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Are Doc Martens Nonslip?

Doc Martens has earned a special place among users for manufacturing high-quality working boots. The main benefit of Doc Martens working boots is that you can wear them in any condition, no matter how slippery. 

That is why Doc Martens are often titled as the shoe of choice, especially for workers in different industries. Despite their incredible fame in slip-resistant boot making, people typically remain hesitant and ask, are Doc Martens really non slip? 

The main reason behind this situation is that Doc Martens manufactures both regular fashion boots and workers’ boots. Let’s explore if Doc Martens are slip resistant or not.

Are Doc Martens Non Slip? (Quick Facts)

Doc Martens manufactures both slip-resistant and regular shoes for diversified users. In 1960, Doc Martens started their journey into the shoe market. Since then, they never need to look back. The most popular shoe model was 1460. This was the first nonslip boot model from Doc martens. Luckily, this model became incredibly popular among workers like baristas, waiters, or bartenders

After the massive success of the 1460 model, Doc Martens introduced some other boots that are slip-resistant. That means Doc Martens has a dedicated section for making work boots.  

Till now, they have marketed three influential and well-known nonslip boots. These slip-resistant boots include

  • 1461
  • 1460
  • 2976

These safety boots have been re-engineered to ensure comfort and convenience, and the safety of workers in any work environment. That means Doc Martens has integrated innovative technology and sophistication with these work boots that people always expect. 

Each slip-resistant boot model has been crafted with seamless stitching and made of premium leather. That is why Do Martens nonslip boots offer superior traction and better resistance, no matter how muddy or slippery the surface is. So, you’ll be more confident while walking. 

Apart from these, Doc Martens’s non-slippery boots are incredibly breathable. Hence, your feet will be fresh even in moist or humid weather. Breathability is most important while you are in a long working session, and you have to wear your boots during that time. In short, breathability makes work boots perfect; thankfully, Doc Martens have it correctly.

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What’s the Specialty of Non-Slip Doc Martens?

You might have got an idea about what Doc Martens boots are nonslip. Naturally, a question might arise in your mind, so, what makes Doc Martens nonslip? Well, the main twist is in their particular design and built quality. 

When we’re talking about the reason behind the slip-resistance of Doc Martens shoes, the patented GripTrax soles will come first. These are kinds of chunky soles that have an outstanding slip-resistant grip that makes users feel like walking on a stable surface, even though it is slippery. 

Docs are made for workers who need to wear their boots for a long time. For this, each model of the nonslip segment has been designed to ensure maximum comfort. The inner portion has an air-cushioned element that enhances comfort, while the anti-slip sole protects wearers in slippery conditions. 

Let’s explain in more detail how Doc Martens slip-resistant boots work:


We have mentioned the GripTrax earlier. However, this critical component of Doc Martens work boots makes them unique. The GripTrax tread is much thicker, and it has been designed to resist skippering agents. 

Nevertheless, not all models from Doc Martens have this feature. The most popular models with patented GripTrax include 1460, 1461, and 2976, and that is the point where these models are special. GripTrax is such an advanced inclusion in slip-resistant boots that you won’t notice corrosion even after using it for several years. Moreover, this outsole has good abrasion and fat-resistant properties. 

Are Doc Martens Non Slip? | Non Slip Docs
Dr. Martens GripTrax Safety Shoe


The main reason behind the comfortable wearing experience of Doc Martens work boots is the patented AirWir design. Alongside the anti-slipping properties of Docs, the AirWir ensures maximum comfort. The sole is designed with thousands of tiny bubbles that add more cushioning while putting pressure on it. 

Logically, the crucial point that differentiates nonslip boots from regular models is the sole of Doc Martens. The tread pattern has been formulated to provide a better grip with much traction and stability. 

Apart from the streamlined sole of the front area, the sole of Doc Martens nonslip boots is relatively thicker which helps to make them more comfortable and durable.

If you observe two nonslip and regular Doc Martens side by side, you’ll notice that nonslip Doc Martens have a kind of flat shape at the wedge design. In short, the heel is constructed so that it remains parallel to the surface.

