Are Birkenstocks Waterproof? (Important Facts)

Are Birkenstocks waterproof?

Imagine you have planned to go on a forest trek with your friends. But the trekking is supposed to be at a place where it rains every day. Now, you want a pair of shoes which will not get affected by water quickly, and you start searching for them.

Suddenly you liked a pair of Birkenstocks shoes that seemed perfect for you. However, one question that arose in your mind is, ‘are Birkenstocks waterproof?”

If you really face any similar situations like above or you want to know whether Birkenstock shoes are completely waterproof or not, keep on reading!

Can Birkenstocks Get Wet?

Birkenstocks shoe footbeds are made up of cork, suede, latex, and jute. All of these materials are made of high quality and they also provide amazing arch support. But these four components absorb moisture quickly. For example, jute is a natural plant fiber that quickly absorbs moisture. Similarly, in wet climates, the suede and cork footbed absorbs water fastly.

In this scenario, you can either go for insoles without leather or make the Birkenstock shoes waterproof by maintaining steps.

Are Birkenstocks Waterproof? (Quick Answer)

Birkenstock shoes are known for being highly comfy and adaptable. Due to the versatile hues and styles, you may pair your Birks with any attire on different occasions.

The insoles of every Birkenstocks are constructed with pure cork, latex, suede, and jute on the upper layer. All of these materials provide great arch support and they are high-quality, naturally available materials sourced sustainably. They are combined in a complicated manufacturing process.

But these shoes are still not waterproof. When exposed to rain or in a damp atmosphere, the non-waterproof types of Birkenstocks are susceptible to becoming wet quickly. Leather Birkenstocks are not waterproof.

Also, materials that absorb moisture are used in the construction of the footbed’s four layers. Birkenstocks become wet when these components get into contact with water for an extended period. Thus water damages the structure of these shoes. So are Birkenstocks waterproof? You know the answer now.

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What Occurs when Birkenstocks Get Wet?

If you wear Birkenstocks in an area where water is very likely to get in touch with your shoes, you will notice that your shoes will become quite heavy. This all happens due to the absorption of suede leather, which raises their overall weight.

If the surroundings are very wet, the water-resistant cork footbed might also absorb water. Moreover, it is also possible that the footbed might become deformed if you keep on wearing Birkenstocks when damp.

How to Make Birkenstocks Waterproof?

Birkenstocks are not advised to be used as water shoes in a rainy or moist environment as they aren’t fully waterproof. Some of its layers are water-resistant but cannot prevent water from going inside if the area is too damp. In these scenarios, you can follow some methods to create waterproof Birkenstocks.

Before jumping in, make sure to use any of the methods mentioned below. If one process works for you, then do not go for others.

Tools and Materials:

● Wax-based polish

● Blow dryer and beeswax

● Detergent, water, and baking soda

● Mink oil

● Cork sealant

Are Birkenstocks Waterproof? (Important Facts)

Wax-based polish:

Waxed Birkenstocks are more preferable to the unwaxed ones. It not only makes Birkenstocks wearable in rainy areas but also heals all scratches. Apply a minimal amount of it on your shoes, and you are good to go anywhere wearing them, even in a damp area.

Blow dryer and beeswax:

Melted beeswax can make your Brickstone stiff, but this is also an excellent method to make your classic Birks waterproof. Just rub a thin layer of it and blow air dry it afterward. This will create a crystal layer on your shoes, and you can wear them anywhere.

Detergent, water, and baking soda:

Mix three of these ingredients and make a thick paste out of them. Next, use a toothbrush to apply it to your shoes and then clean it up with a wet cloth or towel. Make sure to wait till it dries. This combination will make your shoes waterproof for an extended period.

Mink oil:

Mink oil is another method to make your Birks wearable in damp areas. But this can also cause discoloration if not correctly used. Hence make sure to do a patch test behind the shoes before using this oil.

Cork sealant:

This ingredient is always recommended to make your Birks waterproof as it works as a barrier cork surface and water. Make sure to apply this sealant twice to make the shoes wearable and waterproof for a long time.

