6 Ways to Shrink Doc Martens (3 Minute Read)

6 Ways to Shrink Doc Martens (3 Minute Read)

By any chance have you bought a bigger pair of Doc Martens? And want to know some shrinking strategies? Then you should follow this article. Although it’s really difficult to shrink Doc martens because of their hard structure, there are some techniques that help to use a bigger pair of shoes.

Using heel pads, heel liners, thick socks, and extra insoles are a few of the Doc Martens shrinking strategies. In addition, adding tongue pads, foot cushion balls and arch cookies are also used for Doc Martens shrinking.

Moreover, there are a few shrinking methods that are vulnerable for Doc Martens. For example, stitching, soaking, drying, etc. However, a comprehensive guideline on the Doc Martens shoe shrinking dos and don’ts is given in this article.

How to Shrink Doc Martens?

First of all you have to understand the physical structure of Doc Martens. It’s not like other sneakers. They are mainly made up of leather and PVC. For this reason you cannot actually shrink the Doc Martens. Even if you go for shrinking then you may damage the genuine structure. However, there are some strategies which you can try to use the shoe bigger than the standard size you wear. 

Use Heel Pads and Heel Liner

Heel pads and heel liners are materials used to cover up the gap between your feet and shoe. There are several heel pads and liners in the market with different sizes. You may buy the one which fits you and place it inside your shoe. This is one of the effective options to wear Doc Martens.

Use Thick Socks

The simplest way to make your bigger Doc Martens comfortable is to use a thick pair of shoes. You can also use a double pair of shoes. This will slightly cover up the gap between your shoe and feet. However, if the gap is more then you might not get the comfort.

Use Extra insole

You can use extra insoles too. Buy the accurate size insole from the market or you can make it by yourself even if you have an old insole of another shoe. Place it inside the shoe. It will fill up the lower gap of your feet.

Use Customized Tongue Pads

Tongue pads are another simple way to fit your Doc Martens. When you tie the shoelaces then the tongue automatically tries to cover the gap. If you attach a customized tongue pad then it will help to fit the shoe.  

Adding Arch Cookies

Arch cookies are materials which are glued inside of your shoes in the arch areas. It also fills the gap and holds your feet while moving. You can add arch cookies in your shoe to make the shoe comfortable as if you have shrunk it.

Foot Cushion Ball

The cushion balls are used for people who have shoe wearing problems in the metatarsal areas of the feet. This ailment problem is called Metatarsalgia. However, if you can add a cushion ball it will decrease the pain of wearing the shoe if you have this problem.

You can also check this article on stretching Doc Martens if you find Doc Martens Tight on Top of Foot.


Most important thing you should know about Doc Martens shoe shrinking is the false or vulnerable methods of shrinking. There are multiple ways of such a type you will find. However, these processes might be applicable for sneakers but not for leather shoes like Doc Martens.

Hence, you should not go for stitching your shoe to shrink.  Then you should avoid sinking your shoe in water or any other liquid materials. Furthermore you should not soak your shoe and then use any dryer. These processes will highly damage your shoe and after completing the process the shoes will not be in a state to wear.

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