What Color Converse Should I Get? (Read This Fast)

What Colors Converse Should I Get?

Converse offers about 32 in prime colors and 113 colors, including customizable options. Not to mention there are prints available. I own classic black & white Chuck Taylor All-Star and, along with that, have bought chucks in different colors. But it always gets confusing to select a converse color that goes with my preference. If you are facing struggles like me and questioning yourself, “what color Converse should I get” then I’ve shared some tips below that might help you: 

The original color of the converse

The origins of the converse go back more than 100 years ago. In 1917, Converse came up with now All-star but then basketball shoes after in-depth testing. Those were brown but had black trims and stripes on the left and ride trims. Three years later, the design and color got updated to Chuck All stars which were black in bloom. It was made of canvas and leather. 

What Color Converse Should I Get? (Read This Fast)
Chuck All-stars got a white version

Due to popular demand, Chuck All-stars got a white version that first debuted at the 1936 Olympics. The shoe had red and blue rims representing America. It is the predecessor of current white high-top chucks. Gradually it became a cult favorite of teenagers and became the most popular Converse of all time, Chuck All-Stars black & white high top. The color palette remained between black and white back then. To decide what color converse should I get, I will first go through the popular colors of Converse shoes

Popular Converse colors

White Converse

White is always a classic. A part of the population always assumes that white converse gets dirty quickly. It is partially accurate, but maintenance can last the shoes for a long time. The white converse is excellent for walks, Polo looks, and even parties. You can consider the classic Chuck All-Star in white if you are getting converse for the first time. 

What Color Converse Should I Get? (Read This Fast)

Black Converse

When I was a teen, almost every popular kid owned a pair of black converse. Now it has become a part of the 90s aesthetic in Pinterest. Black is always a safe and stylish color. You can wear these casually everywhere and anywhere even in an official environment. Also, these go with almost every outfit. 

What Color Converse Should I Get? (Read This Fast)

Brown Converse

Brown was the original converse, and if you want to bring a vintage look, it is the color you should get. I’ve mixed thoughts about brown because vintage is not my thing. But apart from white seven black, brown is the universal color and goes with almost every outfit. Brown is a great option to stand out among the crowd and spice up. 

What Color Converse Should I Get? (Read This Fast)

Red Converse

Let’s see if I can make up your mind to make you choose red Converse shoes and solve your question about what color Converse should you get.

Whenever I want to feel confident, I pair my red converse. It might not be a piece of cake for everyone, but red is a great color. The red converse is exceptional, and I always had gotten compliments when I wore them. Skateboarding or playing basketball red converse goes well with any casual or sporty event. Still confused? Let’s explore the next color.

What Color Converse Should I Get? (Read This Fast)

Pink Converse

Recently Converse has come up with their “Pale Amethyst” collection, and the whole pink & purple collection is to die for. I’ve Chuck 70 Vintage Canvas in pastel pink, and let me tell you; those are my favorite converse. Pink converse shoes come in different shade ranges and are unique from other shoes. 

What Color Converse Should I Get? (Read This Fast)

Which converse is the most popular?

I always see the black converse whenever I walk at Madison Avenue. However, I checked the internet and the 560 Broadway New York store and found the popularity is different online and offline. Most people get the brown ones from the websites, and gradually, white, red, and green are popular. Often brown and green remain sold out in popular converse style. On the contrary, the classic black, limited editions, and red stores are most sold. White is the best seller in stores compared to the websites. Currently, pastels are taking over and are best sellers second to the Chuck All-Stars black. 

What color converse Should I get that go with everything?

So, what color Converse should I get that will be a great match for everything? In a word, it is black and white. These colors go well with every outfit and almost every occasion—one thing to keep in mind is that the preference can change from country to country. But I believe black and white are universally neutral colors. Beige converse also goes with everything. Most sports also require you to go for their team colors, but it’s always black/white/beige if there’s no color code. I find my pastel pink universal; however, you might disagree with that. Sometimes the color choice also depends on personality, culture, and emotion. If you are confused between the two, you can check our article White vs Black Converse.

What does your converse color say about you?

I’m no psychologist, but years of my experience in Fashion blogging takes me to a place where I can differentiate people’s personalities depending on the converse color they wear. 

  • Black

The answer is simple; you love to stick to the classics and play safe. You are everyone’s go-to person to rely on, not stereotyping, but you are into Nirvana. It can be any rock band or heavy metal in general. Some might fear your edgy side, but you prefer to stay true to yourself regardless. 

  • White

You love to organize and stay neat. I bet you always schedule your days one week before. You are structured and routined. White indicates you are calm, basic, yet a risk-taker simultaneously. Because wearing white converse is not everyone’s cup of tea. You like to embrace the truth and mold it into your reality. 

  • Red

I always believe people who can pull off red converse are confident and fierce. At a business meeting, you are the powerhouse and the decision-maker. But sometimes, it can accelerate people’s privacy. While wearing your converse, you know that all eyes are on you, and you own it. 

  • Pink

Remember Elle Woods from Legally Blonde? You are that energy. People underestimate how smart you are, but you always prove them wrong. Also, wearing pink converse indicates that you are finally out of your “I hate pink” phrase. You like to break the norms of society and are protective of your loved ones. Also, no label can define you. 

  • Green

If there’s any underrated youtube channel to discover, then you are the one who finds it and tweets on the internet. Most people who wear green converse or wear green shoes, in particular, are unique and supportive. Chances are you are into comics and anime. You may be interested in anime pose reference too. Sometimes you can be a bit nerdy, but you can influence people to your interest. 

  • Yellow

Even though you are not a Gemini, you give off Gemini vibes. You are a sincere person with excellent communication ability. I bet you wear into debate back at high school. Yellow converse makes you feel confident and makes you think summer.

  • Blue

You are probably the quiet kid full of secrets. Nevertheless, you are kind and empathetic. You don’t worry about the future and go where life takes you. The library is your favorite place to visit and avoid people. Not everyone gets your nature which may cause a problem in your office. 

What Color Converse Should I Get? (Summary)

I hope this article aptly answers the query “What Color Converse Should I Get?”. You see, choosing the colors of your shoes depends on so many things. But it is safe to say that Black and White are the most used and accepted Converse colors all over the world.

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