Why Do Doc Martens Hurt the Back of My Ankles? (Quick Facts)

Why do Doc Martens hurt the back of my ankles?

If you are a shoe freak, you would know by now that Doc Martens are a whole hype in the shoe industry, especially when it comes to the general population who want high-quality shoes with elegant and sleek designs at affordable prices.

But, you may want to know more about if and why their shoes can sometimes receive negative feedback from people who get their ankles hurt while wearing said shoes. Let us find out.

How Do I Stop Doc Martens from Hurting My Ankles?

When you first buy a new pair, the thing is, you cannot just go and wear them for a long time on the first go. It takes time for Doc Martens‘ shoes to break in. To do it most comfortably without causing any damage to your ankles is to wear the shoes for a short period whenever you can, be it around your home or elsewhere.

This, in turn, makes sure you break in as much as possible without stressing your feet so much that they start aching. It is known by many Doc Martens customers that not every pair of Doc Martens are made to break in the same way. Some shoes take less time with ease, while others take a relatively long time. They may require more effort even to get it comfortable in the long run.

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How Do I Stop My Shoes from Rubbing the Back of My Ankle?

Moleskin or bandages are the best way to ensure your ankle, especially around the heel area, is protected from friction. Without these, your feet may experience blisters and feel pain which you obviously would not want to occur.

Another way is to wear thick socks, as these can help break in without sacrificing ankle aches now and then. Once you have broken in your pair of shoes, you can experiment wearing them without socks to make sure they are comfortable enough.

Why Do Doc Martens Hurt the Back of My Ankles? (Quick Facts)

How Do You Soften the Back of Doc Martens?

The first and foremost thing to do when softening the back of any Doc Marten shoes is to make sure they are the right size for fitting your feet in. Otherwise, a wrong choice of size can make the process challenging and tiresome for some people. Especially if the width is incorrect as it is the most difficult part of any shoe to stretch out!

Some online experts do claim that taking a hairdryer and using them on the shoe while you are wearing them helps to break in much faster than the usual process of wearing it out and breaking in. They also suggest using boot stretchers, and shoe stretching spray but only do these if you want a quick yet costly way out.

Do Doc Martens Hurt to Walk?

Doc Martens can definitely hurt to walk if not broken in properly with enough time given. Customers had definitely talked about how painful it has been for their feet, especially ankles when they tried to rush the break-in process without being patient enough.

The other factor is that you need to make sure you wear them for shorter periods until they break in properly otherwise if not, the shoes will feel very uncomfortable in the long run (no pun intended). Remove the shoes immediately if they start hurting, or you will face issues like blisters, red heels, or sore toes.

Easiest Doc Martens to Break-In

Why Do Doc Martens Hurt the Back of My Ankles? (Quick Facts)

Vegan Jadon II Mono

As said in the name, this pair of shoes are entirely made of vegan leather. Meaning no animal(s) were involved in making the leather. It is nothing new that most of Doc Martens’ customers praised their vegan collection for their ease of breaking in.

Some say it is the insole that counts, others say it could be a placebo effect. It does not matter as these pair of shoes are one of the most famous ones for breaking in.

Vegan 141 Oxford

Made of the same Rub Off material that does not involve animals in making it, the Vegan 141 Oxford is known for its aesthetic and comfortable attributes.

Almost every customer has praised how cute the cherry red color is. The breaking-in process is relatively easy and involves less effort than the non-vegan variants.

1460 Women’s Pascal Virginia

Even though this pair is not unisex, it undoubtedly stands out as one of the only Doc Martens non-vegan shoes which are easy to break in without much hassle. Even though the leather of these shoes is known to be thin, it is not any less durable than shoes of any other material. However, they may require conditioning every few years or so.

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