Baya Crocs Vs Classic Crocs | Which Side Are You On?

People who do not have a lot of experience wearing Crocs might say that Baya Crocs and Classic Crocs are the same. But they are not! Trust me; there are a lot of significant differences between Baya and Classic Crocs. Starting from their weight to the way they are designed, there are many things different between Baya clog vs Classic clog.

Baya Crocs Vs Classic Crocs

In this article, you can know everything you have to know about Baya vs Classic Crocs. It will definitely make you pick a side.

For me, it has always been the Classic Crocs because it was my go-to. Classic Crocs are just so accessible and easy to wear with anything. However, after wearing my first pair of Baya Crocs, my side did tilt a little. My first impression of Baya Crocs was so good! Baya Crocs feel like an advanced version of the Classic Crocs with so many amazing additional features!

Why Are Classic Crocs So Much In Demand?

If you are new to the world of Crocs, you would want to enter it through the Classic Crocs. They look incredibly comfortable, and people find them very casual and breathable. Classic Crocs can be worn to complete a casual look as well as a sporty look. The Classic Crocs are simply loved for their versatility.

What more do people love about the Classic Crocs? The Classic Crocs gained all the spotlight because of their extraordinary breathability, lightweight, and durability. Nonetheless, the Baya Crocs made a subtle entry at first by being a slightly updated version of the Classic Crocs. With time, the company made more advancements in the Baya Crocs, making them a better version of the Classic Crocs. Let’s dig deeper into the main topic, shall we?

Baya vs Classic Crocs


Are you looking for something durable but exceptionally lightweight? Well, Baya Crocs is the answer. The Baya Crocs are way more lightweight than the Classic Crocs. If you wear a Baya Croc on one foot and a Classic Croc on the other, you can feel the difference between the two. Both are exceptionally durable, but Baya wins here for being super lightweight as well. It makes running and walking so much easier.

The Classic Crocs will always be my go-to, but the Baya Crocs are just so much more practical in terms of convenient wear! Now that you know the difference in weight between Crocs Baya vs Classic, let’s explore the next point of difference between the two.

Holes and Breathability

If you see the Baya Crocs and the Classic Crocs carefully, you will notice the difference in the ports for ventilation. The Classic Crocs have holes on top of them as well as on the sides. This allows extra breathability and ventilation. On the other hand, Baya Crocs only have holes on top of them, not on the sides.

Baya crocs vs Classic crocs holes

This feature does not make any of the types better or worse. If you want to keep your feet warm during the winter, you should go for the Baya Clog between the two (Baya clog vs Classic clog). However, for a sunny day, Classic Crocs are the way.

Holes and Arrangements

Let’s explore both Clogs in terms of holes and arrangements. Both of the Clogs have thirteen holes on each of the shoes. However, the placement of the holes is very different. The Baya Crocs have holes arranged in a straight line. They are in the sets of 4s and 3s. On the other hand, the arrangement of the holes on the Classic Crocs is random.

Baya Crocs Vs Classic Crocs | Which Side Are You On?


There is a slight difference between the sizes in Baya and Classic Crocs. They are not the same size. The Classic Crocs are shorter than the Baya Crocs. Don’t panic. You don’t have to go and look for your perfect size of Baya Crocs all over again. Just buy them in the regular size of your Classic Crocs, as both have a relaxed fit. You can always move the strap to change the fit as well.


The difference in design between Baya Crocs and Classic Crocs is pretty much visible. The Baya Crocs have “CROCS” engraved on the sides of the toe cap with small holes for ventilation. This feature is lacking in the Classic Crocs. The Classic Clog has larger holes for ventilation on the toe caps, but the carved name is missing.

Arch Support And Contour

The difference between the arch support of the two styles of Crocs is not very significant, but it is there. The arch support of the Classic Clogs is higher than that of the Baya Crocs. If you have flat feet, you should choose Baya Crocs to avoid getting a painful dent on the bottom of your feet.

The Baya Crocs also come with a contour on the sides of the shoes that are clearly not present on the Classic Clogs. The contour adds extra support, and who does not want that?

Now we have reached to the most important part of the article. Which one is the winner between Crocs baya clog vs classic clog?

Which Crocs Stand Out Between Baya vs Classic Crocs?

Well, if you read the article, you must have already guessed it. My vote goes to Baya Crocs when comparing Baya and Classic Crocs because they have so much to offer! The secure fit, the lightweight, the sleek design with a carved name, and so much more. The Baya Crocs also have piping around the opening that makes your feet look smaller. That was a big advantage for my huge feet.

I have always loved the Classic Crocs, but the Baya Crocs have changed my mind. They are my new favorite. Your experience can be different, but for me, Baya Crocs are just super easy to walk with. If you already own Crocs, do give the Baya Crocs a try. It is going to be worth it. However, if you are new to wearing Crocs, you might want to start with the Classic Crocs. They are super comfortable for new Crocs users, and then you can make your way to the Baya Crocs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean Baya lined Crocs?

Cleaning lined Crocs is easier than ever if you follow a few simple steps. You can remove the lining of the Baya Crocs if they are removable, or you can just clean them when they are attached to the Crocs. All you need are mild liquid detergent and a soft scrubber. Apply the detergent on the lining and scrub it gently. Rinse them with cold water and let them air dry for a few hours. For a detailed description, check out the article on how to clean Crocs with fur.

Can you put Jibbitz on Baya Crocs?

Any Jibbitz lover out there? I have some great news for you! The holes on top of the Baya Crocs are not just for ventilation. You can add Jibbitz to them. You can customize your Baya Crocs with Jibbitz charms however you like. How cool is that?

Do Baya Crocs run true to size?

Do Baya Crocs run small? Baya Crocs do not run small, but the thing about them is that they do not come in half sizes. So, some people may find them too tight or too loose. This does not happen to most people. You can just buy your regular size, and you will have a secure fit if that is half a size down. The straps will come in handy to adjust the fit.


This article covers everything about the differences between Baya and Classic Crocs. Both of them have their own unique features, but for me, Baya wins. You see, I have always been an admirer of Classic Clog Crocs. But Baya Clogs really impressed me between Crocs Baya and Classic Clogs. I have you developed some ideas on Crocs Baya Clog vs Classic Clog. If you want to know about baya lined crocs vs classic lined Crocs, do let us know in the comments.

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  1. I bought my first pair of crocs about 2 years ago. There was a wall in the store, all of one design of crocs, a good price and all sizes. I figured if they didn’t work out, I hadn’t spent a tremendous amount of money on them. I was unaware of how many styles there were until I began to look for a new pair in a different color. It took me awhile to realize I had Baya crocs, because there was a patterned design that sort of hid the distinctions. Anyway. I love this pair I initially bought so I’m getting another pair of the same and hope they feel just as good!


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