Woodstock Sandals vs Birkenstock (Key Differences)

Woodstock Sandals vs Birkenstock (Key Differences)

Birkenstock is reigning over the footwear of the younger generation with its vast collection of sandals. These sandals’ popularity, comfort, and durability made older people wear them. In contrast to the Pricing of Birkenstock sandals, Woodstock sandals have risen to fame with their affordable shoes with sandals similar to Birkenstock. So, which one should a sandal enthusiast buy?

Even though Woodstock Sandals and Birkenstock might have the same appearance, the design, material, sizing, comfort, and pricing are far apart from each style. It would help if you bought the proper sandals after checking out the core features offered by Woodstock Sandals and Birkenstock.

Woodstock Sandals vs Birkenstock

When it comes to comparison and contrasts between these two sandals, you should consider the following things before picking out any of them:


Birkenstock incorporates various sandal materials depending on the style: cork-latex footbed, Birko-Flor for upper, suede lining for the footbed, EVA soles, oiled leather, natural leather, Nubuck leather, and so on.

Woodstock designed its sandals with a manufactured upper, cushioned footbed, rubber outsole, and cork midsole. Woodstock doesn’t use natural and waxed leather for the upper design.


Birkenstock sandals made their name for robust design and the ability to withstand rough usage. The natural and waxed leather with unique footbed design ensures that the sandals are sturdy. The sandals also offer sole replacement and strap replacement by shoe repair shops. So, you can wear Birkenstocks for years.

Woodstock shoes are also durable. As the materials are synthetic for the upper with a sturdy cork footbed, you can use them for an extended period.


Birkenstock became well-recognized for the comfort provided by its ease of usage. All sandals except for the EVA ones have a suede lining, ensuring that the feet’ bottom is free from cuts and rubbing during extended wear.

The straps of Birkenstocks also have Birkoflor as an inner lining- protecting the upper side of the feet from any damage. With adjustable straps with buckles, half size up or down option, and regular or narrow choice, users get the most comfortable sandals to house their feet.

Woodstock Sandals ensured comfort with the cork midsole and cushioned footbed. However, these sandals lack the waxing (of Birkenstock leather sandals) and inner lining of straps that provide maximum comfort to the wearer. Also, the sizing options are limited.

So, a person with wide or narrow feet and a person who might need a half-size shoe will struggle with the Woodstock sandals.

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Birkenstock has numerous styles, from $39.95 to the highest, $145.

Woodstock Sandals are affordable options. These sandals have a price range of $10.99 to $20.


Half sizing and down ( sizes 6.5, 7.5, 7.5, etc.) are essential for people as the half sizes up and down can cause discomfort during extended wear. Birkenstock offers half sizes for men, women, and kids with the options of Regular/wide and medium/narrow.

If you have wide feet or comparatively little feet that need half sizes up or down, Birkenstock is the perfect sandals for you.  

Woodstock Sandals doesn’t offer a half size up or down. Also, all Woodstock sandals have a regular feet width- meaning if you have narrow feet, you might have to buy a size down or a pair of sandals that might not house your feet well.

Styling Options

Birkenstock has over 600 shoes with numerous styles: clogs, thong sandals, crisscrossed strapped sandals, slides, one-strap sandals, two-strap sandals, and so on. Even the color comes with vast options: Black, Ultra Blue, navy, Khaki, Bold jade, white, metallic silver, silver, gold, metallic Anthracite, brown, tobacco brown, Havana, desert soil camo green, etc. With Birkenstocks, the wearer gets to pick unique colors and designs.

Woodstock sandals have very few styling options available. These shoes come in camo, brown, and olive colors in thong styles, two strap sandals, two strap sandals with adjustable heel straps, and slip-ons. The two-strap styles of sandals and thong sandals look similar to Birkenstocks’ strap sandals.

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Which One Would Be a Better Option?

Woodstock offers fewer styling options and premium materials compared to Birkenstock. If you are looking for an affordable pair of sandals or want to test if you are cut for the sandal styles, then Woodstock sandals should be the proper choice.

But, if you are looking for hundreds of options with high-quality material, freedom of shoe sizes, and absolute comfort, then you should opt out of the Birkenstock sandals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which company has more shoe styles, Woodstock Sandals or Birkenstock?

Woodstock offers 17 sandals, while Birkenstock has 620 sandals listed on its website.

2. Does Woodstock Sandals look similar to Birkenstock?

A few Woodstock sandals look similar to Birkenstock- Arizona Birkibuc (Mocha) and Woodstock Fallon Boys’ (13-5) Footbed Sandal. Apart from selected styles, it is harder to compare the two shoe styles as Birkenstock has many more styling options.

3. Can I repair Woodstock Sandals like the Birkenstock?

Birkenstock sandals are famous for resoling and footbed repairing facilities. This repair makes the sandals last for years. Woodstock sandals are affordable, and any resoling and repairing will cost a person more or near the shoe’s original price. So, you can’t repair Woodstock Sandals like Birkenstock.

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