Can Nurses Wear Crocs? | Crocs for Nurses

Can Nurses Wear Crocs? Crocs for Nurses

Recently, crocs are now on top of fashion that caught everyone’s eyes. Crocs are designed with closed-cell resin, also known as crostile, making these shoes comfortable, durable, lightweight, sweatproof, odor-resistant, and providing comfort for the footbed during the long shift hours. All these features make them suitable in many workplaces such as hospitals.

Strong footwear offers a commitment to their work. Crocs are easy to clean, so nurses will not need to put extra hours on cleaning. In this article, we will know more about the crocs for nurses. Let’s find out are they worth it or not.

Do nurses wear crocs?

Crocs hoped into the fashion world. However, its only job is not limited to fashion but also the surgeon world. They are a great fit in the operation theatres because of their well-designed features. Moreover, nurses in especially neurosurgical ward wear them because of lumbar punctures. 

In most cases, crocs are mandatory for some hospitals because of strict hygiene protocols. Crocs are a great way to avoid contamination in the wards and the spread of diseases as they are easy to sterilize.

Why do nurses wear crocs?

Apart from tennis shoes or slippers, many hospitals have been using crocs for their nurses and doctors because they are substitutes for nonslip clog shoes. Apart from this, there is also a significant medical issue they wear. Crocs are resistant to stains of blood and other fluids. 

Another reason for using crocs is that they are less prone to breakage, which does little to almost no harm to the wearers and their environment. Fragile patients can also find themselves in the proximity of a stumbling nurse. Machines likewise can also be affected by a falling nurse who loses their stability.

Crocs are manufactured from crostile, and they are designed in such shape that there is no overhanging of the shoe and that they can be quickly taken off and on easily. This is important for hospital workers, especially nurses, as they spend many hours on their feet. The extra support provided by the clog is also said to be helpful to reduce back pain

Are crocs good nursing shoes?

Can Nurses Wear Crocs? | Crocs for Nurses

Many shoes meet the requirements of hospital workers. White training shoes, for example, are used by many doctors in many parts of the world. However, there are many disadvantages of these shoes. They have laces that can be a hustle while emergency calls and are not sweatproof since they are not open-toed or have room for ventilation. Most importantly, these shoes can get hot during work. 

While these white shoes can fail, crocs are a savior to this. No worries about lacing up during emergencies; quick on and off on the shoe make it easier. As they have holes, this gives the shoes the area for ventilation. These crocs also provide safety against body fluids. Many pathogens or other components can spread diseases in the hospital areas; to avoid all those contaminations, these shoes can easily be sterilized. Most hospitals require a spill-proof sole, so many Crocs fit up to that mold. 

One of the fundamental reasons to use crocs is they are easy to slip on when running errands around the hospitals.

What makes crocs good nursing shoes?

Crocs are designed with good features that serve the nurses as substitutes to non-slip clog shoes. They are non-slip resistant, comfortable to wear, durable, supportive, and provide extreme comfort that makes them the best. Let us see more in detail why they are the best option for the nurses. 


In hospitals, the materials the nurses wear are essential. The front-liners that work in hospitals usually prefer using leather and rubber as these materials do not absorb any sweat. In this case, crocs are suitable for them since they are mostly made up of rubber. Some crocs are also made up of foam, it feels like walking in the cloud during warm and humid weather.


Some shoes can be uncomfortable while working for long hours, but crocs are not since they provide extra cushion to the footbed during works. Apart, they also offer more protection to your feet than the usual slippers. The holes in the crocs make sure that they are ventilated.

However, they also make the feet feel massaged without any aches or blisters during long hours of work. They have room for ventilation, so they are sweatproof. During long hours, they can be badly odored, but the material makes them odor resistant. 

Can Nurses Wear Crocs? | Crocs for Nurses

Easy access: no laces

Since there are no laces, they are beyond easy to wear. There is no need to use hands to slip them off, and they can be easily slipped on while standing. Nurses also do not have to go through the adrenaline rush during rush calls. They can be worn with the back heel strap as sandals or with the strap forward-like slides. The crocs also have rooms for socks to be worn with them.

Easy to clean

In hospitals, shoes or footwear can be easily stained by blood or some other fluid, which can ruin the shoe. However, the crocs are made up of foam material that can be easily washed by the machines or hand-washed with no damage to the shoe. These shoes can also be sterilized in order to remove all the pathogens from the shoe that make its abode during works.


Crocs are designed uniquely with crostile, which helps in the maximum cushion and ensures durability. As the crocs are an injection-molded EVA foam, they are said to be stand up to thousand hours with no breakage. The durability does not decrease with washings and sterilization. That is the reason they are rarely worn down, fray or warp. 

Some popular crocs for nurses

The myriad crocs available on the market can sometimes make it harder for you to choose. So here are the top four crocs that you can select for work for your nursing jobs.

Women’s Nigeria pro-II clog:

Can Nurses Wear Crocs? | Crocs for Nurses
Women’s Neria Pro II Clog

These are enclosed toes and heels but are super spacious for feet for easy on and off. The enhanced arch support feature of the crocs adds to the comfort while working for long hours. They are fully molded and easy to clean off, so you don’t have to worry while in a rush.

Crocs on the clockwork slip-on:

Can Nurses Wear Crocs? | Crocs for Nurses
On The Clock Work Slip-On

This shoe is the call for the service workers that work all day and night. It provides the perfect comfort if you are the one who spends hours on your feet. It has a tapered fit in the back which provides extra support but has enough space for easy on and off.

Bistro Pro-lite ride clog:

Can Nurses Wear Crocs? | Crocs for Nurses
Bistro Pro Literide Clog

This croc was designed with healthcare workers in mind. They are light and supportive, making them perfect for long hours of a shift. They are super soft and lightweight, which doesn’t burden hours of feet work. They are also toe-enclosed, and the thicker metatarsal area helps the foot from any damage.

Specialist II clog:

Can Nurses Wear Crocs? | Crocs for Nurses
Specialist II Clog White Croslite

They are enclosed to prevent toes from hurting. It has thick metatarsal material, which provides enhanced arch support. The molded feature makes it easier to clean.

All the above crocs are enriched with good features. These shoes are the best choices for nurses. They serve the nurses well with their features and are committed to them. 

Final Thoughts

In short, crocs are a solid choice for nurses. This is because nurses have an active line of work. They are expected to attend meetings and many chores around different places in the hospitals. Due to this, strong footwear that is committed to its features and gives you the best service is necessary.

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