How Much Height Do Nike Air Max Add? (Complete Guide)

How Much Height Do Nike Air Max Add? (Complete Guide)

How many sneakers do you have in your closet? Maybe one or more than that, and the reason why most people love to wear sneakers is because of their comfort. Whether it is summer or winter, you can literally wear them any day for styling purposes. But what if I tell you that sneakers can make you taller too?

If you are a sneaker lover, you definitely have heard of the brand – Nike, and one of their collections has a fantastic feature; the Nike Air Max shoes can make you taller if you put them on. This fantastic feature literally makes people drool over this new collection of Nike.

But you can’t just go and buy all of them at once. Hence we are here to let you know some well-known styles of the Nike Air Max collection that might make you fashionable and elevate your height and confidence.

In this article, we will look into the queries like, do Air Max make you taller? And if so, how much height do Nike Air Max add?

Does Nike Air Max Make You Taller?

With the introduction of the Nike Air Max collection in 2018, the transparent pouches in the midsoles became a hit. These pouches contain a compressed gas, which aids in cushioning and weight distribution by helping to distribute the weight. This also aids in the reduction of body weight.

In the Nike Air max, the cushioning offered by the air unit causes your height to be increased. You may practically stroll around in these sneakers on a daily basis and take the sleek and comfy atmosphere with you.

How Much Height Do Nike Air Max Add? (Complete Guide)

How Much Height Does Nike Air Max Add? (Quick Answer)

Nike Air Max add 1 to 1.7 inches to your height on average, depending on your size. All of the Nike Air Max sneakers have the ability to make you appear taller. As previously said, the cushioning in your sneakers contributes to the overall height of your footwear. As a result, you seem to be taller than usual.

Nike Air Max 97 is the sneaker that adds the highest height. The recently debuted Nike Air Max also gives additional size, and it is now a favorite among sneaker enthusiasts everywhere.

Here is a table showing how much height different styles of Nike Air Max add:

ShoesAdded Height in inchAdded Height in cmAdded Height in mm
Nike Air Max 901.2330
Nike Air Max 951.343.434
Nike Air Max 971.6440
Nike Air Max 2701.253.232
Nike Air Max 7201.343.434
Nike Air Max 20901.614.141
Nike Air VaporMax1.33.333

Now, we will discuss individual styles in detail and elaborate what makes them look you taller.

How Much Taller Do Nike Air Max 97 Make You?

How Much Height Do Nike Air Max Add? (Complete Guide)
Nike Air Max 97

Air max 97 increase 1.6 inches to your height. So Nike air max 97 heel height is about 1.6 inches.

When it comes to giving height, the Nike Air Max 97 is one of the most popular sneakers. The design is inspired by the “Japanese bullet train” and comes in a variety of colors.

It is cushioned with air units and is comfortable to wear. It has a breathable top and a rubber outsole. As a result, your actual length will gain around 1.6 inches.

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How Much Height Do Air Max 270 Add?

Air max 720 increase about 1.5 inches to your height.

The original Nike Air Max 270 is a stylish and comfortable sneaker that can be used for jogging and everyday tasks.

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Nike Air Max 270
Nike Air Max 270

How Much Height Do Air Max 90 Add?

Nike Air Max 90
Nike Air Max 90

Air max 90 increase about 1.2 inches (3.1 cm) to your height.

When it comes to the Nike Air Max 90, it may definitely make you appear taller by adding an additional 3cm to your overall height.

The waffle sole with TPU accents and stitched overlays distinguishes them from the competitors. You may wear them daily and feel completely secure in your own size.

How Much Height Does Air Max 95 Add?

When designing the Nike Air Max 95, the designers were inspired by the sculptured appearance of the Earth, which was first seen in 1995.

The layers that were evident at the moment helped them stand out from the crowd in a positive manner.

The use of quality materials on the side panels of these sneakers is not the only thing that makes them stand out. The main Nike Airtight unit and the increase of 3.4 cm in height to your length will undoubtedly draw the attention of everyone in the room.

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How Much Height Do Nike Air Max Add? (Complete Guide)
Nike Air Max 90

How Much Height Do Air Max 2090 Add?

Wearing the Nike Air Max 2090 will bring you back in time to a time when the classic Air Max 90 was first released. A brand-new Nike Air cushioning system underfoot provides unrivaled comfort.

How Much Height Do Nike Air Max Add? (Complete Guide)
Nike Air Max 2090

Side by side, the translucent mesh and vibrantly colored material on the top combine with classic OG characteristics for an edgy, updated aesthetic.

These sneakers provide an additional height of approximately 4.1cm to your length. This extra height provided by Nike air max makes you taller than before.

How Much Height Do Air Max Plus Add?

Nike Air Max Plus height increase about 1.3 inches to your height.

How Much Taller Do Air Max 720 Make You?

The Nike Air Max 720 was first introduced on February 1, 2019. At the time when it was first released, it was available in two different ‘Northern Lights’ hues at the time of its debut. Nike’s Air Max 720 is a new addition to the company’s long-running Air Max line.

It boasts the most underfoot cushioning, which delivers the most outstanding comfort level. The modules also make the sneaker extremely comfy and stretchy,

which is another benefit of the design. The Nike Air Max 270 has the tallest Air unit of any sneaker on the market.

Nike’s Air Max 720 is unquestionably a worthwhile purchase. If you wish to increase your total height by more than 1.6 inches, this footwear will also help you achieve that.

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How Much Height Do Nike Air Max Add? (Complete Guide)
Nike Air Max 720
How Much Height Do Nike Air Max Add? (Complete Guide)
Size Chart

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Final Words

Now that you have read so far, you might have at least one Nike Air Max sneakers that you want to buy. The cushioned platform with an airtight unit is one of the features that make the whole Nike Air Max unique and distinguishable from its other competitors. Moreover, their varieties in style and color help keep both fashion and comfort parallelly.

Before buying any of these Nike Air Max products, make sure you know your size and the height you actually need. Sometimes not researching enough can make you waste both money and effort. Hence measure your desired height and the height you have to understand the difference between them and then buy accordingly.

So what is your thoughts on how much height do Nike Air Max add? Let us know in the comments.

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