4 Reasons Why Nike Blazers are Not Good for Running

Are Nike Blazers good for running?

Nike Blazers are really popular because of their versatile design, particularly the iconic Nike swoosh on the shoe. It was initially a basketball shoe but gradually transformed into a lifestyle shoe as well. The shoes are great for gym sessions, but if you want to run wearing them, you need to know- are Nike Blazers suitable for running? Can you run in Nike Blazers?

Nike Blazers are not good for running. The reasons for that are the flat sole and minimal cushioning of the shoe. These features make the shoe ideal for lifting weights at the gym and playing basketball, but they don’t feel comfortable when you try running. There are many additional issues with the Nike Blazers, which we discussed in this article.

In this article, we will discuss why Nike Blazers are not good for running. The article outlines 4 aspects of the shoe that make it a poor choice as a running shoe. Now, we will talk about the aspects in great detail. Stay tuned to find out.

4 Reasons why Nike Blazers are not Good for Running

Nike Blazers are cool to look at and compliments a variety of clothes, and they are super affordable as well. But you cannot expect much from this shoe in terms of running. Let’s elaborate on why they are not suitable for running.

1. Nike Blazer Has Poor Breathability

The Nike Blazer has a neat leather finish. However, leather is not the most breathable material on a shoe’s upper. On top of that, the leather quality on Nike Blazers is average as well. You will definitely feel the heat after a bit of sprinting.

On a hot summer day, the Nike Blazers are really uncomfortable for runners. Your feet will get sweaty. If you continue wearing them for too long, you might get some foot diseases as well.

4 Reasons Why Nike Blazers are Not Good for Running
Poor Breathability

Many people ignore or overlook the breathability of shoes. You should definitely consider the breathability of a running shoe. The poor breathability is one of the reasons why we do not recommend the Nike Blazers for running.

2. Nike Blazer Is Quite Rigid for Running

Running shoes should be snug to hold your feet in the right place. Additionally, it should have ample space for your toes so you can run comfortably. While Nike Blazers fit quite tight, it does not leave enough room for the toes.

4 Reasons Why Nike Blazers are Not Good for Running
High Rigidity

The Blazers are uncomfortably rigid. It’s a known fact that the feet’s size changes during the day if you are running.

Good running shoes ensure the hot air gets out, and the extra space makes sure the shoe does not get too tight.

The rigidity, along with the lack of breathability in the Nike Blazers, makes them a poor shoe for running.

When you are taking turns, the shoe should be flexible enough (not too flexible, not too tight) for you to absorb the impact. The Blazers perform poorly in this aspect.

I hope you are enjoying our article, are Nike Blazers good for running? Let’s move to the next point.

3. The Nike Blazer Has a Flat Sole

The flat sole in Nike Blazers is not a pleasant experience. It may be ideal for lifting weights because it distributes the weight evenly and helps you push off the ground efficiently. But while running, a flat sole will hurt your feet.

Running shoes should have a thicker sole and offer arch support. You will probably wear running shoes for a long time.

The Nike Blazers cannot be worn for a long time because of the discomfort caused by the flat sole.

4 Reasons Why Nike Blazers are Not Good for Running

If you wear flat-soled shoes for a long time, it can cause some health problems for you, such as plantar fasciitis, blisters, skeletal misalignments, and so on.

Shoes without good arch support can cause extreme heel pain. Resting your feet will only give you temporary relief. 

Although Nike Blazers have rubber outsoles for better grip and traction, the flat nature of the soles makes them irrelevant. That’s why you should avoid running wearing a Nike Blazer shoe.

So can you run in Nike Blazers despite having not much arch support? Well, you shouldn’t.

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4. Nike Blazers Have Minimal Cushioning

Running is a high-impact activity. Thus, running shoes need appropriate cushioning to absorb the impact and protect your feet while you run.

4 Reasons Why Nike Blazers are Not Good for Running

A good running shoe’s cushioning hits a sweet spot between too hard and too soft. Your feet will hurt if there is very little cushioning or too much cushioning.

Excess cushioning will cause instability while you run, and insufficient cushioning will not only damage your feet but also cause some health problems like back pain, torn plantar fascia, etc.

Professional runners wear zero-drop shoes or shoes without any cushioning. It helps them run faster. However, they need to go through rigorous training and improve gradually to adjust to the zero-drop shoes. So, if you are not a professional runner, Nike Blazer is a bad choice for you.

Now I hope that you have enough information to decide whether Nike Blazers are good for running or not.

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Are Nike Blazers Good for Running (Summary)

Nike Blazers was originally launched in the 1970s as a basketball shoe. The shoe became hugely popular and came back into the market a couple of years back. People started treating the Nike Blazers as a lifestyle shoe gradually. However, it cannot be compared to modern running shoes.

Nike Blazers are comfortable and fit tight as running shoes should. But we cannot find any other positive aspect of the Blazers as a running shoe. It misses out on some key features every running shoe should have. 

The shoe has almost no cushioning and poor breathability. The rigid nature of the shoe makes it uncomfortable to run in and bears the risk of injuries. 

The Nike Blazers is a great shoe for casual wear, considering its affordability and versatility. But if running is your main concern, the Blazers are not good for you.

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