How to Size Birkenstocks? (Complete Guide)

How to Size Birkenstocks

The popularity of Birkenstocks sandals is out of the question. With a glorious history of more than 225 years, this Birkenstocks has become one of the most demanding and iconic brands worldwide. 

Each sandal model of Birkenstocks has been crafted in Europe with premium materials and the highest quality control. However, Birkenstock footwear has an exceptional footbed shape that has been contoured uniquely, and this is what distinguishes them from others. 

Therefore, people often experience discomfort if they don’t pick the proper size and fitting. Suppose you’re one of them who’s hesitant and thinking, what size Birkenstock should I get! We’re here for you. Here, we’re going to guide you about how to size Birkenstocks. 

How to Size Birkenstocks?

While you’re thinking about purchasing Birkenstocks, the most common challenge you may face is its size conversion. These sandals are designed and manufactured in Europe. As a result, the original size of Birkenstocks sandals is always EU Continental.

Most importantly, you can’t translate the original size to UK or US size directly. So, read through our step-by-step guide to pick the right size of Birkenstocks. 

Step 1: Flexing The Shoes

At first, bring the shoes out of the box and flex them gently. You can bend them either on the floor or using your hands. Newly purchased Birkenstocks tend to feel quite stiff. So, turning them will make them softer and comfy quickly. 

Step 2: Unbuckle and Adjust Straps Walk

How to Size Birkenstocks? (Complete Guide)

Birkenstocks sandals are familiar for their unique strap design that can be unbuckled before wearing. So, now it’s time to unbuckle all straps and place your feet. There are heel cups in them where you should put your feet properly. Makes sure your arch is correspondent to the contours of the Birkenstock footbed. Alongside, fit the toe bar beneath your toes comfortably. 

Step 3: Keeping Adequate Space

This is entirely dependent on your feet size. But the constant fact is that you have to ensure enough space inside the shoes, which should be approximately 1/8-inch on the sides and 1/4-inch for toes and heels. Keeping adequate space is essential as your feet will be expanded when you’re putting force during walking or just standing upon. 

Step 4: Buckle the Straps

How to Size Birkenstocks? (Complete Guide)

Upon fitting your feet inside the shoes, you need to buckle all the straps. Remember, these buckles shouldn’t be too tight at all; rather, it needs to be snug. Most people think that the support they need while walking or running will come from the tightly buckled straps, but it’s completely wrong because the footbed gives the help we need. You can ensure proper tightness of the buckles by checking whether you can wiggle one finger between your foot and the strap. 

Step 5: Check How You Feel

Well, it’s time to check how you feel. For this, take a walk around. If you think a bit of stiffness, you shouldn’t be worried as it’s completely normal, and it’ll be eliminated after wearing for several times. 

Birkenstocks Size Conversion Chart

As we mentioned before, the main confusing about Birkenstocks sizing is they don’t match with standard UK or US sizes. Here we’re going to show you the Size Conversion Chart of Birkenstocks. 


Our Reference Birkenstock Sizing Table

Here is our reference size conversion table that shows a significant difference between the two sizing standards. This might help you while purchasing Birkenstocks sandals based on the right foot length. 

EU Size ManufacturedUK Size ConversionUS Size Conversion

Birkenstock Width Fittings

There are two width fittings offered by Birkenstock: Regular Fit and Narrow Fit. Though it seems pretty straightforward, this is the root of problems. However, we have an almost accurate concept that might help you out.

Regular Fit

The regular fit is most suitable for people with wider feet or more room. In that sense, Regular Fit is eminent among men. However, some unisex models, including Arizona, offer Regular Fit

Narrow Fit

In most cases, women prefer the Narrow fit option. This name might be a bit confusing, but ideally, this is a standard-fitting option. So, it’s wise to measure your foot length before purchasing. 

Birkenstock Fitting Tips

As we mentioned before, the footbed of Birkenstocks is unique, and this is quite hard compared to other brands. The standard footbed has some distinctive features and firmness that provide optimum support and hold your foot. 

The deep-heel cup of Birkenstock sandals will give you a feeling like you’re wearing a closed shoe. At the same time, the arch support ensures better stability. If we talk about the most recognizable feature of Birkenstock sandals, the toe grip will always be there.

This unique feature helps to maintain natural position and support rolling motion to keep them loose. That means, if you can pick the right size, Birkenstock sandals will give you incredible comfort and support while walking. 

Birkenstock Arch Support

What Size Birkenstock Should You Get?

If you’re hesitating and the question running on your mind, what size should I get? This portion is for you. First up, fitting Birkenstock sandals can vary depending on individuals. For instance, some people may like a bit big size and prefer extra space behind the heel, while others want a snug fit. 

When you choose the right size of Birkenstocks, you have to determine where the arches are hitting your feet. To ensure maximum support and comfort, you should select the extent where your heel sits flush in the heel cup; at the same time, you have to be careful whether your toes don’t touch the front lip. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What size is 36 in Birkenstock?

The size of Birkenstock sandals is unique, and it’s known to all. However, the size conversion of Birkenstock gives a fair idea about the actual size according to the US standard. The size 36 in Birkenstocks will be 5-5.5 in US sizing. 

What size is 37 in Birkenstock?

Birkenstock shoe size, which is 37, will be 6-6.5 in US standard. 

What size is 38 in Birkenstock?

According to the US standard sizing, 38 Birkenstocks will be 7-7.5.

What size is 39 in Birkenstock?

According to US standards, the size 39 of Birkenstock sandals will be 8-8.5. 

What size is 40 in Birkenstock?

The size of 40-sized Birkenstock sandals is 9-9.5 in US standard. 

What size is 41 in Birkenstock?

The actual conversion of 41 sizes Birkenstock will be 10-10.5 in US standard. 

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