Are Yeezys Non-Slip? (Complete Guide)

Are Yeezys Non-Slip? (Complete Guide)

Are Yeezys worth the hype? Yeezys have been popular in the slides and sneakers world for quite some time now. Are Yeezys that good? Or is it just all about tremendous branding?

Comfort and durability are the key features for a pair of shoes to be worth the hype and price. Another essential feature is slip resistance. Let’s be honest. All of us prefer non-slip slides and sneakers for running long miles or running some errands. What about Yeezys? Are Yeezys non-slip?

In this article, we shall find out if Yeezy shoes are non-slip and, if yes, which ones are non-slip. Let’s dig in!

Are Yeezys Non-Slip?

In general, Yeezys have a few models of non-slip shoes, but not all of their shoes are non-slip. Most of their sneakers and slides are made of EVA and algae-based foam that can provide you with good enough traction. However, the treads and patterns of their outsoles play a significant role in making them non-slip or regular.

I have owned a few different models of Yeezy sneakers and slides, and none of them made me slip here and there while wearing them outside. However, many users and potential customers had queries about Yeezy shoes being officially non-slip. A lot of people need non-slip shoes for work, and it is essential to know which models of shoes will provide them with that support.

Are Yeezys Non-Slip? (Complete Guide)
Are Yeezys Non-Slip? (Complete Guide)
Are Yeezys Non-Slip? (Complete Guide)

Even if all the models of Yeezys are not officially non-slip, some are pretty non-slip and perform very well on wet surfaces. If you already own a pair of Yeezys and wondering if they are non-slip, keep reading to find out!

Which Yeezys Are Non-Slip?

Let us go through a list of non-slip Yeezy shoes to help you out with the confusion once and for all. Which Yeezys are non-slip? Here you have your answer:

  • Yeezy Slides
  • Yeezy Foam Runners
  • Yeezy 350
  • Yeezy 380

Now, let us briefly look at the most popular models of Yeezys and find out if they are slip-resistant.

Are Yeezy Foam Runners Non-Slip?

Are Yeezys Non-Slip? (Complete Guide)

Yeezy Foam Runners are not officially labeled non-slip shoes, but their traction is impressive. They are made of algae-based EVA foam material with wave-like treads and patterns on the outsole. This provides enough traction to prevent you from slipping, but it is not recommended to run in the rain outside wearing them.

Are Yeezy 700 Non-Slip?

Are Yeezys Non-Slip? (Complete Guide)

The Yeezy 700 shoes are non-slip only on dry surfaces. These shoes’ outsole lacks deep treads, making them very slippery on wet surfaces.

Many users inquired whether or not the Yeezy 700s were non-slip shoes, and they were told to get actual non-slip shoes to avoid risks.

Are Yeezy 350 Non-Slip?

Are Yeezys Non-Slip? (Complete Guide)

Yeezy 350 shoes are slip-resistant because of the rubber outsoles and the midsoles with Adidas BOOST technology. The websites selling these shoes include their slip resistance as one of their key features.

The rubber outsoles stick to surfaces because of the material and the ribbed treads on the outsoles. The pattern grips on surfaces, making them a safer choice to wear on wet surfaces.

Are Yeezy 500 Non-Slip?

Are Yeezys Non-Slip? (Complete Guide)

Yeezy 500 shoes are not non-slip shoes. They are a combination of suede and rubber with minimal treads on the outsole, making them bare slip-resistant.

The design and colors are attractive, but if you want to choose a pair of non-slip shoes for work or rain, this is not the best option.

Are Yeezy 380 Non-Slip?

Are Yeezys Non-Slip? (Complete Guide)

Yeezy 380 are non-slip shoes. They have rubber outsoles that provide considerable traction in the rain and on wet surfaces. The outsoles are also super durable to stay intact in harsh conditions making them an excellent choice for slip-resistant shoes.

Can I Wear Yeezy in The Rain?

You can wear Yeezy shoes in the rain. Most of them are super durable to stay perfect under harsh conditions. But, wearing many Yeezy sneakers may not be the best decision if you are afraid of slipping in the rain. While a few models of Yeezys shoes are non-slip, many of them are not, which can make you slip on the wet roads and embarrass yourself.

If you have to wear Yeezys outside in the rain, choose one of the non-slip Yeezys from the list above, and you are good to go.

If you care about damaging your shoes, try wearing Yeezy slides in the rain because they stay perfect under harsh conditions.

Can Yeezy Slides Get Wet?

Yeezy Slides can get wet if you walk in the rain. The slides the made of thick EVA foam, which can resist a little water from small puddles or slippery surfaces but during heavy rain, Yeezy Slides are going to get wet.

Are Yeezys Non-Slip? (Complete Guide)
Yeezy Slide

The slides can resist water to an impressive degree because the material is thicker than Crocs foams. If they get a little wet, they dry super fast.

I wear my Yeezy Slides Pure out in light rain because they do not slip a lot, and they stay perfect in the rain.

Even if they get wet, all I have to do is let them air dry overnight, and they become good as new! If you want to dry your Yeezy slides fast, wipe them with a dry towel and use a dryer with the cold setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know everything about non-slip Yeezy shoes let’s get a few questions answered that are frequently asked by the users.

1. Are Yeezys made in USA?

The manufacturing of Yeezys is done in China under Adidas. However, Kanye West planned on transferring the manufacturing process of Yeezys to the USA, and he successfully carried out the product of Yeezy Foam Runner in the United States on June 26, 2020.

2. Are Yeezys comfortable to walk in?

On average, most of the Yeezys are reviewed to be super comfy shoes for having a relaxed fit. There are a few negative reviews on Yeezy Slides for feeling like a hard block of plastic to some people, but the most users loved the material.

Most Yeezy sneakers fit true to size, and some sneakers and slides run small. It is best to size up to have a comfortable fit.

3. Are Yeezys considered running shoes?

Most of the Yeezy Shoes have quirky designs and unique patterns, which made their ability to be running shoes questionable. Are Yeezys good for running?

Yes, a few models of Yeezys were initially designed to be running shoes. The midsoles of the Yeezy running shoes are specifically designed to provide you with optimum comfort and stability.

4. Are Yeezys heavy?

You can read our article on average weight of Yeezys.

Are Yeezys Non-Slip? (Summary)

Are Yeezys non-slip? You have your answer now.

Even though all the Yeezy shoes are not non-slip, most of them are probably worth the hype because of the shoes’ comfort, durability, and quirky designs. A few of them are non-slip, and that is a bonus!

If you wish to hop into the trend of Yeezy shoes, you are good to go because they are not the worst shoes in the world.

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