Amoji vs Crocs in 2023 (Quick Facts)

Amoji vs Crocs in 2023 (Quick Facts)

When comparing brands that make the same or similar kinds of shoes, it can become challenging for anyone to decide which one to trust the most. After all, brand loyalty can go a long way from a customer’s perspective.

It can even be tiresome to bother trying to investigate and compare brands. If you are the average shopper to minimize the time used to find out which brand is for you between Amoji and Crocs, you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the various features of Amoji vs Crocs. At the end of the article, you will find a comparison chart where we have presented the differences between Amoji and Crocs in brief.

Amoji vs Crocs (How they are different?)


Comfort is no joke when it comes to shoes. Crocs are known for causing blisters due to friction between the heel and insole. Hence, it is suggested to wear socks for maximum comfort. Hear is an interesting article for you, Do you wear socks with Crocs?

Crocs made for workers come with comfortable and non-slip soles, which help the customers avoid disasters around the workplace.

One thing that separates Amojis from Crocs is that while Amojis are as wide as Crocs, they have pea-sized circular thumps that are presumably meant to massage your foot as you keep walking wearing the shoes. To some customers, this is a huge deal.

Most reviews claim that Amojis are more comfortable than Crocs, which cannot be denied by Amoji’s attempt to make the experience better beyond just providing soft insoles.



As there are so many collections in both brands, I will only be comparing the costs of shoes between men and women to give an idea of sorts.

For Croc shoes intended for men, the price can range from an affordable $29.99 to a staggering $84.99. In women’s collections, the price range is the same as men’s.

Amoji shoes for men are between $17.99 to only $29.99. I know, cheap, right? The same applies to the women’s line-ups as well. So these are the price analysis between Amoji vs Crocs.

Sizing in Amoji vs Crocs

The sizing availability for Amoji shoes intended for men is between 5 to 14, whereas, for women, it is available between 7 and 16, keeping in mind that a women’s 5 is a man’s 7.

However, when it comes to Crocs, women can buy sizes from 4 to 12, whereas men can buy between sizes 4 to 14.

Remember a while ago when I said there is a 14+ collection for men? This is exclusively for those who have such huge feet that they need sizes 15 to 17 to even fit in their shoes properly. In this regard, Croc shoes are the perfect choice as they get an edge over Amoji shoes when it comes to sizing.

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Crocs and Amoji are both popular enough to not be out of stock.

In terms of Crocs, the availability is metaphorically endless! They have many options for men, women, and even children.

When it comes to Amoji, while the matter of stock is not an issue, the number of available options can be dull compared to Crocs.

For example, Amoji only has flip flops and clogs available for women and men (sandals are only for men) and only clogs for kids. I will give you further details below.


In the case of Variety in Amoji vs Crocs, Crocs are miles ahead of its counterpart. As discussed above, the variety of shoes available for Crocs is enormous. Crocs offer shoes for women that involve the likes of clogs, sandals, slides, flip-flops, boots, flats, wedges, and platforms. I know, a lot, right?

Amoji vs Crocs in 2023 (Quick Facts)

This is not that different for men either. However, you will find sneakers and loafers instead of flats and wedges for them. They also offer a Big & Tall 14+ collection instead of platform shoes, which will be discussed later down the line.

It does not just end here for Crocs. Even kids can enjoy Crocs with various options! For example, boys can buy clogs, slippers, sandals, flats, and sneakers, whereas girls can get the same options except for flats.

Last but not least, Crocs offer a wide range of shoes that are made for the working class to differentiate themselves from the likes of casual wearers. But, the range can be lower than the everyday shoe categories sometimes.

You can buy from the nursing shoe collection, which is slip-resistant and aimed towards, well, nurses. The slip resistance is beneficial for slippery environments in hospitals, making their jobs much easier and more convenient. If you are interested, please check our article on can nurses wear Crocs.

Up next are shoes for chefs. They can buy Crocs that meet the standard requirement of a professional restaurant dress code and look stylish at the same time!

Similar shoes can be found in the restaurant shoe category, which is aimed towards the workers who do other various jobs except for cooking as a chef.

The all-day standing collection and slip-resistant collection are not much to discuss as said collections’ names are self-explanatory.

Last but not least, the hotel and hospitality collection. These shoes are made for those hospitality workers who serve us in hotels.

Amoji vs Crocs in 2023 (Quick Facts)

If you do the math, Crocs are way better at offering a large number of varieties which Amoji does not do. As said before, Amoji only offers fewer collections.

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Amoji vs Crocs (Summary)

It is as clear as a crystal that both brands have different pros and cons over each other. If you still cannot decide which brand to go for, you should try asking yourself what quality in a shoe between Amoji and Crocs you would prioritize the most when choosing which one to buy.

Here is a table I made to list out the crucial points between Crocs vs Amoji to help you decide:

Amoji vs Crocs in 2023 (Quick Facts)

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