Skechers vs Allbirds (7 Key Differences)

Skechers vs Allbirds (7 Key Differences)

Skechers shoes were founded way back in 1992 and now proved to be the third most prominent brand of athletic footwear in the US. Their sneakers are super comfy for all sports, and their sales have been better than ever!

Allbirds was launched in 2016, but it defeated most competitors and claimed to be responsible for producing the world’s comfiest shoes.

Skechers and Allbirds produce very similar sneakers, resulting in constant competition in their features. The main question is, Skechers vs Allbirds – which one is better?

What Is the Difference Between Skechers and Allbirds?

The main difference between Skechers and Allbirds is the purpose of the shoes. Skechers mainly focus on being an athletic brand, whereas Allbirds is more about being a daily wear brand.

Another difference between Skechers and Allbirds is that the Skechers have more models that are waterproof and can survive through heavy rain. On the other hand, Allbirds do not claim to have waterproof shoes, but their shoes have proven to survive light rain and stay intact.

Their commitment to sustainability is an interesting fact about Allbirds that makes them stand out. Allbirds make their laces from recycled bottles; the other parts are also derived from sustainable materials.


Although Skechers have specialized shows for athletes, you can wear their shoes in almost any work environment for the utmost comfort they provide. Their shoes are super comfortable and cushioning, preventing sore feet after you wear them all day.

Skechers vs Allbirds (7 Key Differences)

Allbirds plan to be the most comfortable shoes out there, but their cushioning may not be up to the mark compared to Skechers. Allbirds and Skechers are comfortable individually, but if compared, Skechers takes the prize. However, the recent models of Skechers have been a little heavier, which might cause discomfort to the runners.

Skechers vs Allbirds (7 Key Differences)


Skechers usually run true to size for people with narrow feet. However, people with regular or wide feet should go half or a full-size up. Skechers shoes come in half, making it super easy to find the perfect fit.

Allbirds shoes run true to size but do not come in half sizes. This makes it difficult for people to find the right size, who wear in between sizes. This can easily be solved by going for the next bigger size.


As mentioned above, Allbirds are incredibly committed to making your sustainable footwear choice successful. They use soft Merino wool from New Zealand, and their midsoles consist of SweetFoam, which comes from Brazilian sugarcanes. They also use recycled bottles, castor bean oil, and Bio-TPU.

Allbirds material is so comfortable that you can wear the shoes without socks. This can cause them to smell a little because of absorbing the sweat directly, but you can easily avoid that by washing them.

Skechers vs Allbirds (7 Key Differences)

Skechers’ shoes are mainly use leather, canvas, plastic, rubber, polyester, metal, etc. They are not as sustainable as Allbirds and choose to produce their shoes using regular and convenient materials.


On average, you can run for 800 miles wearing Skechers before you can see signs of damage. The material is authentic, supportive, and durable, which keeps your shoes as good as new for a long time. Moreover, Skechers have repairable models that can extend the life of your shoes by a lot in exchange for a bit of servicing.

In general, Allbirds shoes are durable and can last up to 2 years. They are not repairable, which is a con, but you can easily wash them from time to time. After six months of regular wearing, I have washed my Allbirds, and they look straight out of the box!

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Skechers has almost 1800 styles of shoes for kids, men, women, etc. Since they have athletic shoes, they have different models for different sports to make it easier to choose. Their shoes are high-functioning as well as stylish.

Allbirds has widened their variety by giving you several options to choose from on their official website. You can choose shoes for running and every day. You can also select shoes based on their material or colors. Shopping on their official website is super easy because all the varieties are arranged and categorized perfectly.


Skechers have a wide range of shoes with prices both reasonable and expensive. Their shoes can cost from $17 for kids and toddlers, and those for adults can go up to $210.

Allbirds shoes usually cost between $30 and $160 or above, depending on the styles you are getting.

Skechers vs Allbirds (7 Key Differences)
Skechers vs Allbirds (7 Key Differences)


Skechers is available worldwide on their official website and other websites like Amazon. If you shop online, you can quickly get your favorite model with the perfect style. You can also find them in physical stores since they are one of the most popular sneakers brands.

Allbirds did not expand their wholesale soon enough, which they are now looking forward to. Allbirds initially intended direct marketing with the users instead of other retailers like Amazon. This is now changing and will make Allbirds available everywhere.

Table for comparison (Skechers vs Allbirds)

Let’s take a better view of the comparison of Skechers and Allbirds to help you make an informed choice.

ComfortMore comfortable cushioningComfortable enough
SizingMostly true to size but can run smaller for wide feetTrue to size
MaterialSneakers are mostly made of canvas, rubber, and polyesterSustainable materials from plants and trees
DurabilityDurable and repairableDurable and washable
VarietyAbout 1800 modelsWide range of styles
CostFrom $17 to $210From $30 to $160 or more
AvailabilityAvailable everywhereAvailable


Skechers and Allbirds are both excellent brands of shoes meeting different types of needs. If you are interested in athletic shoes, Skechers is your solution. For daily wear, Allbirds is an innovative and sustainable choice.

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