Are Birkenstocks Waterproof? (Important Facts)
Cork sealant

So are Birkenstocks waterproof? Who cares when you know how to make them waterproof!

How to fix wet Birkenstocks:

Even after maintaining precautions, your Birkenstocks might get wet. In this case, you can go on with the following methods to fix your shoes.

Before proceeding, you need to know that these are all alternatives to each other. If one works for you, then you do not need to go for another one.

Maintenance kit:

Using the maintenance kit, wash the footwear with the cleanser before rubbing them. To remove extra stains, spray the stain remover from the package on the problematic areas while brushing the shoe.

Are Birkenstocks Waterproof? (Important Facts)

Soap and water:

Use soap and cold water directly on the stain and use a soft cotton cloth to clean the stain.

Drying in soft sunlight:

Do not keep your shoes in direct sunlight or near heat after they become wet. This can totally deteriorate the quality of your shoes. Hence, keep them under soft sunlight and let the winds come to make them dry.

Will Birkenstocks Last if They Become Wet?

Are Birkenstocks Waterproof? (Important Facts)

Though Birkenstocks are not waterproof, they can still last for an extended period. But it is preferable to avoid lengthy exposure to rainfall or water. Birkenstocks may be wet on occasion and still survive for ages with adequate care and maintenance as we have mentioned above.

Will Birkenstocks Smell After They Become Wet?

Yes, keeping your Birkenstocks near water for an extended period can make them odorize significantly. When they become wet, mold begins to form, which results in a horrible stench.

There are some steps that you can follow to make the odor go away. Using baking soda, Birkenstocks cleaner and refresher, rubbing alcohol, keeping shoes under soft sunlight, etc., can make your shoes smell nice again.

Make sure not to wear them for too long in a damp area which can cause molds to grow. Also, wash Birkenstocks immediately and keep the windows open for the fresh air to come and go. This will help to lessen the unpleasant odor and mold development.

Can You Wear Birkenstocks in The Rain?

Birkenstock get wet

Are Birkenstocks waterproof? No, but you can wear Birkenstocks in the rain if they have EVA foam outsoles. Moreover, the cork substance used in its construction is water-resistant. To avoid deteriorating the quality of your Birkenstocks, try not to wear them in the rain.

If you want to wear Birkenstocks in the rain, you need to make them well vented and dry rapidly. Thus, they can be waterproofed. Also, you can use a cork sealer to stop water from getting into your Birkenstock midsoles. You can also go for waxed Birkenstocks as they are more waterproof than unwaxed ones.

Can you wear Birkenstocks while taking a shower?

Birkenstocks are not designed to be put inside water or also to be worn in a moist environment. Wearing these shoes to the shower regularly will deteriorate its quality and might make it smelly. Thus even after keeping it dry or clean, molds will start forming and destroy the whole structure.

Is It Okay to Wear Birkenstocks to The Beach?

Are Birkenstocks Waterproof? (Important Facts)

Yes, you can definitely style your Birkenstocks around the beach. Especially Birkenstocks EVA sandals are very preferable when walking on uneven surfaces. Also, they are pretty comfortable and fashionable to carry on around beach locations.

One thing to keep in mind is, you need to prepare your birks for the beach. You will require a cork sealer to prevent water from getting into your Birks if any waves unexpectedly hit the shoes.

Near the beach, it is very likely for the water and sand to get into your Birkenstocks. But cleaning them afterward will prevent this from becoming a concern. You can also make these shoes waterproof. Just follow some guidelines mentioned below to create your waterproof Birkenstocks.

Are Birkenstocks Waterproof? (Summary)

Now that you have read the answer of are Birkenstocks waterproof, you must have got all the ideas on whether your Birkenstocks are waterproof or not. Make sure to maintain all steps that have been mentioned for different circumstances. This way, your Birkenstocks will last longer and become waterproof too.

So what are you waiting for? Go and buy your new pair of Birkenstocks and style them with confidence.

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