Are Doc Martens Business Casual? | Doc Martens at Work

Are Doc Martens Business Casual?

Did you ever think of pairing Doc Martens with a business casual outfit? If your answer is ‘no’ or you are confused about which kinds of Doc Martens will look perfect as a business casual, this article is only for YOU!

If you are a Doc Martens lover, I think you have already tried their amazing kinds of shoes on different occasions. We all know that business casual shoes are oxford, Chelsea boots, loafers, derby, chukka boots, or dress boots. Doc Martens shoes are of several kinds, and undoubtedly, a good range of them can be tagged as business casuals. I know the question coming to your mind now is – ‘How?’ Have a look at the following sections to get your desired answer!

Can You Wear Doc Martens To An Interview?

Yes, you can definitely wear Doc Martens to an interview. But make sure that the model you are wearing suits your outfit. What kind of shoes do you think are generally preferred for an interview? The shoes must be subtle and classy. And what else is classier than a pair of DMs?

Although I would say, not all Doc Martens might be appropriate for an interview. But then again, it depends on what kind of interview it will be. Is it going to be a casual interview? Or is it going to be a strictly professional one?

It would be best if you tried avoiding the boots that pop out a lot in the look. Doc Martens shoes in casual colors like black and brown blend in with the look very well. You can also wear ankle boots, but whatever you do, make sure you do not tuck your pants in the boots. It makes your look very informal, which you don’t want in your important interview!

How to wear Doc Martens professionally?

Doc Martens have always been an excellent choice for me when going to high-profile events and parties. But, you should know that you can style your DMs professionally just by being a little careful about how you are wearing them.

For men, it is pretty easy to pair them with blazers and pants. It is safe to wear Doc Martens shoes instead of boots because sometimes boots can come off as too much of a casual look. However, you can still wear short boots with long pants. Platform DMs are always a safe option.

For women, there are a lot of ways you can pair your Doc Martens with a formal look. Long skirts look exceptional with black platform Doc Martens or ankle boots for the office. You can also try out the white ones if you are wearing long pants. The shoes will pop out without looking too exaggerated.

You can choose from the five best models of Doc Martens below to wear them at work. Each one has a unique style and vibe to add.

Doc Martens Oxford Shoes as Business Casual

Oxford shoes are those kinds of shoes that have a closed lacing system and are masked within the shoe’s upper section. Doc Martens has a good collection of smooth leather oxford shoes that can be worn in a corporate setting. 

Are Doc Martens Business Casual? | Doc Martens at Work
Figure : Doc Martens Oxford Shoes

If you choose black or brown leather oxford shoes, pair them with denim pants, bright colored chinos, or tailor-made navy pants. Wearing a shirt with a casual blazer will do justice to your dear Doc Martens oxfords at your office or any semi-formal setting.

Doc Martens Chelsea Boots as Business Casual

Chelsea boots are considered one of the most easy-to-go types of business casual shoes. These are ankle-high close-fitting boots with elastic panels placed on the sides. Doc Marten is especially famous for its massive collection of Chelsea boots of different colors, materials, fashionable designs, and iconic robust air-cushioned soles. 

Are Doc Martens Business Casual? | Doc Martens at Work
Figure : Doc Martens Chelsea Boots

As Chelsea boots by Doc Martens are very comfortable, stylish, and sophisticated, they can be a good choice for a corporate setting. If you carry a polished outfit with a pair of black or brown leather Chelsea boots, you will feel confident and have a different aesthetic in any semi-formal or office setting.

Doc Martens Brogues as Business Casual

Brogues refer to the shoes with decorative patterns on their leather upper, giving a very classy appearance. Doc Martens Brogues are very trendy as business casual. Usually, these open/closed lacing shoes have plain stitching and pleated edges and come in both soft and hard-wearing leather. 

Are Doc Martens Business Casual? | Doc Martens at Work
Figure : Doc Martens Brogues

If you consider Doc Martens brogues business casual, wear the shoes with minimal decorative holes on the upper part. It will create a semi-formal look. Black or brown brogues with light-colored dresses are completely fine for a corporate setting. You can wear jeans while picking a pair of Doc Martens brogues. 

5 Best Doc Martens To Wear At Work

We have gone through a lot of stuff like how to wear Doc Martens professionally and whether or not they are suitable for an interview. Now, it is time to choose which ones you will wear to rock your day at the office! There are plenty of options. But, let me show you the top 5 Doc Martens shoes that you can wear at your work in the most stylish way possible.

Amory Women’s Wanama Leather Heeled Shoes

These beautiful pair of black heels are just perfect for your office. Skirt or pants? It does not matter! It will go with any formal outfit, and the plus side is that you will look taller without even wearing exaggerated heels. The heels these shoes have are incredibly subtle and professional.

Moreover, the texture of these shoes giving a satin finish, is just irresistible. The AirWair bouncy sole just adds to the convenience! You can wear them all day without getting aching heels.

Adrian Yellow Stitch Leather Tassel Loafers

Are you looking for something formal yet fashionable? Well, these tassel loafers are just the ones you are looking for! These classy shoes are beautifully tassel-embellished with additional kiltie fringes, making them effortlessly stylish.

And yes, these shoes are unisex. You can just slip on the loafers, and you are good to go! They have air-cushioned soles that will keep your feet at ease for a long time.

3989 Vintage Made In England Brogue Shoes

If you are up for a sophisticated choice, these made in England shoes are just perfect for you. They are often referred to as a delicacy because they are made keeping in mind the traditions and the vintage vibe. They use the finest machinery and techniques to make them, including the signature DNA and, of course, the classic yellow stitch.

The designs and patterns on the top of the shoes are going to look amazing with blazers and pants. Also, you will love the AirWair soles because they do steal the show!

1461 Made In England Suede Oxford Shoes

Well, these may not be ideal for formal wear at the office. However, you can totally try them on for a casual workplace. If you love funky styles, you cannot miss them!

These orange shoes will give you a premium look. I love the jazzy vibe of the suede texture on top just pops out elegantly. You can wear them for a casual hang-out or at a casual workplace! And don’t worry about the durability. These shoes have extremely long-lasting soles that will go on for years.

Vegan 1461 Oxford Shoes

You thought I forgot about the vegan ones? Absolutely not! You can buy this vegan option which is my favorite because of how they look. The shiny cherry red color is just unapologetically beautiful.

They are not only a great pair of luxurious-looking shoes, but their air-cushioned sole is designed to mold in with the shape of your feet. You can wear them with the utmost comfort for a long time. They blend in with formal outfits perfectly.

Can I wear Doc Martens to work at Starbucks?

You can wear Doc Martens to work at Starbucks since there are slip-resistant options. You can try out the 1461 slip-resistant leather oxford shoes. They are polished just enough to avoid any shiny texture to give your look a bit more subtlety.

You can wear them as a workplace shoe without worrying about slipping because the outsole is designed with their GripTrax technology. The signature yellow stitching and super breathable sock liners make them classic DMs.


Now you know that Doc Martens are not limited to particular looks. They can be versatile if you know how to style them! This article has everything you need to know about styling your regular Doc Martens for a formal look. Trust me, it is super trendy to wear them at work.

I hope you are now well-informed about how different kinds of Doc Martens can be used as a business casual. Oxford shoes, Chelsea boots, and Brogues by Doc Martens can be adapted perfectly for any corporate or business setting. Just add a little bit of confidence along with your favorite pair of Doc Martens. Trust me; it’s flawless enough to deal with any ceremonial or semi-formal occasion!

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