How to Make Basketball Shoes More Grippy? | Some Essential Tips!

How to Make Basketball Shoes More Grippy? | Some Essential Tips!

Anyone playing in indoor courts knows how crucially important a role shoe grip plays in facilitating swift and safe breaks and turns. Irrespective of what the surface is, traction of the shoe has a critical role in being able to stick to the floor and allows players to run, shift positions, and cut to the best of their ability.

Causes of Loss of Grip:

Basketball soles play the primary role behind gripping. Soles, in general, tend to wear down quickly. Inferior quality soles show depletion even quicker, leading to reduced friction between the ground and the shoes. They also frequently garner dust and wax, which build upon soles and impede the shoes’ grip. These setbacks can result in basketball players slipping and sliding on the court; this significantly hampers their ability to stop and go, making it tougher to move to the lane or play defense.

Result of Loss of Traction? 

Players can’t make quick, multidirectional moves across the field with maximum precision, and the hazard of injury from slipping accidents upsurges. It makes all the difference in basketball if your movement is one second too early or one second too late. If your slippery shoes obstructing you and you are worried about it, this article is the one for you!

After all, who would want to risk it when even slightly worn-down shoes can weaken your grip and throw you off-performance?

How to Make Basketball Shoes More Grippy? | Some Essential Tips!

How do you make your Basketball Shoes Grippy?

If your shoes feel slippery on a basketball court, there are four methods to try for making them grippy:

  • Cleaning the Sole of Your Shoes
  • Utilizing Shoe Grip Enhancers 
  • Getting a Traction Matt
  • Permanent Solutions

Every basketball fan has grown up seeing NBA players spitting on the soles or licking their palms and applying it on the sole in the middle of the game. While applying saliva does effectively increase grip temporarily, it is not generally advised. This is because it cannot guarantee equal distribution of moisture to the whole shoe, and hence, might leave it feeling more unequal. Secondly, it does not solve the underlying problems and is rather a quick fix. 

Solutions to this problem are an array of simple hacks to modern products specifically designed to develop traction on athletic shoes.

In this post, we look at some common recommendations we have benefitted from!

Cleaning Is the Way to Go

Though grip wears down over time, the first technique to apply to maintain the shape and keep the grip of basketball shoes consistent is cleaning. It is unsurprisingly also the most effective one. No matter how much you play outdoors and indoors, this is the step you absolutely cannot afford to skip.

Out of numerous cleaning methods, here we discuss the ones most effective. 

How do you make your Basketball Shoes Grippy

Keeping the shoe soles clean

This is the first method every basketball player must attempt. A dirty sole will often bog down the grip of the shoe. Your basketball shoes will become slippery if dirt is present. Rubber soles are more prone to accumulating dirt, which can cause the shoes to lose their traction.

That is why the simplest hack to restore the grip of basketball shoes is to clean the bottom of basketball shoes in the right way every day!

Method of Cleaning:

We will talk about two ways we recommend for wiping out the dirt build-up:

Method of Cleaning
  • Light Cleaning:

First, you can use a wet washcloth to wipe down the bottom of your shoe. Grooves of the traction contribute to gripping, and therefore the dust must be wiped out from the grooves. It’s a light wash designed to lift dirt particles off the grooves to prevent sliding accidents. So, you do not need any sort of deep rubbing. Even though indoor basketball shoes are not suggested

to be worn outside, the shoe’s bottom is where loose dust and dirt get accumulated.

  • Heavy Cleaning:

If you are looking for more cleanliness, you can dampen the traction of the basketball shoes with water lathered up with soap and properly scrub the dusting brush gently at the bottom in order to remove the fragments of filth. Additionally, you can get yourself a stiff bristle brush, dip it into the soapy water and get into scrubbing the shoe thoroughly for deeper cleaning. 

How to clean the basketball shoes in the right way?