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How Efficient Are Slip-resistant Docs?

When you’re thinking about purchasing nonslip boots, efficient slip-resistant is the main thing you expect for. However, the efficiency of nonslip boots mostly depends on the good grip. So, what about nonslip Doc Martens? Do they have a good grip? 

The answer is here. First, Doc Martens have designed their slip-resistant models with the innovative GripTrax sole. At present, three nonslip models officially have this feature. These models include 2976, 1460, 1461. Thanks to that GripTrax sole design that offers superior grip. 

These three models were redesigned in 2001, where the safety of workers was the priority. Since then, these models have earned immense popularity among workers, especially those who need to work in slippery conditions. Some of the most significant facts about these boots include:

  • They’re made with durable premium leather
  • AirWair cushioned soles for enhanced comfort
  • Chunky GripTrax tread that ensures superb slip-resistance
  • High-quality seamless stitching
Are Doc Martens Non Slip? | Non Slip Docs

Are Doc Martens Non Slip For Restaurant? Doc Martens Non Slip Shoes

You can use Slip/oil resistant Doc Martens if you work in restaurants or kitchens. Yes, they are a bit heavy but super comfortable. The only downside is they are more expensive than your usual work shoes available at Walmart. You can also use Skechers non slip shoes, Crocs Bistro, Hoka Slip Resistant shoes for working in restaurants.

Are Doc Martens Jadons Non Slip?

Jadon is another top-rated series of boots from Doc Martens. Doc Martens Jadons are made with premium and highly durable leather. However, many people remain hesitant whether Doc Martens Jadons are slip-resistant or not. Let’s break your confusion down.

So, all boots in the Jadon series are designed with an AirWir sole that is a vital component of nonslip Doc Martens. This sole is oil and fat resistant and has good slip and abrasion resistance. These boots can be a good choice for people who work on their feet.

However, keep in mind that these boots are slightly heavier than classic models like the 1460s. That means Jadons are not as comfortable as other nonslip Docs for long working shifts. 

Jadon Smooth Leather Platform Boots
Jadon Smooth Leather Platform Boots

Are Dr Martens 1460 Slip Resistant?

Doc Martens 1460 use slip-resistant Grip-trax for their soles which makes it non slip. So yes, Dr Martens 1460 are Non slip boots.

Are Doc Martens Mary Janes Non Slip?

Doc Martens Mary Janes introduced slip resistant soles for their women’s boots. This feature has aligned them with regular work boots available in the market. It also makes Mary Janes workable on slippery surfaces too.

Are Dr Martens Airwair Slip Resistant?

Doc Martens that come with Airwair design can also be slip resistant too. But you should check the individual styles so that you don’t end up buying the wrong ones.

How To Keep Doc Martens From Slipping?

There is no doubt; nonslip Doc Martens have excellent slip-resistant properties; you have something to do to let them work efficiently and ensure your safety. The more interesting fact is that you follow some tricks or techniques that can help you in slippery conditions, no matter you’re wearing regular or slip-resistant shoes. 

Scuff Your Shoes

Scuffing your shoes will be very effective than you can think, especially on rough surfaces. All you need to do is scuff your brand-new boots and walk on an uneven surface to increase the abrasion and book. It will enhance the traction of your shoes. 

Use Nail File

In some cases, scuffing may not be helpful, or it can take more time. Don’t be hopeless, you can try something else. So, you can nail file in this situation. The trick is that you’re using sandpaper or nail file to scuff your shoes. It will wear off the outsole of your shoes and provide a better grip. 

Use Grip Pad

Are Doc Martens Non Slip? | Non Slip Docs

Aside from the nail file or scuffing, a grip pad can dramatically increase the traction. Luckily, you can easily purchase various grip pads designed for work and safety boots available in the market. You can follow another trick: using the sole of work boots that are already worn out. Both of these tricks are greatly helpful to working on slippery surfaces. 

Using Traction Pads and Sprays

Traction pads and sprays can be a good alternative to grip pads. The primary purpose of making traction pads is to use them as anti-slipping outsoles. However, traction pads are pretty costly. On the other hand, traction sprays can also be used for increased traction while they are less expensive. 

