Are Birkenstocks Business Casual? (Complete Guide)

Birkenstock shoes are well known for their casual and sleek appearance on everyday occasions in the shoe industry. But sometimes, the question of professionalism may arise when choosing a shoe from Birkenstock. Do they offer well and enough for the business professionals? Are Birkenstocks considered as business casual and suitable for professional environment? You might wonder and try to research for the answer, but fear not, we got you covered!

Are Birkenstocks Business Casual?

Are Birkenstocks Business Casual and Appropriate for Work?

Birkenstocks are appropriate for some companies out there. But, if you visit sites that discuss finding jobs, most sites do not believe Birkenstocks are suitable for work in the section of what clothes to wear. They also claim that Birkenstocks are at the bottom of the food chain’ regarding what to wear to work appropriately.

You can wear Birkenstocks casually when the rules are flexible enough for business purposes. However, it usually depends on whether the place you are working in considers Birkenstocks good enough to go along with other professional outfits as an accessory. So you see, there is no direct answer to the question whether Birkenstocks are business casual or not.

Are Birkenstocks Considered Professional?

Now, this is a question that has been and still is being debated for a long, long time by owners and potential buyers of Birkenstock shoes. Are Birkenstocks considered professional?

There is no actual fact or conclusion of it. It is just an opinionated topic nowadays. It all depends on if you want to believe it is professional.

I have read people saying that their workplace does not mind wearing Birkenstock shoes made for professional environments. But, the wearer themselves do not find said shoes professional enough to consider wearing them while they are out working.

On the other spectrum of this debate, some workers believe that Birkenstocks are professionally standard enough to be worn in working environments. They would not consider any other brand for it!

Are Birkenstocks considered business casual? If you are still not sure about it and really want to wear them at your workplace, let us suggest some Birkenstocks styles that go with a professional environment.

Are Birkenstocks Business Casual? (Complete Guide)

Top 3 Birkenstock Professional Styles

We have had enough discussion about whether or not Birkenstocks are professionally good enough to be worn to work. Now, you must be wondering what shoes of theirs are among bestselling and well regarded by customers. Which shoes should be worn for professional occasions?

Kay Supergrip Birko-Flor Shoes

Are Birkenstocks Business Casual? (Complete Guide)
Kay Supergrip Birko-Flor Shoes

The Kay Supergrip Birko-Flor shoes come to most people’s minds when the question of bestselling Birkenstock professional shoes is brought up. This shoe is fitted with an incredible sole for an excellent grip. The shoes will not fall off of your feet that easily without the optional strap on. These are even known for their comfort for having a foam footbed which is a must for clog shoes!

The design may bug you and make you wonder if they are appropriate as a pair of professional shoes. Do they look too funky? The black and white color with the unique definitely adds a classy vibe that you can wear at a casual workplace. The shoes might not be appropriate for the office, but they are excellent for wearing at other less formal workplaces.

Birkenstock Unisex Professional A 630 Clog

Are Birkenstocks Business Casual? (Complete Guide)
Birkenstock Unisex Professional A 630 clog

Up next is the Birkenstock Professional A 630 clog. These pair of shoes scream professionalism. The simple black shoes are perfect for interviews and formal workplaces. Classy and great for wearing as a casual business accessory! Both men and women can wear them.

Most customers did find issues like squeaking sounds sometimes when trying to walk. They are not as comfortable as other shoes from Birkenstock. However, the shoes still gradually fit with time and are very roomy.

Birkenstock Professional Unisex Profi Birki Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Are Birkenstocks Business Casual? (Complete Guide)
Birkenstock Professional Unisex Profi Birki Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Last but not least, the Profi Berki work shoes. They are available in black, blue, and brown, often preferred as formal colors. The shoes have a leather texture on the upper that makes them different.

Customers have said that these hurt a lot if you do not buy the right fit initially. But, once you break in through, they will feel normal. Most customers have claimed that these shoes were their best purchase after they fit in properly in a week or two.

Do Birkenstocks Help Plantar Fasciitis?

Some people claim that Birkenstock shoes help with their plantar fasciitis problem. Birkenstocks have a very soft and supportive footbed that works like a charm for people with plantar fasciitis. Many people also claimed that Birkenstocks have excellent arch support that helped a lot with their knee and back issues as well!

While others claim they do not help at all, with a small percentage of the customer base saying they instead worsen their condition.

Are Birkenstocks Business Casual (Summary)

To end it all off, Birkenstocks can be business casual shoes, but if you and others have the right mindset for it. It would be better to ask around your company people and see what they have to say. But in general, the majority of shoe lovers believe Birkenstocks are casual work shoes without a doubt!

So what are your thoughts? Comment below and let us know.

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