Black vs White Converse | Which One Looks Better?

Black  vs White Converse

The kind of shoes that one wears may say a lot about their personality and what they prefer. But, it does not have to be limited to just this. Converse shoes have defined their customers for a long time as the kind of people who want classy shoes that are great for every opportunity.

But, what about the color of Converse that someone chooses? Does this matter at all? Does it have implications and necessities to abide by? Let us find out more about black vs white Converse shoes.

Black Vs White Converse: Visual Differences

White converse shoes are usually entirely white with very few colors to add somewhat of a style.

Similar is the case for black shoes, but with the usual difference of eyelets and collars that are different in color.

Sometimes, even the platform of white and black shoes are colored differently. But, otherwise, there is no other visual, especially physical, difference between these shoes of both colors (Black and White converse).

What was the original Converse color?

When the company first started up in 1908 under a different name of ‘Converse Rubber Corporation,’ they were not making athletic shoes until 1917 when they released their first All-Star basketball shoe.

The shoe, in particular, came with black trims and natural brown color. Later down the line, in the 1920s, they decided to go with black canvas and leather variants to give customers more options if they wanted different versions of the shoe they produced.

White converse of 1936 olympic
White Converse 1936

If you wonder when white Converse shoes came to be, it was not until 1936. They decided to go with a whole white pair of shoes with blue and red outlines that coincidentally (or maybe not) match the American flag color. If you want to know more about what colors Converse should you get, we have written an article on this.

Which Converse Are Better – Black or White?

Comparing Black and White converse is a pretty tough job to do. White has its pros of looking like a popped-out color with other dark accessories and clothing like jeans and socks. However, they cannot overcome the pros that black Converse shoes offer.

For example, black shoes do not require much cleaning compared to white shoes because dirt is not visible enough to be any inconvenience.

On top of this, black shoes have a classier and more elegant look to them, especially good enough for those who want to wear a sneaker in the occasional fancy party or formal event.

Why Does Everyone Wear White Converse?

White Converse shoes always make you look casual and fun to be around without seeming like you are trying too hard to style yourself. If it is white, it is simple all the way.

White Converse shoes were thought to be feminine at first. But now, everyone is wearing white Converse with formal or informal outfits because of how put-together it makes you look!

Black vs White Converse | Which One Looks Better?

Are White Converse Cool?

White Converse shoes are super cool! If you pair white shoes up with jeans and shirts, the shows will easily pop out in the look, which can not be questioned. Usually, the ‘cool’ kids love wearing white shoes, so you know what it can imply when you wear a pair.

Do White Converse Go with Everything?

White Converse shoes go with everything! White Converse is great for customers who want a pair of shoes to wear during the summer as it is a lighter color. They go with jeans very nicely as jeans and white shoes tend to have a beautiful contrast that everyone loves.

Do Black Converse Go with Everything?

Converse black shoes are versatile and can be quickly used for almost any occasion without a second thought. They require lesser management than their white shoes. How convenient is that?

Which Converse Are the Most Popular Ones?

Black vs White Converse | Which One Looks Better?

Again, you can not say white is better than black and vice versa when you write about black and white converse. For both the black and white color variants, one of the most famous Converse shoes ever to exist is the Chuck Taylors All-Star. Both color versions have become widespread ever since the 80s and beyond. They are truly timeless classics that are hard to forget by the shoe lovers out there.

Faux Leather Converse has been popular for a while now, dawning an elegant look with a partially white midsole and outer sole, which makes it unique.

Then there is the pair of Maison Margiela x Converse shoes with complete white coloring everywhere on them, be it the bottom or the top, sideways or laces. This collaboration is just unforgettable!

Ace Hotel also collaborated with Converse to create one of the most beautiful white pairs of shoes a brand could bring out. They defined minimalism and elegance at their finest. No wonder these shoes were out of stock soon enough.

To end this topic off, the final shoe deemed one of the famous Converse is the Comme des Garçons x Converse shoes. This shoe has a somewhat higher sole and a smaller front. It was decorated with Filip Pagowski’s red heart logo with a black or white bang stitched right behind the back of the shoe.

Top 3 black and white Converse

Black vs White Converse | Which One Looks Better?

Monochrome Chuck 70s Black

Black vs White Converse | Which One Looks Better?

The Monochrome Chuck 70s are no joke either. They are entirely black with no differently colored trims whatsoever. For those who love pure black clothes and accessories, these pair of shoes are worth getting!

Chuck 70s Black Leopard Print

Black vs White Converse | Which One Looks Better?

Not to forget the normal Chuck 70s, which boast reflective leopard prints that make them stand out very differently from most other Converse shoes. A pair to buy for sure if you love shoes with unique characteristics.

Jack Purcell Leather

Black vs White Converse | Which One Looks Better?

Last but not least, for black shoes, Jack Purcell Leather shoes by Converse. These are originally designed to support badminton players who yearn to get shoes for their particular sport

Black vs White Converse | Which One Looks Better?

Chuck 70 Vintage Canvas

Black vs White Converse | Which One Looks Better?

For all the white lovers out there, the Chuck 70 Vintage Canvas has everything you desire with a little bit of striped color of blue and red around it, which makes the pair of shoes somewhat stylish without being too bland by being only white.

Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline Slips

Black vs White Converse | Which One Looks Better?

Chuck Taylor All-Star Shoreline Slips are not bad either. They are great for women who want trendy-looking yet straightforward shoes without losing the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star feel. Yes, that is a thing. Converse shoes are that popular for their All-Stars!

Lugged Leather Chuck Taylor All Star

Black vs White Converse | Which One Looks Better?

Finally, we come to the Lugged Leather Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes, which are the go-to shoes for white lovers, so much so that they are sold out currently, according to their website. There is no doubt this pair of shoes are among the top three white shoes.

Black vs White Converse (Summary)

At the end of it all, it comes down to what you prefer as a customer choosing between black and white converse. You could be someone who loves entirely black or white shoes. Maybe you like black and white together in a shoe. Whatever you prefer, at least now you know better than before when buying shoes from Converse, right?

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