Are Nike Air Max Good For Walking? (Complete Guide)

Are Nike Air Max Good For Walking? (Complete Guide)

Shoes may get outdated with time but not the purpose they were built for – walking. Forget sports shoes, designer shoes, and any other types of shoes that have come out over the decades. The main factor which matters for any shoe is if they serve their purpose of walking as a user may desire.

In this article, the particular shoe we shall be looking at today is the Nike Air Max, one of which I own. So now you must be thinking the question – are Nike Air Max good for walking? Besides covering this question, we have also covered most comfortable Nike shoes for walking and standing all day.

Are Nike Air Max Good for Walking? (Quick Answer)

Yes, most Nike Air Max is suitable for walking. If you happen to be around an area where the surface is not smooth and is oddly rough to walk on, Air Max shoes will make your situation easier with its midsole, suitable for unforgiving surfaces and foot pain caused by said surface as well.

However, there a few models of Nike Air Max that can give you an unwanted experience of discomfort. We will get into all the good and bad models of Nike Air Max shoes later in this article.

But, as I said above, I use a particular model (which I will get to later) of Nike Air Max shoes, which have served me well up until now. However, I cannot count the easy days when I had to wear the shoes and walk in them all day without a break. So I guess that answers your question – are Nike Air Max good for walking? Because trust me, they are.

Are Nike Air Max Good For Walking? (Complete Guide)

From my experience, Nike Air Max shoes are great for walking in all day, considering you get the right fit for your foot. However, a lousy fit, be it loose or tight, may ruin the experience altogether for you, even though the Air Max series of shoes are excellent in general.

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So what makes most Nike Air Max good for walking? Let’s get into that.

4 Reasons Why Nike Air Max Are Good for Walking

1. Nike Air Max Shoes Have Sufficient Padding

The tremendous level of padding in the shoes is what I’m grateful for, which helps keep your feet in good form when walking in Air Max shoes. Lack of sturdy air pockets may not offer you the luxury of doing rough sports wearing them. Nonetheless, they are still great for walking.

2. Nike Air Max Shoes Offer Great Arch Support

Are Nike Air Max Good For Walking? (Complete Guide)

Nike Air Max shoes are also well known for their superior arch support that takes your comfort to the next level. It might be undesirable for people with flat feet but arched feet are going to rest in comfort wearing Nike Air Max shoes.

3. Nike Air Max Shoes Have Comfortable Soles that Mold Into the Shape of Your Feet

The sole’s shape is low in the front and high in the back, creating muscle memory for your feet when walking. It breaks in according to the shape of your feet with time making it super comfy to walk.

4. Nike Air Max Shoes Are Super Durable

The Nike Air Max shoes are also known for their adequate level of durability that lasts for years if you take care of the shoes in the right way. They are not only good for walking, but will also last for years!

Are Nike Air Max Good For Walking? (Complete Guide)

Even though Air Max shoes are advertised as lifestyle shoes, you can even use them to go to the gym and do cardio. So forget to buy a new pair of shoes for light exercising if you have Air Max ones lying around.

Are Nike Air Max 90 Good for Walking? (Read This Fast)

The Nike Air Max 90 does not disappoint if you want to take these out for a walk. It has additional cushioning and features that promote traction due to its thick outsole. The shoes keep their grip on both smooth and wet surfaces, making them ready for almost any terrain you can throw at them.

Are Nike Air Max Good For Walking? (Complete Guide)
Nike Air Max 90

The platform on these shoes is sturdy because the outsole and the shoes contain rubber that is not prone to the usual wear and tears that most shoes cannot outlast for long enough.

Furthermore, the midsole is also thick, and with it being Air-Sole engineered, you can expect the shoe to be shock absorbent without a doubt. So feel free to jump and land wherever and however you want to!

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Are Nike Air Max 270 Good for Walking? (Quick Facts)

Do not be perplexed by the naming of this particular Air Max. The 270 stands for the ‘Air’ surrounded from the heel to the midfoot.

Unlike the Air Max 90, the 270 is not suggested to be used for long walks if that is what you intend to do. The same applies to most sports activities. Although the 270 does do well in terms of wearing them generally or going to the gym. Even standing in them all day is a breeze.

Walking aside, the 270 is an excellent pair of shoes released by Nike for the Air Max series and will last you for a long time to come.

Nike Air Max 270
Nike Air Max 270

Are Nike Air Max 97 Good for Walking? (Quick Answer)

The Air Max 97s are notorious for being the least comfortable shoes in the entire Air Max collection. The general consensus for the 97s is that the sole feels like concrete, and the shoes, in general, are so stiff that standing or walking in them all day will be terrible for your feet.

Are Nike Air Max Good For Walking? (Complete Guide)
Nike Air Max 97

Users agree that while the Air Max 97 is not comfortable for them, the looks and aesthetics on them compensate enough for those who prioritize the design and style of shoes. There is also the fact of these shoes being bulky for people to even move in them properly. Your feet will get fatigued when you start walking in these shoes over a considerable distance.

