Are On Cloud Shoes Good for Wide Feet? (Read This Fast)

Are On Cloud Shoes Good for Wide Feet? (Read This Fast)

People love On Cloud shoes. They are stylish, comfortable, and have outstanding performance. However, On Clouds are snug-fitting. If you have wide feet, you should be concerned about it.

So, are On Clouds good for wide feet? What makes the shoe good or bad for wide feet. Which On Cloud shoes are best for wide feet? You will learn about all these in this article. Keep reading to find out.

Do On Cloud Shoes Come in Wide?

Yes, some On Cloud shoes come in wide. The shoes run true to size and fit a bit tight. But you can wear them if you want. The Cloudflyer and and the Cloudflow come in wide sizes. So, you can wear them without any problem. They are the best choices for wide feet.

Having wide feet can be problematic. You will not be able to wear all types of shoes no matter how much you love them. Comfort is the most important thing. Never compromise comfort for looks. Many shoes don’t come in wide sizes. In most cases, sizing up will fix the problem.

Are On Cloud Shoes Good for Wide Feet?

On Cloud shoes were designed for all types of runners. The shoes are suitable for different types of foot shapes and running types. On Cloud shoes are good for wide feet as well. I have figured out why On Cloud shoes can be a good choice for wide feet. Let’s start.

Spacious Toe Box

On Cloud shoes are tight, but the toe box is comfortably spacious. The toe box is not super wide. It’s not super narrow either. On Clouds’ toe box is designed to keep the toes in place while leaving a comfortable space, so your toes don’t get cramped.

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Are On Cloud Shoes Good for Wide Feet? (Read This Fast)

Super Comfortable

On Cloud shoes, use 16 CloudTec technology in the midsole. The midsole adjusts to individual gait cycles. So, the midsole is unique. The shoe is sturdy yet well-cushioned. 

The cushioning is made up of compressed material. You will land hard on the surface as the cushioning compresses. However, it still feels comfortable, and the feet don’t hurt.

On Cloud shoes use cotton on the rear, which makes wearing them a pleasant experience. The upper is built of mesh material. So, it’s soft and breathable. Your feet will not get sweaty, and you will feel comfortable.

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Good Traction

You need good traction in a running shoe. If you have wide feet, traction is even more important for you. The shoes have a perfect tread pattern and significantly dense lugs. The tread pattern and the lugs combined make it ideal for running on different surfaces- roads, tracks, and even light trails. I don’t think I have seen a more versatile running trainer than this one.

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Are On Cloud Shoes Good for Wide Feet? (Read This Fast)

Excellent Arch Support

Choosing the right shoe for wide feet can be tricky. Your feet are wider than usual, but it’s no longer. You need to size up because of the width of your feet. When you start running, your foot movement may get sloppy. If the shoe doesn’t have great support, it can be catastrophic.

on cloud shoe arch support

Excellent Foot Lock

Many people with wide feet are tempted to wear slip-on shoes. But if you have wide feet, your feet will move too much in the wrong direction. This increases the chances of getting injured. The tongue on the On Cloud shoes is adequately thick. Thus, your feet will get a perfect lockdown.

Removable Insole

If you have wide feet, you may want to insert your favorite orthotic insole. On Clouds come with removable insoles. You can remove them and replace them with your favorite insoles. On Cloud shoes have plenty of cushioning. If you still need more cushioning, replace the stock insole with a more cushioned one.

On Cloud shoes have straps for added support from the back of the shoe. The heel drop in the On Cloud shoes is low, but it still offers excellent support. Even if you have wide feet, On Cloud shoes are ideal for short runs, training, long runs, and even half marathons.

Outstanding Durability

Running shoes need to be durable to absorb the impact of hard contact with the surface. As you have wide feet, you will put more strain on the forefoot. You need shoes that are durable and protect you against blisters. On Clouds have rubber patches on the outsole to increase the abrasion. The shoes are extremely durable, making them ideal for wide feet.

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What Are Wide-Toe Box Shoes?

Wide-toe box shoes are wider compared to regular shoes. This kind of shoe has more space in the toe region. Wide-toe box shoes are ideal for people with wide feet.

Do On Clouds Have a Wide Toe Box?

Yes, they have. On Clouds have a compact fit for enhanced support. But the toe box on the shoes is wide. So, people with wide feet can wear them comfortably.

How Much Room Should Be in The Toe of A Shoe?

You need ample space in the toe box of your shoe to prevent blisters and sores. The ideal rule is to leave half an inch of space between the longest toe and the front of the shoe. Usually, our second toe is the longest one. You should not leave too much space either. It will increase the chances of getting injured.

Top 3 On Cloud Shoes for Wide Feet

On Cloud shoes are comfortable for all types of runners. However, each shoe is a bit different than the other. Here are my top 3 On Cloud picks for wide feet.

  1. Cloudflyer: The Cloudflyer is an excellent road-running shoe equipped with the CloudTec technology and support for wide feet.
  2. Cloudflow: The Cloudflow is designed for wide feet. It comes with an extra width of 4mm than regular On Clouds around the ball of the foot.
  3. Cloud 5: Cloud 5 uses the latest technologies from the brand. It is comfortable and decent for wide feet.
Are On Cloud Shoes Good for Wide Feet? (Read This Fast)


On Cloud shoes are designed for comfort and performance. It has been designed with all types of runners in mind. The shoes are versatile and suitable for a wide array of activities. On Cloud shoes do not come in wide sizes, and they are not the best for wide feet. The shoe fits tight but is good enough for wide feet. My recommendation is to go half a size up if you have wide feet.

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