Are Birkenstocks Good for Wide Feet? (Important Facts)

Are Birkenstocks good for wide feet?

Birkenstocks set themselves apart from other footwear brands with optimal width- two kinds of footbed width for narrow and regular feet (closer to wide fit). Birkenstocks designed these shoes to conform to any feet- especially the wide ones. The design of Birkenstocks shoes prevents slipping, falling off, and long-term feet ailments for the wearer with wide feet. Thus, Birkenstocks became appropriate for wide feet. Let’s dig more into the query, are birkenstocks good for wide feet?

Are Birkenstocks Good for Wide Feet? (Quick Answer)

Birkenstocks built regular shoes with mid-width footbed, adjustable buckles, and thin lining to prevent the feet rubbing. These design aspects make Birkenstocks appropriate for wide feet.

Birkenstocks footwear stays true to the international size chart, whereas all the sizes have equivalent sizing in millimeters. Hence, a person with wide feet can easily purchase his Birkenstocks according to their sizes.

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Why Are Birkenstocks Good for Wide Feet?

Birkenstocks crafted their shoes with minute details to achieve the highest comfort for the wearer. Here go a few designing features that made them perfect for wide feet: 


Birkenstocks provide the unique option of picking the footbed width according to the foot’s shape. The regular fit has enough room to house-wide feet with ease.

Half Size

If someone has feet between two sizes (e.g., 7.5), they must have suffered from wearing a size up or down shoes. Birkenstocks solved this problem by producing shoes in half sizes and putting measures in millimeters as well. 


Except for a few leather shoes, most Birkenstocks are made with Birko-Flor (a synthetic material). Birko-Flor and leather straps have a thin inner lining to ensure comfort at extended wear and harsh terrain. 

Are Birkenstocks Good for Wide Feet? (Important Facts)


Birkenstock’s intricate footbeds assure deep heel cup, arch support, and highest grip for the feet.

birkenstocks footbed

Adjustable Straps

Birkenstocks provide adjustable buckles so that the wearer can customize the fitting according to choice. The personalized fit prevents callouses, bunions, and nerve damages of the wearer with wide feet.

Are Birkenstocks Good for Wide Feet? (Important Facts)

These are the features that make Birkenstocks good for wide feet.

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DO Birkenstocks Shoes Come in Wide Shape?

Birkenstocks engineered their shoe styles to be roomy while launching a slim design for people with narrow feet. Out of two shapes of Birkenstocks, the footbed of wide fit comes in a broad silhouette to ensure comfort for wide feet.

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Frequently Asked Quenstions

Do Birkenstocks Come in Different Widths?

Birkenstocks come in two types of fitting: narrow fit and regular fit. Most women Birkenstock wearers opt-out for a slim fit, whereas men and people with wider feet go for the wide fit. 

Do Birkenstocks Sandals Stay True to The Size?

Birkenstocks shoes and sandals stay true to their sizes. Birkenstocks provide half sizes for proper foot sizing, unlike other footwear brands.

Is Birkenstocks Footwear Too Wide?

Birkenstocks shoes follow standard shoe charts with different widths to conform to any feet. There is no chance of Birkenstock shoes being too broad.

Can a Person with Narrow Feet Wear Birkenstocks?

Birkenstock launched shoes in narrow fit (mainly for women) to prevent the shoes from falling off. Thus, a person with petite feet can wear Birkenstocks with comfort.

By now, you have got some idea about your query are Birkenstocks are good for wide feet. But are Birkenstocks okay for flat feet?

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