Here’s a list of crucial pointers for you to take into consideration while cleaning your basketball sneakers:

  1. Read the cleaning instructions that come with your basketball shoes. Follow their instructions by the book since it’s designed according to the shoe style and materials.
  2. Using too much water in cleaning basketball shoes often damages the sole’s rubber, permanently making them unusable.
  3. Opt for a soft towel and dip it in moderate water to better clean the dust out of the sole.
  4. Examine if the material of your basketball shoes is compatible with water with some shoes, you may only be permitted to clean them with a dry cloth.
  5. Never use too much aggression when cleaning the shoes. Applying massive force with the cleaning cloth can be counterproductive as the shoes might become more slippery.
  6. The shoes must be kept in well-ventilated spaces after cleaning in order to allow them to dry completely before you can attempt to wear them to the court.
  • Cleaning the Court

Indoor playing surfaces easily become slick and hazardous. Therefore, it is important to implement the correct techniques to keep the surfaces clean and provide more grip to players to ensure their safety and better performance on the court. 

Using a simple dust mop to sweep the basketball courts regularly will significantly minimize dirt and dust. However, a dry mop alone cannot pick up all the dust particles from the ground, and hence, it cannot guarantee you the best results. We recommend that you use a liquid disinfectant or a similar solution with the mop to wipe the court clean, remove slipperiness, and prioritize hygiene as well as health in the process.

How to Make Basketball Shoes More Grippy? | Some Essential Tips!
  • Utilizing Shoe Grip Enhancers

If you are not satisfied with the results of the above cleaning methods, or if you want to take an extra measure in addition to cleaning, you can try your luck with the shoe grip enhancers. If your shoes are losing a lot of stickiness, and cleaning the sole does not seem to improve the traction, then it’s time to spray the shoe grip-enhancing agent; these grip enhancers may be beneficial. The lotions are widely available sprays designed to coat your shoe to add more tackiness to the sole. A quick spray should result in a noticeable improvement in grip and friction.

We suggest attempting both of the methods described above before jumping to taking the advice provided below. Both the cleaning and grip-enhancing lotion or spray work are individually designed to produce results perfectly, and you can even combine them for the most satisfactory outcome.

  • Using a Traction Mat

Sticky mats and pads are widely available in the market that can be used before stepping on the courts. These special sticky pads, also called traction mats, are devised to provide extra grip and adhesion and are usually found in indoor gyms or on the basketball court.

They are placed in the side of the court where a player can step on them before the game or during breaks. Players may also step on grip lotions poured onto a towel. They accumulate dust and wax that the sole has gathered from the hardwood floor.

Moreover, they also add extra adhesiveness to the rubber sole; consequently, the bottom of the shoe gets instantly cleaned and more grippy. Hair spray can sometimes be used as an alternative and sprayed on the bottom of the shoes to make them stick better to the floor; however, it lasts for a shorter period of time.

How to Make Basketball Shoes More Grippy? | Some Essential Tips!

  • Fixing Grip in-Game

If you’re playing a thrilling basketball match and your traction seems to wear off midway through the game gradually, you must immediately moisten your soles to avoid losing your edge. The quick methods of inducing stickiness to basketball shoes include you either quickly wiping them down your shoes with a wet piece of cloth or wetting your shoes with saliva. You can also rinse your hand in a drinking fountain and wipe it across the bottom of your shoe to increase the traction of your footwear. But don’t let them get too wet, or it will be counterproductive.

  • A More Permanent Fix

1. Replace the Sole

After you’ve exhausted all the techniques described, you will reach a point where your shoe grip wears down beyond the point of repair. In that case, you can have your soles fixed by a mending service for shoes.

Hand the shoe to a skilled shoe cobbler to get the replacement done. Replacing your old sole can make the whole pair feel brand new with its increased comfort and grip. It will typically cost you less than making a new purchase of shoes. However, if shoe repair isn’t an option, it is high time you purchased new shoes.

How to Make Basketball Shoes More Grippy? | Some Essential Tips!

2. New Purchase

You might actually want to spend a little extra money to get the best results. It will undeniably be worth it if it lets you play and win like a champion. We suggest opting for a reputed brand for your competition shoes. They may not be cost-effective, but they can improve your performance with their ultimate comfort, grip, and support during quick turns and direction changes. They will also protect you from slipping and injuring yourself.

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Final Words

Many people jump to buying new shoes if the traction doesn’t feel right, or they find themselves slipping on the court. But here, we explored the easy methods to keep your grip strong, and we hope that you will try them and figure out which one works best for you. 

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