Dr. Martens Pascal vs 1460 (Explained for Beginners)

Dr. Martens Pascal Vs. 1460

If you are confused about why Dr. Martens has two identical shoes in different names, you are not alone. People often get puzzled about Dr. Martens 1460 and 1460 Pascal boots because of their similar looks. Scroll below to know the difference between Dr. Martens Pascal and the classic 1460 boot.

What is the difference between Dr. Martens Pascal and 1460 boots?

Though the classic Dr. Martens 1460 and 1460 Pascal boots have quite the same look, the difference lies in their leather uppers, shape, and some minor details in the design. One boot is more structured and clumpy with a shiny look, while the other is flexible and narrower with a more textured look.

Let’s look at the differences between the two footwear at a glance.

Dr. Martens Pascal vs 1460 (Explained for Beginners)
Dr. Martens Pascal vs 1460

Let’s discuss the differences in detail.

Flexibility of leather

You can easily distinguish between these two Dr. Martens boots in terms of their leather uppers. The classic Dr. Martens 1460 boots are made of smooth but stiff and thicker leather. That is why they are more structured than the Pascal Virginia boots. You can instantly recognize the 1460 boots by their glossy look.

On the other hand, the Pascal Virginia boots feature thinner and softer leather, making them very flexible. You can recognize them by touching their more textured leather.


Pascal boots are narrower than the classic 1460s and go well with any formal outfit. For slimmer legs, Pascal boots fit nicely. On the other hand, 1460s are spacious and a little clumpy; thus, they are a good choice for wider legs.

Dr. Martens Pascal vs 1460 (Explained for Beginners)
Pascal & 1460

Design of the top

Dr. Martens Pascals come with a raw-cut top that is easily distinguishable from the folded-over thick leather seam on the top of Dr. Martens 1460s.


The Dr. Martens classic 1460 boots have black laces, while Pascal boots have matching mono laces with leather uppers. Dr. Martens 1460 boots have their signature yellow stitching. The Pascal boots come with durable yellow welt stitching.

Dr. Martens Pascal Vs. 1460 laces
Pascal & 1460


Dr. Martens 1460 boots come in the UK sizes 3-15 (Not all the colors have all these sizes), and some of the colors come in a few half sizes also. Pascal boots have sizes 3-9(UK), and they do not come in half sizes.


Dr. Martens Pascal boots come only in three colors – black, white, and green. The classic 1460 boots come in navy, cherry red, acid pink besides these colors.

Breaking in

The classic 1460 boots are pretty difficult to break in like the other classic Marten boots. They take time to suit your feet. The Pascal Virginia boots are much easier to break in.

Are Dr. Martens Pascal and 1460 unisex?

The most popular Dr. Martens boots are unisex. The signature 1460 boots suit well both men and women. Pascal boots suits women better.

Should I choose size up or down for Dr. Martens?

Dr. Martens says that their boots are true to size. While Pascal boots run true to size after a few wears, 1460 boots can run a bit larger.

Dr. Martens do not bring half sizes. If your feet fall between two sizes, they suggest to buy a size down than your regular shoe size.

Final Thoughts

Though Dr. Martens 1460 and Pascal seem similar at first, they have some noticeable differences. With a formal outfit, Pascal boots blend well, while with the glossy leather, yellow stitching, and rubber outsole, 1460 boots are an archetypal fashion essential. Dr. Martens’s original 1460 boots will take time to break in and feel uncomfortable during that period, but they are durable in the long run. If you want your boots comfortable from the first wear, you can go for the Pascal boots.

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