Are Doc Martens Good For Snow? | Things You Need to Know!

Are Doc Martens Good For Snow?

What does your winter collection look like? Well, if you tend to keep a wide variety of items for the winter collection, Dr. Martens has to be a part of it. The bulky boots are super popular, and the customers love the vast array of their shoes.

However, many people questioned the suitability of Doc Martens combat boots as winter boots. Are Doc Martens good winter boots? Are Doc Martens good for snow?

This article covers everything you need to know about Dr. Martens being used as winter boots and whether or not they are good at it. So, are you wondering if you should purchase some DMs for this winter? Read this piece as a guide!

Can You Wear Doc Martens in The Snow?

Well, you can wear whatever you want in the snow. But, the real questions are different. Can Doc Martens warm your feet in the snow? Can Doc Martens withstand snow? Are the snow Doc Martens comfortable?

You can wear Doc Martens in the snow, but you should pick the models that are not made of leather. If you are worried about the Doc Martens not keeping your feet warm, wear a thick pair of wool socks before wearing them. It should work just fine.

If you don’t want to let snow ruin Doc Martens, you can use a trick. Try applying mink oil all over them beforehand to make them resistant to the weather and snow. You can also use Doc Martens waterproof spray.

Are Doc Martens Good For Snow? | Things You Need to Know!
Mink oil & Doc Martens waterproof spray

Will Doc Martens Get Ruined in The Snow?

What material is your Dr. Martens made of? Whether or not snow can damage your shoes mainly depends on the material. Doc Martens have a huge variety of shoes, and different materials are used for different models. Nonetheless, most of their models are made of leather– mostly or partially.

Now, if you didn’t know already, snow and leather are not a great combination. Leather can get ruined by the snow very quickly. So, there is a high chance of your expensive Dr. Martens getting ruined in the snow.

Some people said that there is a hack of applying salt as protection to melt the snow down. But I would highly recommend not to use salt on your DMs as it can damage your shoes even more!

Vegan Doc Martens are not made of leather, which is a good solution for this snow-damage issue. Vegan DMs are made of synthetic materials.

The faux leather is artificial and almost feels like original leather. They are perfect as water-resistant leather for preventing snow or water enter the boots. They are not very long-lasting, but brand new boots made of faux leather are great for withstanding the snow without getting damaged.

How Is the Doc Martens Sole Traction in The Snow?

The topic of the sole traction of Doc Martens combat boots has been a debate. Most of the people found it okay. However, some people complained about them not working well enough. There might be a few reasons behind each case.

Regular Doc Martens are not designed to be slip-resistant. They have terrible traction on snow which is why I would highly recommend avoiding wearing them in the snow. But, if you are a true Doc Martens fan, you can always try the slip-resistant ones. They have a considerable grip on slippery surfaces, and if you are not clumsy like me, you will love them.

Are you finding the non-slip Doc Martens not a pair of good enough slip-resistant boots? There is a possibility that you are wearing the wrong size. Oversized boots often make us trip and fall, so make sure to buy your correct size. If they are still not great, you can always switch to alternate options.

Are Doc Martens Winter Boots Worth the Money? Test and Review

If you are going to invest your money in some special Doc Martens snow boots, you must know if they are worth it. But, how can you be sure enough without actually wearing them? Well, don’t worry. My experience will be your savior.

I bought a pair of Doc Martens 1460 winter boots to try and test them. Are they good enough for the money I spent? Let’s find out!

Are Doc Martens Good For Snow? | Things You Need to Know!
Dr. Martens Men’s 1460 WinterGrip Winter Boots

When I first opened the box, I could tell the difference between them and the regular Doc Martens boots. The non-slip soles had grooved cleats, and the boots were thicker. After wearing the boots, I tried to go through a series of walking patterns to see if they could handle them.

Firstly, I tried to walk on snow and slide a little bit to see if I slipped and fell. Guess what? They did handle the sliding without making me stumble, but they felt a little slippery anyway. If you walk carefully in these boots, they will protect you from slipping on ice. However, if you are clumsy, you should go for better non-slip boots.

Secondly, I tried to see if they could handle climbing on piles of snow. Okay yeah, it does sound childish, but hear me out. The boots surprisingly maintained the traction on the piles of snow, which made them deserve extra brownie points.

Now, the real question is – do they keep your feet warm in the snow? Compared to regular Doc Martens combat boots, they keep your feet warmer because of the different materials and lining inside. However, I have had better boots with better warming capacity at this price.

What Are Some of The Alternative Boots for The Snow Instead of Doc Martens?

  • Sorel Caribou Boot
  • Ugg Adirondack III and Ugg Butte
  • Muck Boot Arctic Ice Mid

You might be wondering if you can spend a similar amount of money but buy better boots. Well, of course, you can. The boots mentioned above are excellent as alternative boots for the snow. Let me explain to you why.

Sorel Caribou Boot

Are Doc Martens Good For Snow? | Things You Need to Know!
Caribou Winter Boots – Women’s

Are you specifically looking for excellent traction? Sorel Caribou Boot is for you. They are famous for their superb grip on the floor – both slippery and dry. They have a wide sole underneath, offering a big enough surface area to properly grip the floor.

The beautiful boots are available in various designs and colors for men and women. They keep your feet warm and cozy.

Ugg Adirondack III and Ugg Butte

Are Doc Martens Good For Snow? | Things You Need to Know!
UGG Adirondack III Review

If you are looking for something that will keep your feet warm but will not feel heavy at the same time, these boots are perfect. They are super lightweight, and their wool lining is excellent to keep your feet warm.

These boots available for men and women are famous for their fitting and flexibility. They have an incredible grip on your feet as well as the snow. The combination of a snug fit with fantastic traction is just irresistible.

Muck Boot Arctic Ice Mid

Are Doc Martens Good For Snow? | Things You Need to Know!
Muck Boot Arctic Ice Mid AGAT

These sleek boots are well known for their impressive traction. They are mainly designed to walk on ice with their remarkable base of Vibram arctic grip. They are also available for both men and women. You should definitely try them out if you are looking for an excellent grip on the ground during extreme winter conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Doc Martens Slip-Resistant?

Regular Doc Martens are not slip-resistant. If you are looking for specifically non-slip DMs, you can always check for the features on their official website. The WinterGrip shoes and boots are designed to be non-slip because of the grooved patterns of cleats underneath the soles. They are excellent for having a good grip.

Do Doc Martens Keep Your Feet Warm in The Snow?

The cushion layer of the DMs will keep your feet a little warm, but they are not good enough to protect your feet from the harsh cold. For extra warmth, you can try the Doc Martens snow boots, specially designed with extra fleece and faux fur lining.

Can You Wear Doc Martens in The Rain?

Yes, you can definitely wear Doc Martens in the rain, but you have to make sure you are not out in the rain wearing them for a long time. Doc Martens can withstand rain for a little while. If you stay out in heavy rain for a long, water can seep in through the material and damage your beautiful shoes.

You should waterproof your Doc Martens if you are going out in the rain. Here is an article to help you know more about whether or not are Doc Martens waterproof and how to waterproof your Doc Martens.


So, what can you conclude from all these? Are Dr. Martens good for snow? The answer is yes, you can wear the Doc Martens winter collection in the snow, but they are not strong enough to withstand harsh winter conditions.

Is buying them worth it? Yes, you can buy the winter boots of Doc Martens if you are a true DMs fan. You can wear a thick pair of wool socks to let your Doc Martens warm your feet properly. However, if you are looking for regular winter boots, there are better options out there.

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