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Why Do Doc Martens Make My Toes Numb?

Are your toes going numb wearing Doc Martens? Well, Doc Martens are one of the most high-profile and expensive shoes out there, but there has been a bit of complaint from the customers. Many of them had statements like: My feet are going numb after wearing Doc Martens boots.

What could be the reason? Is something wrong with the way they are designed? Or is it about wearing the wrong size? Let’s find out.

Why Do Doc Martens Make My Feet Numb?

Doc Martens can make your feet numb for a number of reasons. Let’s answer your question in simple words.

Why are my Doc Martens making my feet numb?

  • Your boots are too small.
  • You are wearing thick socks.
  • You have wide feet.
  • Your boots are oversized.
  • You are not used to wearing boots.

Your Doc Martens Are Small in Size

Small shoes is a notorious reason for making your feet go numb after wearing them for a while. A lot of people these days buy shoes online and get the wrong size. The same thing happens when they buy Doc Martens.

Although the sizing of a lot of models of Doc Martens matches your regular shoe size, some of them can be different. It is best to buy them after trying them on if you face this feet-numbing issue a lot.

You Are Wearing Thick Socks with Your Doc Martens

Dr. Martens Thick socks

A lot of Doc Martens are winter boots, and people tend to wear thick socks with them during the winter. This could be the reason your toes feel numb after wearing them like that for a while.

Think about it like this. If your Doc Martens fit your bare feet just perfectly, aren’t they going to feel tight if you wear thick socks with them? It is best if you size up for your winter Doc Martens boots. That way, you can fit in them perfectly while wearing thick socks to keep your feet warm and cozy!

You Have Wide Feet

This one is not about Doc Martens being small in size. Sometimes the size of your Doc Martens boots can match the length of your feet. However, if you have wide feet, they can feel a bit tight. Your feet feel numb if the blood circulation is restricted.

If this happens, it is better to size up even if the original size fits the length of your feet. You can also choose from the wide feet boots section. They are a lifesaver!

Wide Feet Dr. Martens
Dr. Martens for wide feet

Your Boots Are Oversized

Oversized boots make your feet numb? How is that possible? Well, that is very much possible. If you have worn oversized boots before, you will know how your toes tend to grab the shoes’ insoles even more to keep balance. This can put too much pressure on the toes, restricting the nerves from circulating blood adequately. Hence, numb toes.

You Are Not Used to Wearing Boots

This one is a common issue, and you can try to get rid of it by wearing boots a couple of times. Once you get used to wearing boots, they should feel just fine. If they are still making your feet numb, you can always choose from other comfortable types of boots!

How Should Doc Martens Feel At First?

Doc Martens are supposed to hug your feet comfortably right out of the box. They are not supposed to be tight or uncomfortable. After wearing them a couple of times, you will notice how they are stretching out, and the material inside is being even more comfortable. If you don’t feel your Doc Martens stretching out enough in your breaking-in period, you probably bought the wrong size.

Why Do Doc Martens Make Your Toes Numb? | WearEnthusiast

Are Doc Martens Bad For Your Feet?

Doc Martens are not bad for your feet. In fact, people with feet issues wear Doc Martens as a remedy since the boots cover the whole feet very comfortably.

Doc Martens are made with soft and air-cushioned insoles that are super comfy to wear. You may feel the shoes hugging your feet a bit too much in the beginning. However, that will not at all be uncomfortable or restricting. They will eventually mold into the shape of your feet perfectly. But make sure you don’t buy them too small or too big.

How To Stretch Doc Martens That Are Too Small

Did you buy a beautiful pair of Doc Martens but they are a little small? You don’t have to go through the hassle of changing them to size up. You can use a simple trick.

Wear a thick pair of socks and walk in your Doc Martens for 10 minutes. Repeat the process a couple of times throughout the day. Don’t walk like that for long at a time since it can numb your feet. Your Doc Martens will quickly stretch out according to the shape of your feet.

Why Do Doc Martens Make Your Toes Numb? | WearEnthusiast

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