Birkenstock vs Teva | Which One Stands Out!

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If you are looking for a pair of shoes that will give you the utmost comfort, you might find it challenging to choose between Birkenstocks and Tevas. Both the brands till now have played their part in this category appreciably. Thus, “Which footwear is best among Birkenstock vs Teva sandals” has always been debatable.

Both “Birkenstocks” and “Tevas” are renowned footwear brands and experts in what they provide. Their unisex footwear with an extra “Vegan” collection makes it wearable for everyone and ensures sustainability.

In this article, we will explore the differences between Teva vs Birkenstock. We have also created a comparison chart for Tevas vs Birkenstocks so that you can have a quick look on it.

What are Birkenstocks?

Birkenstock vs Teva | Which One Stands Out!

Birkenstocks are a renowned footwear company that started its journey in 1774. The company has evolved to ensure the utmost comfort for the wearers. The jute and cork-made footbed with shock-absorbing soles provides extra support and longevity. Hence, people of all ages prefer this footwear more than other brands.

What is Teva?

Birkenstock vs Teva | Which One Stands Out!

Teva sandals started their journey in 1982 from the Grand Canyon’s shore. These sandals have velcro straps that make them unique from other footwear. Moreover, their nature-friendly elements help to align feet properly in place, keeping its hype intact.

Let’s explore the differences between the Teva vs Birkenstock at a glance.

Birkenstock vs Teva | Which One Stands Out!

Footbed and Quality (Teva vs Birkenstock)

The footbed of Birkenstocks has been considered the best of all other footwear companies. These jute-made footbeds are super soft with stabilized latex core and natural cork.

The shock-absorbing footbed with adjustable straps has high flexibility that helps relieve the pressure of the feet while aiding in the relief from foot problems. However, many customers faced issues with the molding before trying it more than twice.

The footbed of Teva is soft and squishy, which provides quality support to your feet. The antimicrobial footbeds with cushioned soles and thinnest straps are best for having a great walking experience. These sandals’ high friction and durable rubber make the molding easy and last long.

birkenstocks footbed
Birkenstocks Footbed

Price (Tevas vs Birkenstocks)

Birkenstocks have been in the market for more than decades, and the reason is their enhanced quality. This is probably the reason why they have customers all around the world. Their hype is also an issue for tight-budget people as this footwear is more expensive than Teva.

The Teva sandals are less expensive than Birkenstocks, and so many people prefer them over Birks. The selling technique of Teva is also another reason why people choose them more. After subscribing to the newsletter, their 10% off on footwear is an excellent deal for many people who want budget-friendly footwear.

Fitting (Teva vs Birkenstock)

The fitting of Birkenstock is excellent for wide and narrow feet people. They maintain the European shoe size, which must be converted before buying. However, the Teva doesn’t offer both ranges; instead, customers are seen adjusting them using the velcro straps. This is why The Teva also do not run true to their size.

Teva loose fit

Lasting Time (Birkenstock vs Teva Sandals)

Birkenstocks are well known for lasting more than decades. Taking proper care of this footwear can ensure longevity for many generations. On the other hand, Tevas do not last as long and are acclimated to be staying for 5 years only.

Teva vs Birkenstock (Final words)

Since you’ve read thus far, we hope that you have developed some understanding of Teva vs Birkenstock sandals. Comment below if you want to know more about Tevas vs Birkenstocks or any other topic related to Birkenstock vs Teva Sandals we should cover.

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