The 97s are also known to be slippery and have little to no grip in them, for that matter. Therefore, you are better off avoiding buying the 97s unless you want a good design for your money.

Are Nike Air Max 95 Good for Walking? (Important Facts)

Ah yes, the Air Max 95. One of my favorite Air Max shoes Nike ever released. Having personally owned a pair myself, I cannot help but suggest buying them if you ever get the chance to.

As long as you get the right fit for your feet, you will not be disappointed by the Nike Air Max 95s. I have used them for about 2-3 years, and they have stood the test of time like it is nothing!

Are Nike Air Max Good For Walking? (Complete Guide)
Nike Air Max 95

They still look brand new unless you decide to peep for scuff marks here and there.

What are Air Max shoes good for?

The name itself is self-explanatory – Air Max shoes are suitable for comfort and support. Every Air Max has Air units that have the ‘sole’ purpose of providing a superior level of cushioning in comparison to traditional foam and at the same time reducing weight.

Are Nike Air Max Good For Walking? (Complete Guide)

The Air units are designed with translucent pockets of embedded gas-pressurized in the midsole and can be seen from the outside of the shoe. It makes for an excellent design that is also comfortable at the same time.

Which Nike shoes are Good for walking?

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

First of all, is the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38. This pair of shoes consists of the famous Nike React Foam technology, one of Nike’s best cushioning innovations, and has been tested to return 13% more energy than any previous cushioning Nike had to offer while being 11% softer at the same time.

The technology is lightweight, making it easier to lift shoes and durable, which means it cannot wear out that easily.

The upper is made of breathable mesh, which is comfortable and durable. Additionally, the toes will experience a wider fit which is a must for most customers, if not all.

Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit

Are Nike Air Max Good For Walking? (Complete Guide)
Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit

These particular shoes are not to be underestimated. While comfort is not the primary purpose of these shoes, their goal is breathability. Do you know that feeling of having sweaty and smelly feet after a day’s worth of work? Why do you think it happens? Because of your shoes not having good breathability, duh!

The Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit uses breathable and supportive fabric that helps with air circulation and fits and stretches just like a sock or sole would. Sounds nice, right?

No need to even worry about the toes. The shoes have just enough room for your toes to wiggle around without being hurt.

Nike Air Max 2017

Are Nike Air Max Good For Walking? (Complete Guide)
Nike Air Max 2017

Do not forget that fit matters just as much as comfort and breathability, which the Air Max 2017 offers without an issue. In their reviews, users on Nike’s website have said how easy fitting these shoes is without needing much effort from their side.

But you are suggested to order a size bigger as the shoes are not true to size for some folks out there. There have also been complaints about the shoestrings being too short to be tied. But other than these complaints, the shoes are great to fit on your feet!

Most comfortable Nike shoes for standing all-day

I guess I have answered your question – are Nike Air Max good for walking? Now, let’s dig into a few super comfy models of other Nike shoes that I absolutely love! These Nike shoes are life saviours when it comes to standing all day.

Nike Air Zoom Structure 24

Are Nike Air Max Good For Walking? (Complete Guide)
Nike Air Zoom Structure 24

Boasting the Nike Air Zoom structure, these shoes are no joke at all when it comes to offering stability for standing all day long due to whatever task you have.

The Nike Air Zoom Structure 24 is the shoe to go for if you want the perfect blend between softness and firmness that helps to not be harsh on your feet when you are out there working.

Nike Juniper Trail

Are Nike Air Max Good For Walking? (Complete Guide)
Nike Juniper Trail

The Nike Juniper Trail is not just known for the comfort it offers for users who end up standing all day for their work but also for how budget-friendly these shoes are when compared to most other shoes in the market.

These shoes can also be used for off-road surfaces and have good enough grip to not let you slip even on slippery surfaces.

Nike Air Monarch IV

Are Nike Air Max Good For Walking? (Complete Guide)
Nike Air Monarch IV

This shoe will be a great experience for you if you are used to standing all day and your feet cannot withstand it. The reason for this is the EVA foam midsole which contains a fully functional Nike Air bag that makes the user feel comfortable without a problem.

Another benefit to note is that the EVA frame also helps with support, ensuring your feet do not hurt when you are standing in the same spot for hours.

The rubber sole even provides traction on smooth surfaces and is durable at the same time. Sounds nice for a pair of shoes which cost just $75!


In a nutshell, most of the Nike Air Max shoes are good for walking. You will be walking in whatever shoes you choose to buy or wear, hence making it very important to choose your shoes wisely. However, I do not regret getting my own Air Max 95s and walking in them for hours and hours. These shoes never hurt my feet, and I intend to use them more for years to come.

But make sure you stay away from the Nike Air Max models that doesn’t go well with your feet or have uncomfortable features.

It is my recommendation to get the right Air Max shoes for yourself. But choose according to whatever features of a shoe you prioritize.

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