Are Crocs Good for Wide Feet? (Explained for Beginners)

Are crocs good for wide feet?

If your feet don’t fit into a versatile shoe style, you probably have wide feet. The shoes you wear often fit the length, but the sides are too snug. There’s nothing to worry about in case you do. A crocs size 9.5 cm or 4E is a clear indicator that you have wide feet. Are crocs really good for wide feet? Yes, it is. Check out the rest of the article to find all wide-foot crocs-related answers.

Do Crocs Come in Wide?  

I don’t know why most people around me and on the internet think Crocs are for wide feet. Surprisingly, they are for both narrow and wide feet. Are Crocs really good for wide feet? I mean yes, but they come in narrow too.

The classic croc is a prime example of crocs being wide. Truth to be spoken, I have slim and long feet, so I took my shoe expert colleagues Patricia & Aaron to the Crocs store. We visited the Crocs flagship store at Queen Center and interviewed a representative. The width measurement changes according to size.  

According to the store, a U.S. male 9 is about 8.7 cm in width. However, even if you have shorter feet in length, the croc sizes are still 1.3 inches less than height. It means crocs, especially if a classic croc is a U.S. female eight, then the width is 7.7 inches. Patricia has 8.6 cm width and a size eight, and Aaron has 9.9 cm width feet and size 12. Surprisingly, the classic crocs fitted them perfectly, and they were pretty comfortable. Most crocs styles fit wide because of their design. As you know, Croslite is very adjustable and expands and fits feet like a sock so that most Crocs styles will fit your wide feet. So, do Crocs come in wide? In short, yes, Crocs do come in wide. 

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Do Crocs Have a Wide Toe Box?

Crocs have a generally wide design, as I explained earlier. It doesn’t have a specific wide toe box, but the classic Bae clog model compliments broad toes. Again, I want to draw your attention to one thing: Crostile can expand according to width, and the same goes for broad toes. Patricia tried out Zappos x Crocs Clueless in female sizes 8 and 9. While size 8 was like a clove to her feet, size 9 gave more room to her toe but was bigger in length. Also, these are not heavy on the toe.

Are Crocs Good for Wide Feet? (Explained for Beginners)

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Crocs for Wide Feet

Classic crocs: The OG crocs are the most comfortable and suitable for wide feet. My colleague Aaron has at least three pairs in three different shades. So, I’m not kidding when I say these are showstoppers for wide feet. However, you’ll get 19 colors to choose from. These are lightweight and will not bug your toe, and the ventilation allows your feet to breathe. Moreover, they are rain friendly and effortless to clean. Patricia claims that the crocs straps don’t hurt her ankle, which concerns her with other shoes. 

Bistro Clogs: Bistro clogs don’t have any holes, but they have a wider, at least a one-inch width than classic crocs. It is a bit more pricey than classic ones and comes in three shades. I like the fact that these are slip-resistant. My uncle is a surgeon, and trust me when I say that, Bistro clogs are his go-to hospital. It provides 360-degree comfort. 

Crocband Flip: If you don’t like clogs that much, then Crocband flips provide plenty of space for your feet. Flips can never go wrong for wide feet. Unlike regular flip-flops, these had a solid midsole that protects from flipping. Crocs wedges are also great for women with wide feet. 

I hope you have got the answer to your query, are Crocs good for wide feet. But what happens when you buy the narrow size and want to widen it now?

Are Crocs Good for Wide Feet? (Explained for Beginners)

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How Do I Widen My Crocs?

  • Wear thick socks

Thick socks are some items that are in everyone’s closet. For new crocs, pairs wear crocs with thick socks for at least a week. For the first couple of days, walk wearing crocs and socks for three to four hours. Gradually increase hours up to seven. Then you’ll notice significant stretch and comfort wearing the pair. 

  • Blow-dry

First, wear your heat-protecting gloves(this part is unnecessary, but safety first). Then wrap the crocs with an old cloth or towel. Set the hairdryer heat setting to high and blow-dry as evenly as possible for 15 minutes straight. Do not blow-dry for more than 30 minutes. You’ll see the crocs are heated and stretched. That’s because Crocstile is made from high-grade resin. If you don’t have a hairdryer, the following method is for you.

  • Hot water       

Boil some water in a pot after it comes to a lukewarm temperature and dips your crocs inside it. Don’t worry; crocs are durable and will not cause any damage. Keep it for 5 minutes, and then you’ll find the crocs widened. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Now let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions related to the query, are Crocs good for the wide feet.

Are Some Crocs Wider than Others? 

Style-wise, Crocs women wedges and Men’s Clog crocs are bigger than regular crocs. We tried these styles, and my colleagues concluded that they were a bit roomier than classics. But Aaron preferred the classic clogs anyway. So, I’m pretty sure most wide feet people like it to an extent. But most crocs are quite the same, and the width changes according to your feet’ measurement. One thing about these shoes is that even if your feet length is less and width is more than 8 cm, these do fit. Especially the wedges. 

Do Crocs Provide Arch Support?

Yes, Crocs provide good arch support for your feet.

Are Mens Crocs Wider than Womens?

Basic biology makes men’s feet broader and bigger than women’s. After the live test in the Queens store, I can confirm that men’s crocs have more heel grip and are wider. But logically, it does make sense. The bigger the feet, the extra space the crocs have to be. Aaron and Patricia both tried the lined clog; both were identical, besides the width of Aarons was more. 

Do Crocs Make Feet Wider?

I saw a post on Reddit saying that crocs make feet wider. There is no scientific proof that crocs make feet wider. But the design of crocs provides an illusion of wider feet. The classic clogged design gives it a bigger appearance than regular footwear. So, crocs make your feet appear wide but do not make them wide in general. 

Are Crocs Good for Wide Feet? (Summary)

We have reached to the end of the article where we have discussed whether Crocs are suitable for wide feet or not. What is your experience? Let us know in the comments.

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