Nike Air Force 1 vs Air Force 1 ’07 (Side-by-Side Comparison)

Nike Air Force 1 vs Air Force 1 '07 (Side-by-Side Comparison)

The Nike Air Force 1s and 07s are some of the most well-compared shoes. It is rare but nothing new to see different shoes of the same company compared against each other.

But what is more common nowadays is the comparison of different versions of the identical shoe from the same company.

This situation is mainly due to companies releasing different versions of one shoe collection now and then, increasing the urge to compare their loyal customers.

In this article, we will discuss Nike Air Force 1 vs 07, mainly their features. Though they are identical but still there are differences between Nike Air Force 1 and 07 in some features. Let’s see how the features are different between Nike AF1 vs AF1 07.

Difference Between Air Force 1 and 07 (Air Force 1 vs 07)

In this section, we will compare Nike AF1 vs AF1 07 in terms of their various features. At the end of the article, you will get a brief comparison chart of them.


Both shoes are available in stock with no hassle of running out. You can find them available in both online and physical stores, so it depends on where you prefer to buy from and how convenient it is.

Both shoe collections are available for men, women, and children alike. They even give the option to customize their shoes which means more power to the customer to get their shoes personalized to their likings however they want them to be. How cool is that?

If physical shops run out of stock, you will find the shoes online and vice versa.

Custom shoes are available in both online and offline stores, but for offline stores, you will need to go to their studios yourself instead of their retail stores, which most people may not prefer to do.


Let’s explore Nike Air Force 1 vs 07 in terms of variety. According to Nike’s official store website, precisely 40 varieties of 07s are available. That is a lot for the average shoe buyer!

One of the most famous varieties is the original Air Force 1 ’07. It is known among women to be one of Nike’s best shoes they have ever released.

Nike Air Force 1 vs Air Force 1 '07 (Side-by-Side Comparison)
Nike Air Force 1 ’07

The hi shoes of the original ’07 are famous among men, especially sports players, as the Air Force 1s were initially meant for usage in basketball.

However, the Air Force 1s have more varieties than the 07s, coming at 82 variations of the shoe itself, which is more than double the number of variations the 07s have.

The most famous Air Force 1 shoe with the original aside is the white Nike Air Force 1 low pair. It had stood firm against the test of time and was widely known back in the 90s when street culture started becoming widespread in cities like New York.

There are also the custom Nike shoes available for Air Force 1 shoes which gives you as a customer the to customize said shoe to your heart’s desire, matching you and your personality however you want it.

Customized Nike Air Force 1
Customized Nike Air Force 1

But do remember that custom shoes cost more than your typical non-custom shoes, so you will have to keep a high budget in mind when shopping for custom shoes. Better price means better design in this case.

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Air Force 1 vs Air Force 1 07 in Comfort

As the 07s are mainly made following the design of the original Air Force 1s, there is a negligible amount of difference in terms of comfort between both variants of shoes.

Both of them have the same thickness and same material sole. Both shoes also contain air cushioning, famous for giving Nike’s customers the best comfort satisfaction possible.

The Air Force 1s only offer the air cushioning design to shoes targeted towards men. As for women’s, pairs had a slight heel Air unit that can be comfy but not at the level of a shoe with air cushioning.

The 07s does not seem to have this unequal issue as customers from both the male and female pool have praised its comfort and interior cushioning design which makes them think the 07s are better than the original Air Force 1s.

Remember that both the Air Force 1s and 07s have been criticized for being uncomfortably heavy, making customers use this as a con for both shoes. Some have become used to the heaviness and do not notice it, while others still cannot find themselves comfortable.

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So that’s all about comfort in Nike air force 1 ’07 vs Nike air force 1. Let’s move to the next point of difference.

Nike Air Force 1 vs Air Force 1 '07 (Side-by-Side Comparison)
Nike Air Force 1 ’07


The Air Force 1 for men starts from $110 and max out at $180, with the expensive one being made from sustainable material hence the price tag being high for it. For women, the Air Force 1 pricing starts from $100 and ends at a high price of $140, a custom Air Force 1 shoe.

The Air Force 1 ’07 line of shoes for men starts from $100 and max at $145, which is cheaper than the max price of Air Force 1 shoes for men. Women’s 07 shoes start from $100 and max out at $110, which is not a big enough range for customers.

Nike Air Force 1 vs Air Force 1 '07 (Side-by-Side Comparison)
Air Force 1 | Air Force 1 ’07

In short, men’s ’07 shoes are cheaper, and women’s Air Force 1 have more price options.

Air Force 1 vs 07 in Sizing

Air Force 1 shoes typically run big, and you may require to go half a size down if you desire the best fit for your feet. The same sometimes applies for ’07 shoes because some people claim that their feet fit true to size while others claim that going down half or full a size is recommended.

It is not an easy task to boil down how many shoes of both collections are available in what size; hence I shall be leaving it out for you to investigate.

Nike Air Force 1 vs 07 (Comparison Chart)

Nike Air Force 1 vs Air Force 1 '07 (Side-by-Side Comparison)

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Difference Between Air Force 1 and 07 (Conclusion)

There is no absolute deciding factor of which shoe you have to get for yourself, be it the Air Force 1s or Air Force 1 ‘07s.

The 07s are an update to a many years old design made by Nike a long time ago in the 80s, and it is targeted towards customers who want something modern with updates to an ancient yet welcome design.

We hope that you have liked our article on Nike AF1 vs AF1 07. Let us know in the comment if you have any other queries.

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