How to Make Birkenstocks Not Stink? (4 Easy Techniques)

How to make Birkenstocks Not Stink?

Summers and sandals have some inseparable bonds. And whenever you think of sandals, a brand will surely pop up in your head, Birkenstocks. Sandals can surely be your favorite and casual wear. It will keep your feet comfy and cool. But the smell problem of summer comes with it which can end up making you feel like throwing up at the end of the day. But don’t worry. Read our guide on how to make Birkenstocks not stink to solve the smelly issues of your favorite sandals.

Do Birkenstocks Smell? 

Birkenstocks materials are pretty comfy. But they need frequent cleaning to stay fresh and dry. Birkenstocks may turn black you don’t take care of them properly. If you spend all your day in those pairs, they can get smelly. The material is more prone to catch sweat. Wearing it day long can create a bacteria-friendly spot on the footbed. As a result, after day-long wear, the sandals can get smelly. 

The synthetic Birkenstocks are less likely to catch odor. But the suede, especially the leather ones, can get a pretty stubborn smell if you don’t maintain it well. But no need to worry. You won’t have to clean your sandals every other day. There are some hacks to keep your sandals smell-free for the long run. 

How to Make Birkenstocks Not Stink Using 4 Techniques?

We have placed our four solutions to make Birkenstocks not stink. We hope you will find at least one of them useful to solve your problem.

1. The Sunlight Method

Sunlight is always a magical element to make everything fresh and dry. Take a damp cloth and rub the footbed gently. Then keep it under mild sunlight. Remember, extreme heat and harsh sunlight can easily damage your shoes. The best place for drying your sandals is beside the window maybe. The sunlight is not direct there, and it is airy at the same time. Airflow and non-direct sunlight will provide you with the best result if you plan to make your shoe stink-free during the day. 

How to Make Birkenstocks Not Stink? (4 Easy Techniques)

2. Rubbing Alcohol or Vinegar: 

This is an overnight plan. Post all-day wearing, your shoes are most likely to smell. Take a rubbing alcohol pad or damp cloth with vinegar (non-dripping) when you take your shoes off. Rub the footbed gently. Leave it overnight and let it dry. You will get fresh-smelling shoes in the morning. 

3. DIY Magic Powder: 

The DIY powder is made of ¼ cup baking powder, ¼ cup baking soda, ½ cup corn starch, and if you like fragrances, you can add a few drops of essential oil. Put it all in a zip bag and close it. Shake it well, and your magic powder is ready to use. Sprinkle it all over the footbed in the morning before you put your shoes on. You can keep the powder with you also. If you feel like you are sweating a lot into your shoes, sprinkle some more, and you will be fresh all day long. 

DIY magic Powder

4. Using Teabags:

Putting tea bags inside your shoes overnight can also kill the bacteria and make your shoes smell fresh again in the morning. 

How to Make Birkenstocks Not Stink? (4 Easy Techniques)

How to Make Birkenstocks Not Stink? (Summary)

Having stinky shoes is nothing to be ashamed of. Sweating is a common body feature that can get all our shoes to stink. While cleaning them often is a tremendous hassle, you can use all these techniques to keep your favorite Birkenstocks ready to go all the time. I hope you have loved our guide on how to make Birkenstocks not stink. If you have any further queries, let us know in the comments.

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