Are Jordans Slip Resistant? (Complete Guide)

Are Jordans Slip Resistant? (Complete Guide)

Jordans are known for manufacturing high-performance sneakers. Apart from the unique looks, Jordans are great for playing basketball. All basketball shoes need to have some traction and slip protection.

The shoes are designed so you don’t fall awkwardly on the pitch and injure yourself. But are Jordans slip resistant? Can you Jordans them to work?

In this article, we will explore whether Jordans are non slip shoes or not. So, let’s get started.

Are Jordans Slip Resistant?

The answer is yes on dry surfaces and no on wet surfaces (water, oil, grease). Most Jordan shoes come with good traction for playing basketball on courts. For this reason, you will not have any issues walking and running on dry surfaces.

However, you should not rely on Jordans when it comes to wet surfaces. There is a chance you may slip and hurt yourself. Don’t do it if you are wondering about wearing Jordans shoes to work (e.g., restaurant or any other workplace with wet surfaces).

It will save you a lot of money- Jordans are pretty expensive, and you can save on medical bills (slip injuries). I am being serious about this. If you are still not convinced why Jordans shoes are not good as slip-resistant shoes, let me explain.

Are Jordans Slip Resistant? (Complete Guide)

4 Reasons Why Jordans Are Not Slip-Resistant on Wet Surfaces

1. Tread pattern

An ideal slip-resistant shoe will have either hexagonal tread patterns or circular ones. Many Jordan shoes have unique tread patterns that look cool but are not significant in terms of slip resistance.

sturdy EVA outsoles of nike jordan

2. No grooves

Grooves are crucial in slip-resistant shoes. Grooves are not ideal in a sneaker, and so many people Love them or hate them. Grooves differentiate slip-resistant shoes from the other ones. I haven’t seen any Jordan shoe to have any kind of grooves. It’s quite understandable as adding grooves may affect the performance of these sneakers on the court.

Grooves make the shoe flexible while preventing fluids from sticking to the bottom of the shoe. The grooves channel out the water that may get underneath the shoe because of walking on wet surfaces.

3. No flat-edged sole

You may not have even had this in mind. It may seem silly, but flat-edged soles perform much better than the other ones on wet surfaces. That’s why slip-resistant shoes should have flat-edged soles. Such types of soles prevent sliding by trapping water or any other type of liquids under the shoe.

4. Outsole material

Rubber outsoles are the best when it comes to slip-resistant shoes. Most modern Jordans have rubber outsoles, but they are not as durable or flexible for wet surfaces. If you prefer a vintage Jordan, make sure to check the quality of the rubber.

I hope you have got the answer of your question, are Jordans slip resistant? But are there Jordan shoes that are considered as non slip shoes?

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Which Jordans Are Non-Slip? (Are Jordans Non Slip Shoes?)

You already know that Jordans shoes will provide traction on dry surfaces. But if you are looking for a Jordan compatible with work settings, you need protection on wet surfaces as well.

I have tested many Jordan shoes and found the following ones slip-resistant to some extent.

Air Jordan XXXVI

Air Jordan XXXVI is a modern and non-slip shoe. It’s a basketball shoe, not exactly designed for work. However, I tested the shoe, and it did pretty well. It’s super lightweight and has excellent energy return and good slip resistance.

My only complaints with the shoe are the upper and the price. It’s not water-resistant and was really expensive.

Zoom Freak 3

The next one in my lineup is the Zoom Freak 3. This one also has multidirectional traction for slip resistance and is lightweight. The upper is not water-resistant, though. Some designs are bizarre. If you want to get this shoe, look for a good design.

At the moment, these are the only shoes that I have tried and found decent as slip-resistant shoes. If you have used other ones, feel free to share them in our comment section.

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Can You Wear Jordans to Work?

Well, it depends on the type of job. If you work in a dry environment, you can wear Jordan shoes. But I don’t think Jordans have the perfect looks for a formal work environment. If you still want to wear them, make sure your employers permit them.

However, if you work in restaurants or work as a pet groomer, you may need to work on wet surfaces. Jordan shoes do not perform well on wet surfaces. If you want to avoid injuries and work without worrying, avoid wearing Jordans to work.

Nike Non Slip Shoes for Restaurants

Nike is a sports brand. It’s not the best as work shoes for restaurant workers. However, I did some research and managed to find some non-slip shoes that are good for restaurant workers.

Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour NXT%

Though it is a golf shoe, this is a perfect non-slip shoe. The Infinity Tour NXT% has plenty of room for your foot. It has great energy return and is extremely comfortable. The treaded lugs make sure you don’t slip while moving.

Nike SFB Field 2 8″ Gore-Tex

The SFB Field 2 is a monster of a shoe. It’s basically a tactical boot. The shoe is completely water-resistant and designed for heavy-duty environments. The tread pattern is ideal for wet surfaces, so you don’t slip. However, if you use this shoe daily, the tread will wear off early.

Nike Air Force 1 (Sustainable material boot)

This is one of my personal favorites. The shoe resembles the original and wildly popular Air Force 1 base version. But this one is far more sturdy and slip-resistant. The water-resistant upper will keep the cold and wet at bay and keep your feet dry.

The shoe is quite comfortable and reasonably lightweight despite all the protection. The specially designed treads ensure you don’t slip on any surface.

Are Jordans Non Slip Shoes? (Summary)

So are Jordans slip-resistant?

Jordans are revolutionary shoes inspired by the NBA legend Michael Jordan. It’s normal to be a fan of this iconic brand of sneakers. But if you are looking for slip-resistant shoes for work, Jordan shoe is not a good choice.

Jordans are too much expensive. You would want to see these precious sneakers in good condition for a long time. Jordans will wear off fast if you overuse them. Additionally, there are risks of injury on wet surfaces.

If you don’t do a lot of standing or work a long time, you can still wear Jordans to work. Just make sure to confirm that your workspace allows it. If you work in restaurants, cafes, or any other places where the surface is wet, avoid Jordans.

There are much more comfortable and cheaper alternatives to Jordans. You should consider them for work. Why would you spoil those lovely Jordans at work? You can save your precious sneaker for special occasions, casual walks, or playing basketball wearing them.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading our article, are Jordans non slip shoes. Now let’s look at some related questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are basketball shoes slip-resistant?

Basketball shoes have good traction for courts. But they don’t qualify as slip-resistant shoes. Slip-resistant shoes are not good for all sports. Basketball shoes are geared for performance. Slip resistance is not the major concern here. Hence, basketball shoes are not slip-resistant.

Are Jordan 1s slip-resistant?

No, Air Jordan 1s are not slip-resistant. You will get decent traction on basketball courts for moving freely. The Air Jordan 1 helps the wearer to maintain a strong foothold and prevents slipping. But it’s not good for work settings.

Are Jordan 4 slip-resistant?

No, Air Jordan 4 has terrible slip resistance. The sneaker has decent traction but is not good enough for wet surfaces. The shoe is heavy and has a huge heel counter which is not ideal for a slip-resistant shoe.

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