Nike Blazers for Walking & Standing All Day : Are They Good?

Nike Blazers for Walking & Standing All Day : Are They Good?

Nike Blazers being one of the most known basketball shoes has always been the talk of the footwear industry. The simple yet elegant style of these Blazers might make you styling them all day. Now you may wonder if Nike Blazers are comfortable for walking and standing all day or not.

Nike Blazers are very good for walking and standing all day due to the strong traction and foot support. However, it takes time to break in these blazers which might cause difficulty in wearing them all day/ walking in the beginning. The shoe material also affects the wearer experience sometimes.

If you want to know more on what Nike Blazers offers, stick till the end!

Are Nike Blazers Comfortable?

Nike Blazers are definitely comfortable for everyday walking, running, weightlifting and more.

The padded insole, super traction that keeps feet in place, nice leather, easy to break in etc. quality makes it a comfortable and good solution for everyday footwear.

If you break into Nike Blazers properly, you can easily have a comfortable footwear experience.

Nike Blazers for Walking & Standing All Day : Are They Good?

✤ Are Nike Blazers Good for Walking?

Nike Blazers are a good choice for walking because it contains a lot of amazing features such as- a good and well constructed sole, durability, breathability and more. But there are few issues that are faced by customers.

… Advantages …


Nike Blazers can fit well to your feet. Nike Blazers fit easily to the narrow feet. But people with wide feet might feel a bit uncomfortable wearing them for the first time due to tightness around the toe box.

To avoid this issue, you can go for half size up to prevent the uncomfortness.


Nike Blazers offer a great traction for everyday wear and walking in it. The rubber outsole plays a great role in it. The herringbone tread pattern rubber outsole with no marking provides a great traction.

This helps in keeping the foot in place and prevents the foot sliding across the surface of the sneaker. By this amazing traction, there is less chance of slipping while walking everyday.

Nike Blazers for Walking & Standing All Day : Are They Good?


The smooth leather cover of the Nike Blazers is contrasted with the hairy suede trim around the toe cap. This helps in breaking in the Nike Blazers easily.  It also provides enough ventilation while also providing support for the foot.

However, not all Nike Blazers offer the best breathability. It basically depends on the wearers personal choice and the type of materials used in the sneaker.

Nike Blazers for Walking & Standing All Day : Are They Good?


Nike Blazers design is very versatile and it never goes out of style. These Blazers are wearable in every season, specially during winters as it has leather material that helps keep the feet warm.

You can style the Nike Blazers with jeans, loose trousers, with a variety of tops anyday. The different colors in the Blazers gives you endless options to choose from. This is the reason why Nike Blazers are still so popular among all people.


For walking purposes, the minimal cushioning that Nike Blazers offers are actually a good choice. Zoom Air cushioning technology has been included into the design of the Nike Blazer SB, which also features a cushioned collar and insoles.

Nike Blazers for Walking & Standing All Day : Are They Good?

. . . Disadvantages . . .


Nike Blazers are tough to break in. The breaking in issues can occur due to the leather and synthetic material used in these shoes. Thus, even if it runs true to size, it can still be a big issue for everyone.

For breaking in the Blazers easily, you can wear thick socks frequently while wearing sneakers. You can also use a shoe stretcher to stretch the upper material to break in the shoes easily.

Another option is to not tie the laces tightly while wearing the shoes for trying the shoe in the initial times.

Nike Blazers for Walking & Standing All Day : Are They Good?

Thus, you can easily break in these Nike Blazers easily even if the shoes are true to size.


Nike Blazers for Walking & Standing All Day : Are They Good?

The discoloration of these shoes opposite to their online page is another issue. Even though the design and color of the Nike Blazers are amazing, some customers did complain about getting a pinkish or peachy colored tongue instead of getting white ones like the ones online.

Flat soles

Flat soles of the Nike Blazer are a very big cons of all. Nike Blazers have a flat sole and do not provide good arch support or cushion the heels.

Your gait will become less stable as a result of wearing flat-soled shoes since these shoes do not offer a stable base for you to walk on. Because of this, your knees, pelvis, hips, and spine will try to adjust, which will result in a shift in the alignment of your skeletal structure.

Also the arch support is also not given properly in all Nike Blazers. It provides very little arch support which can cause heel pain eventually.

Less ventilation

Even though breathability is a pro in some Nike Blazers, there are sneakers of this range which do not have proper ventilation. For instance,

The Nike SB Blazer has only two breathable holes in the whole shoe. The absence of the breathable parts keeps your feet warm and makes it sweaty.

Nike Blazers for Walking & Standing All Day : Are They Good?

Thus, for a good walking experience, you will not find the Nike Blazers a good choice.

Are Nike Blazers Good for Standing All Day?

Nike Blazers can be a good option for standing all day just like it is for walking. The features that Nike Blazers hold for walking can also be considered thefeatures for standing all day in it. But all pros and cons of these shoes depend on the material type and personal preference.

Hence, if you want to buy it to stand all day in it, you can either go through the above pros and cons or ask people to share their experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Nike Blazers ‘77 vintage comfortable?

Nike Blazers ‘778 vintage is comfortable for daily wear or everyday walking. These shoes have a stable and good quality upper and sole that helps in wearing them even when you are working out. The durability and designs are some other good factors that make you confidently wear these shoes while fitting  in comfortably.

2. Are Nike Blazers low comfortable?

Nike Blazers low are pretty comfortable and cozy for everyday use. These shoes give the wearer freedom of movement and allow them to have a comfortable footwear experience.

3. Are Nike Blazers good for running?

Nike Blazers are not a good choice for running as these do not provide a decent arch support or cushion. This can eventually give you foot pain related issues. Moreover, there is a breathability issue that makes your feet sweat all day and thus make the shoes smelly.

You can check our article on Nike Blazers for running.

Final words

Nike Blazers are definitely one of the comfortable shoes that you can wear for both walking and standing all day. If you feel comfortable walking in these blazers, then you can wear them all day too. But before you buy it, make sure to try the shoes on and see if the material type or size suits you. If you feel comfortable, go for the Blazers and style them everyday.

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