3 Main Differences Between Men and Women Air Force 1

Difference Between Women's and Men's Air Force 1

Imagine you pulled the label out of your Air Force 1, and guess what? It is not actually made for your specific gender. You have been wearing them for quite a long time, and you didn’t even have the hunch. Weird right?

Now that almost every sneaker brand is gravitating towards the unisex design, it is hard to tell the difference. Even we were baffled while looking for the actual difference. It turns out the main difference between Air Force 1 Men and Women is the size and fit.

Let’s discuss more on Men’s vs Women’s air force 1.

Are Air Force 1 Unisex?

Air Force 1 are unisex. Air Force 1’s design for both the men’s and women’s are the same. Other than the sizing, there is no noticeable difference. You can barely tell by whether it is the male version or the female one. You can wear any of them if you are comfortable in the pair.

All the famous shoe brands are gravitating toward unisex design, and so is Nike Air Force 1. 

Difference Between Mens and Womens Air Force 1

At first glance, you will surely not get to tell if there is any difference. Many sneakerheads have pondered over this one question for years. You will not know whether it is a men’s or a women’s shoe due to the unisex look and design.

Though there are some differences that you will eventually figure out if you take a deeper look into it. These identical shoes do differ in size, sole, and width when it comes to men and women.

The Fundamental Differences

✦ Difference in Size

Nike Air Force 1 has managed to make designs unisex. Still, the male and female feet anatomy are slightly different. So there is a difference in the size. Men are usually taller and have larger feet. So their shoes are generally bigger.

Air Force 1 usually runs 1.5 sizes big for the men. This means if you are a ladies 9, that interprets to a men’s 7.5. For example, women’s size 9 = men’s size 7.5.

3 Main Differences Between Men and Women Air Force 1

Male feet are wider at the front as well. So there is more toe room, and the front part of the men’s shoe is slightly wider than the women’s. If you measure the width in a ratio of the toe and heel of both the shoes, you will see that the ratio is almost 1:1 for the Women’s Air Force 1. But the toe-heel ratio for the men’s Air Force 1 is about 1.75: 1.

Let’s explore the next point of mens vs womens Air Force 1.

Difference in Looks

Popular shoe brands are more into making gender-neutral shoes nowadays. So you won’t find any difference if you look at them. Though if you think of the color combinations, sometimes you will get to see the use of pastel colors more in the women’s shoes.

Air Force 1 also follows the “pink for the lady” formula while selecting the colors. Otherwise, it is challenging for someone to determine whether it is a men’s or women’s Air Force 1 just by its look.

3 Main Differences Between Men and Women Air Force 1
Women’s Air Fore 1

The Sole Difference and Feel

Talking about the soles, there is no difference in height or type. Both men’s and women’s shoe sole has the same height of 3 cm. The material is the same. If you look at the insole, both are made of memory foam. So both of them are equally soft in feel.

The outer sole is also built from the same material and design. So there is no difference in the rigidity and grip. But as there is a size difference, there is also a slight difference in weight distribution.

3 Main Differences Between Men and Women Air Force 1

The middle part of the female foot is a little higher than the male one if kept on a flat surface.

So the women’s Air Force 1 has to bear more weight in the front and the back part. That is why the toe and heel part is a bit more rigid. The middle has thick padding for better support.

The weight is distributed almost equally to every part of the male foot. So the men’s Air Force 1 has more of a plain sole inside. The rigidity is the same all over.

So these are the main differences between men’s and women’s air force 1. Now we will discuss some more queries related to men’s vs women’s air force 1.

Can a Man Wear a Women’s Air Force 1 and Vice Versa?

The shoes are almost identical. There is no problem if a man wears a women’s Nike Air Force 1 and vice versa. Many people reported that they have been wearing the opposite gender’s shoes for months. They couldn’t even feel it. If it were not on the label, they would never find out even.

Sometimes, men with narrow feet prefer getting the ladies’ Air Force 1. All they have to do is to size up and match the length. Women with wider front feet are often suggested to get the men’s variant.

3 Main Differences Between Men and Women Air Force 1

It is totally okay to switch between the men’s and women’s shoes if one is comfortable. There is no visual or quality difference.

➤ Do Guys Wear Air Force Ones? Are Women’s Air Forces Different from Men’s?

Nike Air Force Ones are one of the best-selling sneakers of all time. Guys always loved to wear them. They are super comfortable and stylish. They are always good enough to create a casual look.

Recently, a few fashion vloggers suggest avoiding the Air Force Ones if you want to experiment with your looks. But still, guys love to wear this pair.

Air Force One is still the best-selling sneakers. Guys choose to wear this daily. A statistic showed that guys are more interested in buying the Air Force Ones than the ladies.

3 Main Differences Between Men and Women Air Force 1

Do Nike Air Force 1 Run Big for Women?

The fundamental difference between men’s and women’s Air Force 1 is the size. Due to the identical look, the men’s and women’s sneakers can get swapped very easily, and it will definitely run big for women in that case.

Otherwise, Nike Air Force Ones are true to size. Women can get their regular-sized shoes, and they will fit just perfectly.

3 Main Differences Between Men and Women Air Force 1

Final Thoughts on Difference Between Men and Women Air Force 1

Air Force 1 has always been on the top of the smart sneakers choice. They can be your go-to shoes daily. It is more of a unisex sneaker. The differences are so minor that you can’t even feel them. So if you are comfortable there is no right and wrong for you. You can wear men’s and women’s both.

I hope that you have enjoyed our article on Men’s vs Women’s Air Force 1. If you have any queries, let us know in the comments.

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  1. This was really helpful because the Nike store didn’t have my size in men’s, ( I am a man btw) and I couldn’t find my size anywhere else. I found this report/page and it has helped me understand the similarities and differences of this shoe in men’s and women’s sizes.


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