Doc Martens 1460 vs Jadon (2-minute Read)

Dr. Martens1460 vs Jadon

Winter is just about to end, but is your styling going to end too? Are you going to keep your shoes up in the cupboard till next year? That’s not a good idea. Hence we are here to complete your style profile with a pair of Dr. Martens shoes.

 Dr. Martens 1460 and Dr. Martens Jadon shoes are incredibly perfect for making you outshine all others in the room. However, if you are planning to buy one of them, we will help you with that. Just stick till the end to know more about these unisex shoes!

What is Doc Martens?

Dr. Martens or Doc Martens officially started their journey in 1947 with Klaus Märtens and his friend Herbert Funck. They created history by selling 80% of their products in the first decade of their starting journey.

Doc Martens are ruling the fashion industry with their stylish boots and shoes till now. The Horween Chromexcel and Quinol leathers are used to make these shoes durable. The soles are particularly claimed to be made of rubber, and some sources suggest the use of PVC welt. All of these create comfortable and fashionable shoes for your feet that you can wear for 20 years or more.

Dr. Martens logo

Doc Martens also offers unisex shoes with the assurance of using vegan products in these shoe collections. Thus making both 1460 and Jadon sustainable and eco-friendly. 

Dr. Martens1460 vs Jadon chart

Use of hard leather and a platform underneath:

These hard leathers used for Doc Martens shoes are common in every collection. The mobility might be somewhat restricted initially, but the use of these stiff leathers also gives firm support and a base for walking. Both 1460 and Jadon boots also consequently feel heavy to wear.

Apart from the hard leather, the extra platform beneath Dr. Martens 1460 and the Jadon gives you an extra lift while walking. In this case, Dr. Martens Jadon has more inches beneath, giving edgier vibes. On the other hand, Dr. Martens 1460 gives off a classical vibe and “easier to walk in” experience due to less height added beneath.


The size of Dr. Martens is 1460, and Dr. Martens Jadon claims to be true to size. However, you might still find some of the 1460’s a bit wider than your feet if you choose the actual size online. Hence the customers should buy them one size down to their feet.

The Dr. Martens Jadon, on the other hand, can be a bit stiff to break in even though they run true to their size. The zipper that comes along might also cause a bit of irritation for some customers.

Waterproof or water-resistant:

You don’t really want to spoil your boots on a rainy day as you wear them to save yourself from water, not bring more chaos into your life. In this case, Dr. Martens 1460 shoes can totally help as they are 100% waterproof. Hence you can easily walk without getting slipped, and you might not be worried about cleaning your shoes after coming from work.

Dr. Martens Jadons shoes, on the contrary, are not waterproof. They are somewhat water-resistant, so it is advisable to use waterproofing spray or wax for protection. They also feature slip-resistant soles, which help you walk without tension on slippery roads.

Doc Martens 1460 vs Jadon (2-minute Read)

Breaking in:

Dr. Martens are known for using the best quality leather that provides longevity to these shoes. However, the Jadon boots are typically stiffer than Dr. Martens 1460. As mentioned above, heels and zip can probably make you feel a bit uncomfortable wearing them at once. However, wearing them often can help you break in them easily.

For breaking in more perfectly, you can go for Dr. Martens socks and carry blisters plaster so that you can walk comfortably. However, both the shoes offer softer leather collections too, and so you can go for those in case you want both fashion and comfort in one shoe!

Final words

Till now, you must have guessed which pair of Dr. Martens among 1460 and Jadon is best for you. Before you buy, make sure to choose the one that doesn’t become a hindrance between you and your comfort. Now, if you are ready to buy one of them, make sure to let us know too.

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