick Ways!

You can actually shrink your converse shoes by following some easy tricks. Whether your query is how to shrink Converse or Converse high tops, this guide will definitely help you. Let’s start!

Trick 1: Shrink Converse Shoes with Heat 

Necessary materials: 

  • Cold Water 
  • Spray bottle
  • Dryer 

You may need to shrink your converse entirely, or sometimes, you need to make it shrink in some specific area.

First, we will talk about shrinking any particular converse area (front side/ upper part/ sides, etc.). To do that, you need to put water into a spray bottle. Take your converse and spray water on the particular area that doesn’t fit your foot. Make sure you are not making the entire shoe wet. Just complete the specific dump and dab it lightly with your hand. 

How to Shrink Converse Shoes? (3 Quick Methods)

Then, wait a few minutes. Take a blow dryer and keep it at least 6 inches away from the shoe. Set the heat as low to medium so that the shoe is not discolored. Once that area is dry, please check whether the shoe feels tighter after wearing it. If everything seems better, it means your shoe has been shrunk. 

Please do not worry if it does not fit properly at the first time. You may need to do the same process again to shrink it more. However, sometimes your shoe may not fit your foot in multiple areas. Make the same approach in those areas, too, so your shoe can be shrunk entirely. 


  1. Do not overheat your shoe. That may damage the fabric and the original color of your converse. 
  2. It’s better to spray the water slowly. Otherwise, water may spread to the entire shoe, and your converse will shrink at the places you don’t want to. To avoid that, you may skip the spray bottle. Only dip your fingers into cold water and dab the water on the fabric’s specific parts.

So this was the first trick of how to shrink your Converse Shoes. If you find it hard, don’t worry. We have another workable trick for you.

Trick 2: The Iron Method 

Necessary materials: 

  1. An iron that is used for cloth ironing
  2. Wet towel or fabric 


If you are not willing to heat your converse with a dryer, you can follow another process. It would help if you placed a wet towel on your converse pair here. Place the optimum heated iron carefully on the top of that towel and press gently. 

How to Shrink Converse Shoes? (3 Quick Methods)

After doing it several times, remove the towel. You will find that your converse has been shrunk. However, if you can not get a satisfactory result, repeat the process several times. 


  1. Do not overheat the iron. Otherwise, your towel may get burnt. 
  2. Your converse can be damaged if the heat level is not set to an optimum level. 

Trick 3: Using Sunlight to Shrink Converse

Necessary items: 

  1. Water 
  2. Spray bottle 


You do not need many items while following the operation in this process. If your converse fits loosely on your feet, you can soak your converse for a while and put it in direct sunlight. After it dries, you will see that it has been shrunk.


  1. If your shoe does not shrink perfectly in the first attempt, you should not repeat it several times because your shoe may get discolored. 
  2. Do not keep the shoe in direct sunlight for a long time. 

Therefore, these are the easy attempts that you can follow to shrink your favorite converse pair. You may try to follow any of these and see the magic! 

How to Shrink Converse? (Summary)

By following this guide, I hope you will be able to shrink your Converse Shoes. Whats your thoughts on our guide i.e how to shrink converse shoes? Do you have any other method? Let us know in the comments.

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