Why Do Jordans Hurt My Feet? (Quick Facts)

Why Do Jordans Hurt My Feet? (Quick Facts)

Did you ever have that feeling where your feet hurt even though you have not done the slightest of any hard-core activities like exercises involving your leg? Your feet tell you that something is undoubtedly wrong that needs immediate attention.

In such a situation, the first doubt that comes to mind is the shoe being the main culprit. If you have not already guessed, we will be looking at Jordans in particular in this article and trying to answer the main question: Why do Jordans hurt feet?

Are Jordans Comfortable?

In general, the majority of the Jordan shoes in the collection are comfortable for the average user out there. The Jordan 1 retro and Jordan 13 are notable and have gained the most commendable.

Some Jordans like the Jordan 12 and 13 even consist of Zoom Air technology which increases the comfort and makes sure your feet are not supposed to hurt in the long scale of using the shoes.

However, I did say the majority of the Jordan shoes, not all of them. There are some shoes in the collection that are not exactly bad but do not have the ‘comforting’ reputation compared to the other comfortable Jordan shoes.

Why Do Jordans Hurt My Feet? (Quick Facts)

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Why Do Jordans Hurt My Feet?

The main reason Jordans could end up hurting your feet is that you got the wrong size for your feet. Sometimes Jordans can also hurt if you have sensitive skin and the material of the shoes are not suitable enough. Let’s go through a list of reasons to answer your question: Why do Jordans hurt my feet?

Jordans can hurt your feet for the following reasons:

  • You have bought the wrong size of Jordans.
  • You have sensitive skin, and Jordans’ material is not suitable for your feet.
  • The arch of your feet does not match with the Jordan shoes.

By some point, a user will realize that not all Jordans are made the same way with the same fit. Hence while some Jordans may smoothly fit in your feet, others may end up taking a hassle and causing pain instead.

Why are Jordans so Hard to Put On?

Jordans can be hard to put on if you end up ordering the wrong size or have wide feet. Due to different Jordans being different in both size and design, there is no doubt that you will not experience the same ease of use throughout all Jordan shoes.

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Why Do Jordans Hurt My Feet? (Quick Facts)

How Do I Make My Jordans Not Hurt?

Jordans is one of my favorite brands of shoes, and it would be disappointing if they started hurting my feet. I can help you avoid that. You can try to follow the tips below to make Jordans not hurt your feet:

  • Buy your perfect size with a relaxed fit

What you can do to avoid further mishaps like this in the future is to go to a store physically yourself to get your proper size. Ordering online will not do any good, and you may spend more time getting your right fit by returning and exchanging, which is another hassle to deal with.

  • Try wearing socks with the shoes

Wearing socks with Jordans will avoid direct contact with the shoes with your feet. This reduces the chances of scratches and blisters on your feet if you have sensitive skin.

  • Buy the shoes according to the arch of your feet

You have to understand if your feet are arched or not. People with flat feet can get horrible pain in their feet if they wear arched shoes. It is highly recommended to avoid them if you have flat feet.

Why Do Jordans Hurt My Feet? (Quick Facts)

How Do You Break in Jordans?

Usually, it is suggested by users online that wearing new shoes for 10-minute intervals the first few days or weeks makes sure the shoe breaks in properly to your feet. It may vary from user to user. Some break-in early, some break in late.

There is also the method of heating the shoes, which generally helps expand the material and help people with wide foot break in easily or those who have ended up ordering the wrong size and want to break in as much as possible to make the best out of it.

Last but not least, using products like shoe stretchers that are sometimes relied on as a last resort in case the above methods do not end up working for a user.

Do Jordans Stretch Out?

Yes, Jordans do stretch out, or in other words, end up loose after a few wears.

Hence sometimes it is recommended for people to go down half a size in some Jordan shoes as they tend to get so loose that going true to size may leave more space around your feet than you may desire.

Nevertheless, it cannot be the same for everyone. This is why I suggested, in the beginning, going to physical retail stores. In my personal experience, I have never gone wrong in size whenever I went to buy shoes and gave trials before purchasing.

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Why Do Jordans Hurt My Feet? (Quick Facts)

Are Jordans Good for Your Feet?

Yes, Jordans are good for your feet. All Jordan shoes are ultimately designed to provide as much comfort as possible.

Some shoes like the Jordan 4 may have a bad reputation because most users say that the Jordan 4 is just plain bad.

But as a user, you have the freedom to go for the more comfortable Jordans in the collection, particularly the Jordan 12 and 13 that are always recommended by people in the shoe industry as the best Nike Jordan shoes for comfort. You can never go wrong with these!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Since we have discussed the main questions, including Why do Jordans hurt my feet? I think it is safe to go for the trivial questions at the point. Let’s see what else we can find out.

Should Jordans be tight or loose?

Not every Jordan is loose or tight in the same way. Some can be tight, some can be too tight, some can be loose, and some can be too loose. For example, Jordan 1s are true to size to feel tight to people with wide feet but normal for people with narrow feet.

How to make Jordan 4 more comfortable?

There are two ways to make Jordans 4 comfortable – one way is to take the laces out and put them back in to make sure they are loose, as some complain they make the shoe tight, and the other way is to tighten the lace so much that the shoes are forced to break in.

How do you remove Jordan 1 insoles?

Heat the insole via a heat gun or oven or so. Try prying out the insole via a spoon or lever when the shoe is heated well enough. Once you manage to make sure the heel is off, slowly take the rest of it out.


Why do Jordans hurt my feet? I hope now you have the answer. You can use this article as a guide to figure out why your Jordans are hurting your feet and make them more comfortable using simple tips and tricks! There should be no compromise on how comfortable a shoe should be to users. Because why would you want to spend money on shoes that are not comfortable, especially the expensive ones?

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