How Long Do Birkenstocks Last? (Explained for Beginners)

How Long Do Birkenstocks Last?

If you are someone who likes sandals, then Birkenstocks does not need any new introduction. They have been making quality full sandals for decades now.

But, what makes Birkenstocks so unique among other sandal brands in the market? It is their durabilityand sturdiness.

Birkenstocks typically lasts around 10-12 years. The average lifespan can be even more that being said sometimes a Birkenstocks sandal can even last you a lifetime. But, to make sure they last so long you need to do proper maintenance of them.

Hence, today our article will focus on care, maintenance tips, and every detail that you need to know to ensure the longevity of your Birkenstocks.

Lifetime Guarantee of Birkenstocks

By the title, you may think that Birkenstocks sandal comes with a lifetime guarantee. But, it is precisely not that. These sandals never come with a lifetime guarantee; instead of based on thousand of user reviews, it is said that Birkenstocks will last you for a lifetime. Hence the word lifetime Guarantee comes into play.

Nevertheless, if you are dissatisfied with your Birks, you may return them under their 30-day return policy.

However, if you want your Birkenstocks to last you a lifetime, you need to take proper maintenance of your sandals. Along with that, you might need occasional repair of the soles.

Make sure to maintain and clean the leather and cork. Also, capping the cork on a regular basis will extend the life of your Birks.

Durability of Birkenstocks

Just like other german sandal manufacturers, Birkenstocks is known to be very durable. You might already get the idea about the durability of Birkenstocks by reading about the lifetime guarantee.

They are very sturdy and durable, which is the primary reason for their longevity. Although Birkenstocks cannot be guaranteed to endure forever, they will confidently guarantee their durability and sturdiness. 

How Long Do Birkenstocks Last? (Explained for Beginners)

Birkenstock only uses high-quality materials in its production. Furthermore, their materials are subjected to continuous quality examinations to assure their long-term viability. Moreover, they provide the users’ protection and safety.

They are not only durable, but they also give support and a foundation for the feet. What is best about Birkenstocks is they you can quickly resolve them when you find that the sandals are getting hard on the sole, and it is getting difficult for you to wear them.

How to maintain Birkenstocks to last longer

Just with any other shoes and sandals, you need to do proper maintenance of Birkenstocks to ensure a longer life. Down below, we will discuss a few of the maintenance and care tips that you can follow.

Stains Scrubbing

With usage, the cork footbeds will accumulate black stains of footprints, and this doesn’t look good at all. So, you need to remove them properly.

Don’t worry; all you’ll need is a basin of lukewarm water, soap, and a towel. Just wipe the footprints along with all other stains very softly with the wet towel and wait for the sandal to dry. Remember that direct or severe heat might permanently damage your Birkenstocks.

Removing Strains from Birkenstock

Remove Bad Odours

How Long Do Birkenstocks Last? (Explained for Beginners)

The comfort and smell of these sandals are their most prominent features. Contact to bare feet, sweat, and most importantly, the weather all contribute to this. The foul odor is a widespread occurrence that should be expected.

The foul smell can be cured with a little careful care. If you notice any terrible scent emerging from your sandals, you merely need to use a bottle of Birkenstock cleanser along with the refresher.

The cleanser and refresher will keep your sandals away from any bad smell and keep them smelling fresh for very long.

Keep Away from Heat

Excessive or direct heat should be avoided at all costs. When the cork footbeds and Ethyl Vinyl Acetate soles of Birkenstocks are exposed to extreme heat, the cork may dry up and crack.

Also, make sure that your sandals don’t get wet because when Birkenstocks sandals get wet, the cork gets dry.

Many people often make the mistake of drying them using heat from the blower or any other method. Always avoid these types of unorthodox methods because the only way to dry your Birkenstocks is to dry them slowly at room temperature.

Sealed Cork

Always keep your corks sealed. To extend the life of your Birkenstocks sandals, try to keep cork sole and leather clean. Furthermore, sealing the cork on a regular basis may boost the probability of them lasting a long time.

It is often seen that the cork footbed dries out and cracks with time. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you should get a Birkenstock cork sealer, and this will increase the lifetime of your Birkenstock sandals.

How Long Do Birkenstocks Last? (Explained for Beginners)

Avoid Water Stains

The uppers of Birkenstocks are made of nubuck, leather, or suede, with the exception of the cork footbed, which requires upkeep.

Any type of leather, suede, and nubuck needs protection from water stains and damage. Use Birkenstock water and stain repellent to remove all water stains. You will also need to use a brush to remove all types of dust from the uppers of your sandals.

Let the cloth to air dry after spraying the water repellent and lightly brush it to restore its natural nap.

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Final Conclusion

Birkenstocks are one of the most dependable brands for sandals. They are manufactured with premium quality materials that ensure the long-lasting life of your Birkenstocks.

But, if you really want your Birkenstocks to serve you years after the year, you will need to do proper maintenance of them. Take care when your Birkenstocks get black or Birkenstocks start stinking. Make sure to follow all the steps that we discussed above to keep using your Birkenstocks forever.

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