Use Sands Underneath

If you’re thinking about the most cost-effective way to make boots or even shoes slip-resistant, you can use sands underneath. However, you have to select a high-quality adhesive to use with sands. 

Use Ankle Strap

You can also use an ankle strap, as it is helpful to avoid those time-consuming procedures of scuffing or applying pads. Alongside, using a well-designed strap may add an extra layer of style and let you achieve your customized fashion outlook.

Are Slip-Resistant Doc Martens Durable?

Getting a pair of nonslip boots doesn’t mean it will be money-worthy. So, what makes nonslip boots perfect? Of course, durability matters a lot. In the case of nonslip Doc Martens, you can relax.

According to numerous customer feedbacks, nonslip Doc Martens are highly durable, and they can easily withstand the bodyweight of workers, especially when they need to work standing all day long. The leather used in nonslip Docs is easy to clean, making it almost look new after cleaning every time. 

However, like all other Doc Martens, they take a bit more time to break-in. So, it’s better to walk in them for a few hours per day before you start your work. You can wear thicker socks to avoid blisters and foot pain, as well as faster the break-in process. In some cases, the sole of Doc Martens may start splitting. If this happens so, you can keep shoe glue with you. 

Is There Any Downside of Non-Slip Doc Martens?

Nothing is perfect; this quote is appropriate in every section of our life. No exception is here. Well, don’t panic; we’re not intending to present nonslip Doc Martens as something harmful or something else. We just want to explain some facts that you should in mind. 

First up, nonslip Doc Martens are designed with an aggressive tread pattern that has been integrated with the heel and forefoot region to ensure maximum slip resistance. Still, you should be careful if a surface is too oily or greasy. 

If the oil stains are too delicate and spilled in a large amount, they can pile up in the vacant spaces of the treads. Alongside, nonslip Doc Martens often leave footprints on excessively wetted floors.

Apart from these, Doc Martens slip-resistant boots may not work when there is a milk cap, ice cubes, syrup pills, etc. These fluids pile up on the bottom of the outsoles and lessen the traction. In short, you should be more careful or avoid nonslip Docs if the surfaces are spilled with dense or thick fluids.

How to Identify Slip-Resistant Shoes?

Non-slip Doc Martens may seem like regular shoes at first look. So, you have to look deeply, ensure that the particular model is nonslip. However, the key differences lie in the shoe material and tread pattern. That is why determining a nonslip boot model is challenging from the outside. 

Nevertheless, there are specific facts that can help you to identify boots with anti-slipping properties. These factors include:

Outsole Design

This is the most crucial part of nonslip boots, as it provides stability and traction over slippery surfaces. Most anti-slip boots and shoes come with rounded outsoles with dedicated grooved designs that are eminent to provide maximum coverage while waking on any surface. At the same time, it helps to flow water and oily substances through the holes. 

Materials Used in the Shoes

Another important consideration of nonslip boots is the material used to manufacture them. An ideal nonslip boot should be made of flexible, soft, and pliable material. Using such materials offers more excellent resistance as well as maximum flexibility in the outsole. 

Tread Pattern

Aside from soles and shoe materials, the tread pattern also helps to make boots slip-resistant efficiently. Different manufacturers use diversified tread patterns. When it’s about Doc Martens, the GripTrax tread is known to all for its stability and traction. 

Are Doc Martens Non Slip? | Non Slip Docs

Frequently Asked Questions

Now we will discuss some questions related to are Docs non slip.

Do Doc Martens Count as Non Slip Shoes?

Doc Martens count as non slip shoes because of the GripTrax soles they used for the shoes. They provide great support on the slippery surface.

Do Doc Martens Have Good Traction?

Doc Martens normally offer good traction. If you intend to wear them in snow, Doc Martens 1460 will do the job.

Do Doc Martens Get Loose?

Just like any other shoes, Doc Martens will get loose when you wear them for a period of time. Eventually, they will comfortably fit on your feet.

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